The Often Overlooked Gift Of The Artist

Isn’t it amazing how we can gaze to the night sky and see the light that has emanated from a once mighty star that in the present time no longer exists?

It’s even that much more of a humbling realization to digest the fact of how minuscule we really are in the entire scheme of creation. This is a testimony as to how mighty our Creator truly is because how powerful is a God that can manifest a creation so awesomely vast? It’s actually far beyond our measurement and comprehension to even think about how huge a God we serve.

The artists in our midst, just like those heavenly bodies, give off a light that will last long after their journey on this plane has expired. The light that they are and have so generously given to us comes at a great price and an even a greater sacrifice, because the gifts that they so abundantly share usually cost them those precious junction points in life that others have and take for granted.

The bond that is forged between the artist and those who appreciate their creative efforts goes far beyond the mere creation as the
creation has the magic ability to breathe life into those special moments that otherwise might be classified as the mundane.

Just think how the beauty of a song can bind two people for life as it becomes the everlasting marker for an overlapping memory shared that even when the two are not in each others presence, the song can bring each party back to that shared time and place divinely activating those almost forgotten thoughts freshly from the deepest recesses of their minds.

But how often are we guilty of the crime of embracing the creation while overlooking the artist who is responsible for that creation?

While the creation may be captivating to behold, imagine how much more engaging it would be to take a journey into the mind of the source of that same creation. For the creation is always a watered down version of the one who has thought of it before it was brought to fruition.

Michael Jackson is gone from us now but look at the music in his heart which stretched so far and wide into the world. Now when I say “music” in his heart I am not only speaking of the gift of song, I am speaking of that raw emotion and passion from which the songs were created. You see, those of us who are artistically inclined no matter the what medium in which it manifests itself, are able to communicate between each other on a level that many others just cannot grasp.

It’s a “knowing” and a immediate divine bond of the kindred spirits.

Imagine the music that Michael Jackson had intended to share from within his essence that we will never get a chance to behold? This is why with our artists we must make a point to reach out to them to let them know how they affect our lives in order to encourage them to continue doing what it is that they are doing because the joy that they bring into your life is irreplaceable and priceless!

Imagine what it must have been like to be in the Jackson household while they were young and growing up, imagine being there while they completed their chores as Michael Jackson swept the floor while Janet washed the dishes. Jermaine cleaning the windows and Tito bringing in the groceries……. Imagine the moments of spontaneous melody that so effortlessly flowed from their young souls while those in their midst may not have understood what a unique positioning that they had to peek into a mighty future musical dynasty to absorb those long lost special moments that were unseen to the masses!

While many of us have never had the opportunity to meet Luther Vandross, you can’t tell me that his fans don’t feel as though they know him well! Of course they do! Luther was right there when they lost their virginity. Luther was the reason for many a couple having a child. Luther was there as a backdrop while you enjoyed those gut busting laughs at the family cookout with grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and aunts who are no longer in the land of the living but were very much a fixture while those sweet nothings were exchanged between two people in the cloak of darkness who were very much in love.

If seasoning and spices help to bring out the flavor in food then the creations of our artists are the spice that perks up the flavor of our lives. But always remember that when the awards are handed out for a culinary creation cultivated to perfection to titillate the taste buds, it is never the particular dish created that walks off with the awards, it is that unseen chef who steps forward to bask in the
spotlight because of the connectedness that his patrons have with him/her through his creative focus without knowing who he or she actually was.

For the artist the reward on the surface may appear to be of the financial kind but if the truth be told if that person were cut off from all form of compensation they would go at their craft just as hard regardless as to the prospect of attaining funds because there is
such a joy in pursuing their divinely designated craft that few could understand.

This is why when those creative souls have the rare opportunity to connect from the heart to share their ideas, passions and frustrations, it is a cherished time indeed that the masses look on with in fascination.

Who knows what a Robert Deniro and an Al Pacino talk about behind closed doors of their craft? What a high powered yet simply humble conversation that might be. While they converse together I could only imagine that their mutually shared world acclaim are canceled out for that short time as they become those ambitious and very hungry young actors again and stoke the deep fires once again for a new level to pursue.

I know through personal experience that when I run across a total stranger that shares my love to write or draw it is an instant
brotherhood that we have where for that short span of time, the world around us just seems to fade away as we share with a genuine
unconditional love our most guarded and secret techniques with the pen and pencil. You see, it is not often where two or more people will meet who hold so near and dear the same creative desires. You are in a sense, distant family members and you always are reminded of this fact as you hurriedly search yourself for a business card to give or a pen to not down their number for future communications.

You can appreciate each other in ways that most often the masses cannot. It is comparable to a person who is in a strange new land who happens to meet someone was born and raised in the country of their birth, it’s an instant connection as they were raised on the same food, music and culture and have become in a sense a reflection of home for each other as they discover that they have walked the same streets and may even know some of the same people. What a wonderful camaraderie it is!

For many of the artistically gifted who toil tirelessly in the shadows, to have ones creations loved by the world so intensely for most is like being an unknown parent who has a famous gifted child who has worldwide acclaim for their talents.

So what little appreciation that we receive from our fans goes a long way to validating our efforts as artists. With the new technology at our disposal, it is so convenient now to keep a hand on the pulse of what is effective with ones following as opposed to what is not. Once utilized properly, it is an invaluable tool that keeps both sides connected intimately where once in order to get that exchange an artist had to wait until their art gallery showing, their concert or the real time visits of the fans of their restaurant.

So as I wrap up this blog post let me take the time to say that down through the years (Years? Wow! Time sure flies!) ai appreciate each and every one of you to whom I had the opportunity to meet here online, in person, on the phone and those who I will meet and connect with in the future! Even those of you who choose to lay back and just lurk quietly in the background do know that I love an appreciate you interest in my expressions and my somewhat open life here online too.

To know that whatever I create will be embraced with opened arms by my extended family out here online is one of the greatest exchanges of love that an expressionist can receive during the course of their life and from you I get that love every single day of my life through your phone calls, e-mail, text message and comments on the various social networking sites. Know that I do what I do out of love and it is an absolute joy to share the love that I possess in my heart for humanity every single God given day of my life!

Can’t you just tell?

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