The Only Thing Created Without A Thought Is A Mess!

Small baby steps have never failed anyone, if one can calm their anxious emotions and not become overwhelmed in the frustrations that are sure to follow when your goal is not immediately reached, then that anxious feeling can be used as fuel to power and climb your way steadily to your new reality.

Every mighty structure ever built took time, a sustained effort that was guided by a plan. The Great Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the list can go on for pages!

But when you are in the big city look around!

Those buildings took so much effort and time to erect and many of us take that fact for granted in not utilizing those same principles into our life!

As I’ve said in many of my writings before, that everything we see is the product of a thought. Is there something that you wish to one day accomplish? Then you will have to THINK! There is no one person who lived, is living or has yet to be born that has created anything without thinking about it except a MESS!

Someone had to think about building that skyscraper long before it became a reality now didn’t they? And if they didn’t think about what to do with that area of land then someone else might have a thought on what to do with it so merely thinking is the first important step but it isn’t enough! Something more has to come behind it to help to make that building a reality!

But let me interject, that if you merely thought about what to do with the land but never took action, then you have allowed that thought to be wasted and your window of opportunity to create has been circumstantially relinquished to the universe and someone ELSE will get the chance to make something of it!

That someone else might take advantage of that time and space and build something else spectacular there or maybe the land will go neglected and become a dump.

An eyesore.




Wasted potential with no one to cultivate it to greatness, and if you owned this land and did nothing with it, it would bring about the annoying reality of costing you lots of money through violations and fines because of the obvious hazards it presents to the neighborhood in that state.

Do you think it is only a lifeless plot of land that when neglected, can be such a liability to all that exists around it or when cultivated can be such a plus to everything in its midst and beyond?

If your answer was no then you are absolutely correct! Can you conceptualize that maybe these same situations can apply to us as human beings in our own personal lives? Of course they do!

Like that small area of land with vast potential, we can either develop ourselves on a great foundation for the mighty accomplishments that will stand on our shoulders or we can deteriorate down to something that those around us will find repulsive, depressing and very ugly.

You have to dream your plan and plan your dream! You must take relentless action in a determined manner realizing that there will be many stumbling blocks along the way.

Small steps that are necessary have never failed anyone from achieving the goals that they set for themselves to manifest the potential greatness within that we all possess, if you can endure the frustrations within and the external negativity that is thrown your way as you move toward those goals, you will eventually taste success.

The great achievers who fill our history books, just like those mighty structures that I spoke on earlier in this blog, took time to develop, most times making the huge mistakes, unplanned delays and miscalculations in the process of becoming what destiny cried out for them to be, to one day being remembered in their finished state as an icon and beacon for all who come after to follow and model themselves after.

In this society of quick fixes, most who yearn to develop their fullest potentials have been spoiled in that they do not know the art of sacrifice and long suffering. To deny oneself of the immediate gratification and quick fixes in order to stay focused on the bigger picture is the true secret to lasting success.

This is why some of the older athletes can come out of retirement and take their younger teammates to school, showing them the techniques that they have developed over decades that all of the mass marketing, endorsements, mega-contracts, steroids and high tech training could never bring out of them!

Just like those huge skyscrapers that bedazzle the small town tourists who give their “out of town” status away by their constant gaze upward, we as humans, like those buildings, must have the hand of wisdom to help craft us, meaning, that we MUST have a mentor to guide us in our development. Many of us are too arrogant to even believe that we could NEED anyone when the world continually lies to us about our underdeveloped talents and tells us how great we are! We cut our growth short by cashing in too soon on the ego trip without toiling at the feet of the masters to truly learn the tiniest tricks of our trade that will help us to endure for decades!

If anyone has been privileged to watch a stone mason work it is an amazing sight indeed. The skill, the patience, the planning and the knowledge of the building materials involved was just mind blowing!

I had an old friend of mine to whom I worked with in the Home Depot back in the day, ( Yes, good old Scurv worked in the Floor & Wall department at the Rockaway Blvd. Store in Queens New York back in 1994-95, when it first opened!) Gino Biaggio, who was so advanced in his knowledge in the art and science of laying tile. Now let me tell you, he taught me things that I could have NEVER learned from a book or on my own! This is because even though he was young in his late twenties, he learned what he knew from the old masters from Italy who possessed hands on knowledge that was passed down from the ages, hundreds of years!

But our mistake is that we feel we know it all and don’t need anyone to go higher in our craft! When we understand that there is nothing new under the sun and that we can learn from others and manifest the greatness from within even faster, it will be easy to submit to that knowledge from others that will help us to avoid the time consuming and costly mistakes made so often by those who are stubborn.

So if we can become just a degree more proficient in our craft than we were in the previous day, we have been victorious. Progress doesn’t always flow evenly, some days it will feel as though you are progressing in huge leaps and bounds and other times just a slow trickle. But ANY movement forward is progress regardless how large or small!

Using myself as an example, I was 40 years old over six years ago when I decided to really move forward with the music that discreetly resided in my heart. The thoughts, the wit, the artistic expressions worked on constantly while never wavering has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people the world over above and beyond my wildest expectations.

But I cringe when I think of that very depressing day many years ago when I almost quit………

Thank God I didn’t…………….

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