The Pains Of Being Unprepared!- The LanceScurv Show

Brother Dave returns with a brilliant overview of the events of the present time and ties them in to afford us to see what is truly happening right before our very eyes. The Chinese shunning of the U.S. Petro Dollar, the Parkland Florida school shooting survivor’s March For Our Lives ( #MarchForOurLives ) rally at Washington D.C. for Gun Control, President Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia and why he is so very crucial in bringing about World War Three.

Most of us simply do not realize how close we are to the brink of World War and how prophecy is being fulfilled as we speak. This is mandatory listening and I guarantee that you will come away from this dialogue ready to prepare yourself and your loved one’s in a positively drastic manner!

The Pains Of Being Unprepared!- The LanceScurv Show

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