The Oppression Of Black People Worldwide Is By Design! – The LanceScurv Show

Brother Keston goes in once again on the state of oppression the Black Community worldwide in a bold and uncompromised fashion to access what the root of our difficulties are as we strive to ascend to a higher level of existence while swimming upstream in an oppressive system that wastes no energy in a focus to keep us under its foot. Is this the victim mentality? Of course not! It’s no more of a victim mentality than when one goes to their doctor to see what’s at the root of their discomfort in the form of aches, pains and severe headaches which may signal a deeper concern.

We need more conversations like this in order to ASSESS our unique condition before taking the aggressive necessary actions to attain the solutions that will bring us back into full working order as a people to live to our highest potential. If we continue to live in denial of these major issues then how will we ever make them to be a thing of the past?

The Oppression Of Black People Worldwide Is By Design! - The LanceScurv Show

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