“The Official Accredited Hoochie Mama ‘Hood-Rat Development & Dumbed Down Empowerment Program”


adeva – Respect


A nation can rise no higher than its woman. I’m quite sure you’ve heard this before. But have you ever taken the time to really think about what it means and why in particular we need to understand this more than anyone else in the world these days?

Its very embarrassing when you look at our behavior in comparison to others on the world stage, we seem to be the only race of people who specialize in presenting our sacred vessels of divine womanhood as a cheap w-h-o-r-e for all others to indulge their lustful deviant cravings.

Now you must understand that I don’t mean all of us, but TOO many of us sadly fall into this twisted category.

You don’t see any other race doing this to their women, and although every race has their issues, problems and challenges and are not perfect but we overall and hands down just take the CAKE!

We are so quick to want fight when someone calls our mother out of her name, but we ourselves will call someone else’s mother a bitch in a heartbeat when she doesn’t give us the time of day as men with our weak watered down pick up lines!

It irks me to see our potential wasted so easily and understand at this point in my life that it is not by chance and by design. And I wonder how much more lower we can sink. Most ANIMALS have more respect for the female of their species. We expect our women to get up and work hard for us like we are their pimps, and then we expect them to respect us and put out some good loving when the lights go out!

It’s a wonder she is not out of her mind because she NEVER gets the righteous treatment she deserves! Many will say that the hoochie types don’t deserve it but try it out and see the difference once they get a taste of what it’s like to be treated like a real lady. Once their eyes are opened, they will never turn back!

But look at our environment, what do our young girls in the ‘hood have to see all of the time? What types of conversations are they hearing that and what is being reinforced deep into their subconscious mind? What is being fed to them on the television as they sit down quietly absorbing it all?

The bar is set with their morals and values when the filthiest videos, reality television programs and media role models are there to help them digest the most decadent standards of behavior in the history of mankind! And although many of you will doubt me and say that this stuff has been going on forever from back in the Biblical days, you are partially correct! But never has the dispersal of the information that is so deeply in transgression to God’s standards been so easy to deliver as it is now because in those old days they did not have the electronic avenues to utilize. Imagine how much MORE powerful Caesar would have been if he had the television to control the masses and deliver his propaganda as much of a control freak and narcissist he was! LOL!

Our young ladies are unknowingly indoctrinated into a rite of passage that will escort them right into the realm of death! The sad part is it will for a time seem like the hip thing to do. We in our foolishness, encourage our young girls to “get it girl” when they emulate the suggestive dance moves that they have learned so well on the television and in the schoolyard. We subconsciously give them our approval so they in turn seek to copy the wayward adults in the behaviors even MORE so.

So now in their mind they are armed with the secret permission of their elders and peers to make the trek into the juicy endeavors of the worldly trappings of adulthood and study these deadly customs with a fervor that should be reserved to learn the things that would keep them appearing as idiots to others because of their inability to read and write on a basic level. THIS is their passion! To learn how to attract men with their bodies as though this is an accomplishment in the first place!

But what these young girls do not realize as the gloat to their girlfriends about how much these men desire them is that a good majority of these damn hump happy lust trained monkeys would jump on a man if he had on the right make-up, cheap perfume, garter belt, stockings, high heels and a cheap wig slapped haphazardly atop his over sized head that sports a dead give away of a 5 o’ clock shadow!

Don’t believe me?

Go to Aol or Yahoo and cruise the M4M (Male For Male) rooms in YOUR city and tell me what you see! They will be even more packed the the chat rooms designated for  women to meet men! These men don’t desire nothing more than a quick release from the stimulation received elsewhere or the images that trigger off their testosteronized twisted libidos! So any available funky brown orifice will suffice whether it’s attached to either a woman or man! For more on this subject please read my other blog entitled: “Ladies: Are You A Glorified Friction Provider?”

So now the world is a whole new wonderful place as these hoochies in training can’t wait to graduate to official hood rat status because of the attention to be enjoyed and the trinkets to be gained! The most deadly part of Hoochie-ism is that it is very rarely honored by men outside of the ghetto! Now if others find themselves looking to play with a Black ghetto hoochie sister then notice nine times out of ten they will play with you all night in YOUR neighborhood but they will NEVER bring your ghetto a*s up over to THEIR side of town at all!


Because you are there for play and play only, you are not to ever be taken serious and even if YOU wanted to be taken seriously as a person with a desire for more out of this life, look at how the heck you present yourself! Is a quick freaky creep session isn’t all you have to offer then why would you want to present yourself in this manner?

