The Often Misunderstood Mentality Of The Ever Elusive Mythical Big Dick!

It used to be back in the days growing up that if a woman desired to have a man in her life she would say just that! She would say that she was lonely and it was time for her to have a relationship with a nice God fearing and extremely decent mannerable gentleman who stood for something of value in his life.

But oh how times have changed!

These days I am hard pressed to hear many of our young (And old!) ladies say ANYTHING that resembles the previous statement because now it seems to all come down to one body part on the male anatomy…….


Yes! This is pretty much what I overhear while driving my bus on a daily basis: “Girl! It’s been TOO LONG for me child! I can’t take another night of sleeping by myself and waking up in the morning feeling all horny and shit! You need to hook me up with one of your boyfriend’s buddies because a sister needs to regularly get her some GOOD DICK!”

No matter what part of town you live in or what your tax bracket may be, whether you are Black or White or anything in between, no matter WHAT you may call it…….dick, cock, pipe, hard-on, stiffy, wood…….no matter what one refers to it as, it has been separated from the man and treated as a completely different entity away from the total package.

What happened to the need for “companionship?” What happened to the desire for a relationship? Conversation? Friendship? Why does it seem now that women don’t even seem to want this anymore or if they do they just don’t keep their hopes up too high in the chance that they will find a good man but in the meantime will settle for “some good dick?”

So what is this good dick really and who are the men who are attached to it? Heck, in listening to the manner in which these ladies speak it of “the dick” makes you wonder, do the actual men that it’s attached to even count for anything?

Let’s poke and probe (Pun intended) for some answers first and then let’s explore the unique mentalities that have strangely morphed into a very peculiar hybrid of a modern day mindset that in my opinion is so far off of the mark of what our Creator intended for it to be in the first place.

Men have learned way back from when they were much younger and began to develop sexually, that there was a perception that bigger was always better. It was ingrained in us from day one here in the United States of America especially. It’s not only the credo here on these shores, but this mindset has superseded the physical boundaries of
American soil and into the world far beyond those same country limits.

Bigger houses, bigger vehicles, bigger bank accounts. Bigger salaries. Bigger breasts. Bigger muscles. Everything BIG! So is it a wonder and surprise that as insecure males that to desire a bigger dick is next on the list?

It has been my personal observation that the women in this society, after experiencing disappointment after disappointment in the failed relationships and promises that they have had to endure from the men that have failed them throughout their lives, which has given them the impression that they were wasting precious time that they could be spending to reach their personal goals in life have decided to bring THEMSELVES into the security that they as women require to fully function as the women that God intended for them to be.

So since they feel that they don’t need the man to bring them the peace of mind and security anymore that they are supplying for themselves, all a man could ever be to them now IS merely an occasional “piece of dick!”

But we men have brought it on ourselves as we have long refined our thoughts from the appreciation and depth of the total woman and have relegated her to a few body parts that are there merely to indulge our innermost specific sex fetishes at most. Come on! Don’t act as you never did this as a man, we hear it all of the time!

“Are you a tit man or an ass man?”

“I’m an ass man, ass and thighs, titties are okay but they are not mandatory, they are extra. Don’t get me wrong, I love tits but only if she has a bangin’ ass and big ass thighs! But tits with no ass is a damn waste of time for me!”

It’s gotten to the point where it is like we are talking about chicken pieces while waiting in line to order a meal while in the local KFC!

How traumatic a statement these must be for a young lady new to the dating game to hear when she was raised to think of a man in more complete righteous terms.

Imagine the sense of disappointment that she experiences when she finally ventures out into the world on her own only to find that most men care not about her as a person but only the pleasure that they can sweet talk out of her not only to use her precious body but to discard of the remaining parts as though they have absolutely no value whatsoever!

These men leave a trail of broken women in there path and can ruin dozens if not hundreds of the psyches of innocent women comparable to the carnage left behind after a deadly tornado touches down in an unprepared and very much unsuspecting small rural town were something so traumatic has never happened before.

