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History has taught us that as we built this country for several hundred years while under the treacherous whip of the slave master whose offspring still benefit to this very day with an arrogance that borders on the level of a severe psychotic condition, all we had was us.

So in this year of 2013 and forward never forget that because that blind hate to NOT see us as the divine children of the most high might not stop anytime soon, be WE as a people right here right now can stop this foolishness and have Heaven on Earth as God’s unconditional love will flow into our lives abundantly regardless of our complexion, hair grade, education, status, pedigree, country of birth, religious denomination, sexual preference or how much possesses in their bank account.

We are one. When one hurts, we all hurt. When one is killed, we all are pretty much marked for death.

But when we totally submit to truth and Gods will, as proven by our very existence here today after all we’ve been through, we will ALWAYS be victorious no matter WHO stands in our way!

Thank you ALL once again for making me feel the love out their in the hot sun, now I know that there is a God above who will BRING US THROUGH!

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