Whether you believe this so-called pandemic is real or not you must admit it has had a great effect on the way we live our lives.

When it first happened and spread throughout the world we had no idea how it would change so much no matter where we lived.

The simple enforcement of wearing a mask to go inside and enter an establishment has been an annoyance beyond measure.

Some would say that I’m foolish for stating this but I’m only being honest.

But aside from wearing a mirror mask jobs have been lost, people have lost their homes and have been evicted from their apartments.

Relationships have been strained to the point of ceasing to exist.

Family resources have been strained to the point of those same family members not talking to each other anymore.

Many of us were not prepared for this impact on our lives and have found out how strong or how weak we really are.

We found out how dependent we are on the system that really doesn’t care about us.

What all reality has been is no more and we realize that the illusion of that reality has been shattered forever more.

Yes, it has caused us to see what we really made of and we now realize our deficiencies are strong points and what we have to improve on.

Those who we used to deem as conspiracy theorists are now looked at as being brilliant.

Those who were seen as being mentally unstable now appear to be a genius because all along they’ve been preaching the benefits of being a survivalist. Listen to this video and ponder the different perspectives brought forward and maybe if you can expand your mind to understand that is going to get worse and we need to be prepared that this conversation has ultimately been beneficial to you.

Please share your perspectives and viewpoints in the comments section below regardless of your stance of what was shared here on the show. Thank you for being here and enjoy.


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