Why did I title this blog in this way? Because it is true! Being a hoochie is government subsidized and backed by nations wealth, although you won’t see anything in print saying this, just open your eyes and look around! Hoochies get PAID! At least their basic needs are, and the rest is up to them and the sky is the limit as far as they can hustle their genitalia and whoring skills. How nice! Become a hooker like hoochie, have a few children and no means of supporting them and get a check from the government. It’s THAT easy!

There are some rules to hoochie-ism that must not be broken if you desire to remain a government backed hoochie, they are:

Do not get married!

Marriage is a threat to the governments goal of keeping the Black family divided and conquered, to be married and have a good hard working man who possesses good morals in your home raising your kids will inspire them to stay with their spouses when they get older and will make them “hoochie agenda resistant”, thus stopping the continuation and deterioration of the Black family. Absolutely BIG no no!

Do NOT stay with one man!

What? You have to pass the love and share the S.T.D’s! What good are you to the drug companies and state run adoption agencies (When you die from H.I.V.) who profit off of your promiscuity if you stay with one man and therefore enjoy the protection on your health that monogamy can offer?

Do NOT try to get off of welfare!

No way, your oppressor will make it very hard for you to become independent to stand on your own two feet when your hoochie based lifestyle pays for the lavish lifestyle of so many government officials. If you get your hands on a car to get around easier, your benefits will be cut because now you have an asset worth something. And if you were smart enough to have the foresight to save your money to purchase a car, then you deserved to be punished and be pushed back deeper into the crab barrel as a lesson for even attempting to strive!

Do NOT try to make money with an “off the book” job!

How dare you try to get more money into your pockets than is allowed by the all seeing eye of your government? Why would any aspiring hoochie even feel she NEEDS more money than what is supplied by a regular welfare check? This shows that she has a secret need to extend her reach beyond that of the ‘hood and this is NOT acceptable or typical hoochie behavior. You were not groomed for progress in this manner, you were trained to stay put while others benefit from YOU! Keep this up and you will lose the chump change that you are receiving now!

Do NOT attempt to purchase food outside of the ‘hood!

Now what would make you want to venture outside of your designated plantation to make a purchase where your food stamps and WIC are not even honored? And you thought you were slick by making the trek across town to those hard to reach supermarkets of the privileged and affluent only to find that they do NOT even DEAL in ghetto currency!


They are the shrewd all seeing entities who make it their duties to log your movements and learn you like the explorers study the animals of the wild uncharted lands of the world so that they can thwart your elementary attempts to change your predetermined hoochie lifestyle.

Don’t you know that it is not ordained for you to eat the REAL food sold in those well hidden prosperous abodes of luxury and creature comforts? Understand this and ingest the substances that APPEAR to be food that is only a step above embalming fluid that is available in abundance in your poor example of a neighborHOOD!

The trans fat saturated, highly salted, overly sugared low fiber “stay in your gut rotting from three Thanksgivings ago” crap is what your governmental slave masters have designated for you to eat, how else will the local drug dispensing clinic keep their doctors rich and the drug companies powerful?

The funny thing about these hoochies in training is that they really feel as though they really have it going on with their chemically saturated bodies after consuming the lethal deliciously tasting poisons that have triggered off an early puberty that  brings them unknowingly into the struggles of chronic obesity just as swiftly as it blew up their breasts in the first place!

They ridiculed openly the “flat assed” white girls in school because they may not have the curves of a hoochie but ten years down the line they envy those same young ladies who have come into their own physically through exercise and a good diet while the hoochies make regular trips to the hospital in order to get the chemotherapy treatments for the tumors in their breasts that were well cultivated through a steady regimen of steroid laced meat and hormone pumped cows milk.

(Disclaimer: I am not saying that everyone who suffers from any form of cancer ingested a bad diet of milk and meat, I am not saying that cancer sufferers are hoochies, I am only writing in a free flowing story telling style and am not in any form or fashion saying anything in a way to bring hurt to anyone! My very own Mother was a cancer sufferer and had an operation for a breast removal in 1977, which at the tender age of 14 left me glad to have her alive for 17 more years but was traumatized that I thought I was possibly going to lose her. Because of my experience with this firsthand, I prefer to use a shocking style of delivery because I speak out of a caring heart for my Sisters, understood?)