Now our women have chosen to deal with this barbarically hedonistic mindset by either totally pulling away altogether and not having to much of an expectation of meeting someone who they feel loves them for them or by playing that game themselves. In other words, the women in this category feel that if you want to judge them on how huge their breasts are in comparison to a tiny waistline flaring out to and ample set of hips then you better be sporting a six pack with enough penis hanging so low that it makes you look like Godzilla because that long mythical “Dick” will drag behind you on the ground looking like a Godzilla’s tail! Lol!

……..and trust me, I ain’t never seen anybody hung like that!

But the main point about this mindset is that if you as a man want to judge a woman on her physical attributes then be prepared “you stank breath pot bellied little dick quick cumming after 15 seconds of humping loser” to be held to the same stringently high standards!

But I must say that this is a game that either side will never win and it is an emotional battlefield that is very unsatisfying and really a waste of time to say the least.

We were created to be emotional and social creatures and were built by God Himself to seek comfort, companionship and completion in one another while on this earth.

So by adopting this “I only need a man to take care of this pussy and that’s it” mentality or the men who feel that “bitches ain’t shit unless she is sucking on this dick” mindset is killing us all “oh so softly” not only as a people but to the bigger degree as a community.

You will NEVER see God’s Kingdom by harboring such dysfunctional and demonically inclined thoughts!

And to tell the truth I have never seen anyone maintain this mindset into an older age and truly feel as though they have lived a fulfilling life as this way of thinking actually leeches all sense of satisfaction and joy from you as the years go by.

It is those unseen holes in the bottom of your emotional bucket that never allow you to completely immerse you soul in the joy of true and complete love.

The saddest thing for the ladies who maintain the upkeep of this mindset is that they could completely miss meeting the certifiably good man who is in actuality the God ordained man for them but because they have filled their head with the foolish mentality of “I know that this man is probably full of shit like all the rest of these dogs”, they will completely miss the matrimonial boat of marital bliss and become the bitter old maid (Who never enjoyed a happy relationship) as the years go by because they will believe that God has failed them in His promise of providing her with her mate.

He didn’t fail you, you just had the loud music blasting in your house while that Godsend of a good man was ringing the doorbell off of the wall while you were singing that popular top ten hit “All A Man Can Do For Me Is Give Me Some Dick” song!

So don’t get mad when you realize that YOU lost out!

I am not trying to come down hard on you ladies, but do understand that I just want you to see how powerful an influence “the big dick” can have in your lives!

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, whether you choose to pursue a relationship to only be by yourself, that mythical Big Dick still pulls a lot of weight in your life influencing many of your major life decisions whether you realize it or not!

Now let me give you all a deeper understanding on this big dick issue so please buckle your seat belts and get comfortable because it’s about to get very intensely hot in here……..


That great mythical phallic symbol of all dominance and power called the BIG DICK is so much more than a physical projection of the male body as it is a state of being and a state of mind based on a particular set of standards in a particular level of existence.

Did I lose you? Well too bad! You need to start paying attention!

Basically, you don’t have to have an actual BIG DICK to strive for the power of the BIG DICK that literally anyone can attain. If truth be told, most men do not have BIG “physical” DICKS and having a BIG DICK is not the exclusive domain of men alone as many women today in our society and culture have attained the status of having a huge dick from their great achievements and admirable accomplishments far beyond a shadow of a doubt.

So the big dick can be your job position as the boss. Your big dick can be your sexy body that stops all traffic when you throw on those tight jeans and walk down the busy street. Your big dick can be the many accrued degrees of higher learning that you have prominently and proudly displayed framed nicely on the wall of your office. Your big dick can be that beautiful God given singing voice that lights up the church service every week but is used for personal ego satisfaction as you KNOW that you are the star of the show every time! Your big dick can be that huge stash of money that you’ve secretly saved up over the years while married to that abusive control freak of a man that will one day finance that glorious day when you reclaim your freedom and your very life from him when he returns home one day to find you long gone forever.