There are many more rules to this state of mind called Hoochie-ism as it has been developed in a special way here in the good old United States of Amerikkka and it continues to be a driving force in the inner cities all over the country. Their very existence helps to perpetuate certain conditions although I must say that they are a PART of the blame but not the whole. They do play a crucial role in the ghetto plantations across the land that keeps the government thriving. The ghetto food chain is a complex and very powerful way of existing (I sure can’t say living!) that traps it’s occupants in an intangible lifestyle and culture and keeps them there although no visible chains are present. It’s the limitations of their thinking that keeps them there. It’s the limitation of their knowledge that holds them there. And for those who HAVE the knowledge to break free of the ‘hood, the pleasures are too intense to deny. Because once one of these potentially powerful Brothers get caught up with the addictive charms and freaky sex practices of a hoochie mama, it is VERY hard to get away because these women feel deep in the back of their mind that they have nothing more to offer any man than a good romp in the bedroom so guess what? They PRACTICE their craft until their mastery of it is undisputed!

So when you are in the midst of one of these very ignorant sounding, colorfully garbed and suggestively exposed entities, realize that they have been carefully crafted in a very deliberate process that has developed them through wicked and masterfully twisted engineered degenerate conditions to bring about something so far away from what our Creator intended for our woman to be.

The former regal Queens of the world who were the pinnacle of royalty, the epitome of beauty, the original authentic conduits of Heaven on earth and an example to all other women in the world who now look down and laugh upon her in her drunken state forgetting at one time that she bedazzled all who gazed upon her majesty while those same others crawled in their own urine laced feces out of the caves that they once called home!

And it must also be mentioned that being raised in money and privilege does not grant you the automatic status of having true class, there are multitudes of beautiful intelligent Black women who live, work and were raised in this place we call the ‘hood. They have exhibited a class that money CAN’T buy! Because they never allowed their surroundings to dictate who they are deep down inside as a person. When one possesses this state of mind, it will eventually lift and exalt them above all others who chose to immerse themselves in the very limited filthy options in their midst. Developing oneself to being a woman of true class and culture CAN be done in the so called ‘hood, don’t you know many Black women who stand tall in this category? I know that I do and they need to be acknowledged for who and what they are on a constant basis just because!

Realize that these conditions that devalued our divine helpmates were executed purposely by those all seeing devils who sit in high places in the Federal Government who have fooled the world with their trick-nology and rhetoric of righteousness appearing fair seeming to those who have allowed themselves to be blinded. These new world order seeking satanists wisely understand that to degrade our women into the common w-h-o-r-e-s whose images are broadcast worldwide for all to see will keep OUR nation from rising to its rightful place as the leaders as is divinely written!

But our God is a wise God, and satan and all his followers who have sold out to the luxuries and intoxicating pleasures of this world for a place to sit amongst the worlds elite anti-christs will also suffer the fate of eternal hellfire. So for all of you politicians, religious leaders, media / music moguls and all who have a hand in selling out the majesty of the Black women do not understand who she is and what she represents in this current time line in history are in for one heck of a surprise with her blood on your hands!

So although the style of writing in this blog was purposely written in a comical manner to drive home the messages involved, do know that I truly respect those of our women (Not all, I know that most are not like this but I had to zero in on those who are to explain this phenomenon thoroughly) who even if they do not know who they are or carry themselves as they should! You must tolerate them as they are right now in order to help to bring them out of their downtrodden condition and look for the best IN them to cultivate the God-force that dwells within that this world constantly tries so hard to snuff out!

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October 24, 2011 12:04 AM

MORPHEUS: " The Matrix is is all around us…even in this very room.You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television.You can feel it when you when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

NEO: "What truth?"

MORPHEUS: " That you are a slave Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage.Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch – a prison for your mind"

May 5, 2011 11:37 PM

LMBO ok let me say this when you live the life of being out there even if it means exposing your body when your dressing or taking in toxins into your body or being permiscuous when you get older you are more likely to experience things like arthritis, ovarian cysts, cancer, and etc., because our bodies wasnt created for that at all. Its almost like a crack in the wind shield of a car it starts off little but pretty soon it has spreaded and you have to replace it or sun to a cracking dashboard. I experience things with my body as a result of not sleeping around but I didnt like having on much clothes sometimes almost completely exposed liking the attention but not all attention is good attention. I actually feel sorry for the women who is out there like that because thats a clear sign she doesnt love herself and she is needy and will do whatever it takes to be noticed because her worth is determined by such foolishness I know I was a fool once.

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