So as you can see, that mighty big dick of dominance is not always about the penis, but it’s about having power in so many varied areas in this life that are to vast to document!

Having that mythical big dick crosses over racial and socioeconomic barriers as well as lifestyle preferences and age. In every level of society there is always someone who in their mind has the BIGGEST DICK!

Some people will never embrace you into their lives because you just might not “see” how big of a dick that they think they have in their narrow minded view of life and therefore can’t get the ego rush from your presence because you are not bedazzled of their pseudo accomplishments/status/possessions.

But understand once again that it depends what level you are on and what the playing field is…….

Why do you think so many men push so hard to have a great looking car and feel that it will be the reason why they can attract the women that they desire with it easily?

…….because subconsciously THAT car IS their BIG DICK! And they know that there are countless “wet warm hairy sweet pussies” out there who honor a man who has a big car (Big Dick) and will easily allow him to park his Mercedes Penis or Lexus Cock in her Valet (High Maintenance) Serviced Pussy! Like minds attract and there is plenty of “under the radar” high tech mating rituals and posturing just like those exotic birds in the Brazilian Rain Forest who have special bird calls that are detectable only to them and unless you know what is going on around you then you will never have a clue as to what it’s really all about!

Understanding that there are many different arenas to possess a BIG DICK and having a Big Dominant Dick in one sphere in life does NOT guarantee that it will be effective in another!

If you don’t understand what I meant then absorb this example…….

Let’s take the guy who has that BIG DICK of a luxury car, he will most likely stay within the boundaries of where the power of that particular Big Dick is honored. Most who yield BIG DICK power lack the HUGE BALLS to move into an area where their Swollen Penises are not even acknowledged. So, let me ask you, do you think the man with the big dick car will try to impress the women who just get wet at the thought of a man who possesses a superior education?


The Big Dick luxury car owner knows that he doesn’t stand a chance to get inside of an intellectually moist highly educated pussy unless he himself also possesses great knowledge so he instinctively knows to stay clear of that arena because he just WON’T get any attention!

And in this is a strong indication and a brilliant tactic to thwart the attempts of an individual attempting to enter into those intimate orifices of your life with their unwanted and very much incomparable phallus…….

…….the trick is that you just don’t play their game.

What do I mean?

Well the majority of various BIG DICK possessors of the many countless categories usually scan the endless sea of faces for a captive and receptive audience who will play into their BIG DICK Worship Ego needs. If you are not in the same playing category as they are then they will not waste their time pursuing your attention because they just won’t get the maximum return on their investments.

So if that erect penis coming your way is an unwanted organ in your life then you must quickly decipher what area that their confidence lies in and take them out of it by engaging them in an area in which they are not comfortable at all!

It’s as simple as that!

They will take their BIG DICK somewhere else where it will be worshiped, honored and probably deep-throated!

The sad part of all of this is that many of us as men (and some women) are trapped in the operating area to which our big dick will shine the brightest! We don’t challenge ourselves to boldly share with the world our weaker areas in our lives where it may be discovered that we also possess a little soft wee-wee that is so impotent that even a triple dose of Viagra wouldn’t get a slight “twitch” out of it!

If you are a person of REAL POWER then you possess the confidence to move OUT of an area in your life where it is generally agreed on that you have the biggest dick in and look to still move mountains in this new terrain because confidence is transferable, a big dick is not.

So experience has taught me that true confidence is the only manifestation of the true BIG DICK! Because while most of the Big Dick swingers in the world will always have confidence in the small area in life in which they dominate, the big dick of power and influence mean nothing when the very foundation and underpinnings of that big dick confidence is snatched away from under their feet leaving them with no bases for confidence at all!

But know that there are many LITTLE DICK MEN and LITTLE CLIT WOMEN who are the true movers and shakers in this world because their power is not rooted in some small controlled area but in themselves as it was validated of many years of their life through the trials and tribulations that that have had to endure to give them the confidence that NO ONE could ever take away in this life!

So ladies understand that I know that while many of you live a man with a huge bulge in his pants just straining at the fabric so aggressively like a thick sex snake waiting to burst out and fill you up until your eyes roll up in your head and your toes curl up know that the BIG DICK that you’ve been looking for is NOT located in the crotch area well hidden in a man’s slacks but deep in the cavity of his heart in the form of character!

…….because long after that pleasure stick is retired to the sexual pasture as all great big dicks must do one day, know that a man (Or woman) that possesses true character and integrity will always keep you satisfied long after your constant cravings subside for the physical and you move into the intuitive and spiritual zone as we prepare for the time of transition from the wonderful earth.

The power trips, posturing and mating rituals that we as humans display are no different than the animals in the wild but we attempt to justify ours as though it is not the same thing. We work so hard to attain the toys, the status and perceived power in our little worlds to feel better about ourselves over our fellow man when in actuality we should look to use OUR talents, resources and abilities to uplift those around us but all we seem to get caught up in is the terribly
minuscule mentality of our various BIG DICKS!

But always remember my friend that there IS no Viagra for an impotent character that was never cultivated or developed from the results of living a hedonistic lifestyle of pursuing the status of that ever elusive mythical BIG DICK.

No one has a bigger dick than a man with true righteous character, even if he IS working with two soft inches!

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May 17, 2011 8:37 PM

WOW!! I understand exactly what your saying. Alot of times when women say I just want a big D–k they really want a good man. They just use that line out of fear I believe, so when the man does hurt them then they are like I didnt want you no how.

LMBO at the statement about the 2 inch soft Penis NO NO NO!! I hope its not erected lol.

Now the big penis means nothing when the man driving it is in driving school or is a wreckless driver. I am more concerned with the passion and more importantly his relationship with God. With God comes Favor so if he is a righteous man then he is taken care of and we wont go without. So what he has doesn't magnify the penis for me either.

When making love what does it for me is the passion that drives him into mewhen the stroke speaks, when you can actually feels he loves that will drive me crazy, and one day God will send him to me.:) Until then CLINK CLINK shop closed.

May 17, 2011 8:20 AM

I have to disagree about a man being able to take care of you financially… its not about that… you have to have ur own too…

this is 2011 not 1965… the reason why so many relationships and marriages fail i guess… expectations… what if at first he can take care of you financially.. then in time.. things happen and he is in a position where he cannot take care of you financially??

you have to be on the same page these days… u need so much more than that for a relationship….

companionship.. passion.. communication.. love.. understanding.. compassion.. empathy… joy.. a soul connection!!!! compromisation.. ( not for all things but it helps)…. conversation.. .. good sex is a bonus!!!!! A BIG BONUS!!!! it doesnt matter how good ur pussy.. without the rest.. what do you have?


May 16, 2011 12:39 PM

It's sad that many of our young and old have subjected themselves to the neuro linguistic programing that is subliminally continuing to destroy our community. I remember a good male friend saying to me that if he had a big dick, he could rule the world. But I guarantee that the members of the Illuminati are coming up REAL short yet THEY rule the world. They know for a fact that bigger is not better; but keeps society's thought process in "gutter mode" that makes it seem as though it's natural.

Janada Slater
Janada Slater
May 16, 2011 1:41 AM

I can't say that I agree that most woman only care about the size of man penis over a good companionship with a man. Speaking for myself, YES, I do want to enjoy good/great sex in bed, but the size of the man penis is not the biggest issue for me. I what care about the most is.. if a man is financially set to take care of me. (I CAN CARE LESS ABOUT A BROKE MAN WITH A BIG DICK!) Any woman can find a big dick before she can find something to eat.

Moreover, I'm saying if I am bring more then just good pussy to the table, the man better be bring more then just the size of his dick.

Robin Gavin
Robin Gavin
May 14, 2011 4:20 AM

Right on the mark Lance. I agree with every word. Great work.

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