The Pathetic Life Of A Young Facebook Keyboard Terrorist

Seems like I love to indulge in the working mans vice of purposely oversleeping on my days off. For those of us who put a full week and more, it can be one of the most delicious ceremonies that one can partake in. For those who are not ambitious in the employment and accountability department, there is depth of sweetness that they could never understand because it’s something that they have to earn to enjoy.

Well this morning while enjoying my personal day off slumber party, I was slowly awakened by the sound of the television that was left on all night. I hardly ever watch television and when I do it is only to view the news, and even then the information is absorbed sparingly
because I make sure to consciously filter out the propaganda that is so shrewdly lace deep within it.

But to lay asleep for all of those hours being at the subconscious mercy of the influential content of this electronic mind control box angered me terribly. I realized quickly that I had no one to be mad with but myself but I was still ticked off nonetheless. I felt violated as though someone had entered into my private space without my permission, and even though the television was left on because I forgot to turn it off, I still felt like it had my mind to itself to inoculate it with the various sales pitches, jingles and political views that are not a part of my mental D.N.A.

Well, what could I do except just get over it and move on. Although I was partially awake, I was conscious enough to understand what was on the television and at this point it was a news program.

I was recently indoctrinated into that wonderful cyber-ghetto world of Facebook confrontations when my lovely daughter was verbally attacked unprovoked by a disgruntled envious and very much a non productive entity who holds the positioning in my life unfortunately of being called “stepson.”

Technically a man at the age of twenty-one, this known kleptomaniac who has always exhibited the antisocial behavior of a child who was never hugged or shown any sizable amount of love that spawn a semblance of self esteem was in his mind very angry with me because I would not allow him to lay around unemployed and unschooled while his mother and I worked multiple jobs and never had the amount of time to laze around and live the high life from the sweat of our brow.

I just wasn’t happening. At least not under this roof.

So after being shifted around and tossed from location to location after trying the very last nerves of those who realized that the propaganda laced lies that were spoken about me only as a shoehorn to enable him “to get in” and live with them for a stretch, didn’t last long because they now realized that all that I said was the truth.

Now everyone was hip to the dead-weight deadbeat hustle of their kindness in the name of blaspheming me.

Where do you run when your hustle is over?

Well if you don’t have the balls to step to the source of who you think is cause of all of your ills, then the next best thing is to go after the sixteen year old daughter of the man you hate so much (And in actuality, you hate you real father for not being there for you in the first place but your hate has been deceptively transferred over to me because you would rather live the illusion of an imaginary past than a motivated goal oriented realistic future).

It’s sad when you really look at it, when you see how vast the world is with it’s endless possibilities to ascend to any level of greatness
and master any area of expertise that ones heart desires that you have someone who is blessed with the time to pursue manifesting Gods greatness in your life but you choose to remain stagnant and non motivated to take out your frustrations on an innocent person who was doing nothing more than engaging in the playful banter that is the norm for sixteen year old’s until it was rudely interrupted by the unsolicited rantings of a grown-assed man who has no direction, purpose or goals in his life.

I have this belief that when a young man exits their teen years into manhood that they should have a modicum of momentum that can be utilized in a career path that should have been strategically planned from years before…..

……not scoping out little girls Facebook pages.

I guess I will never understand the minds of the non-motivated.

To me it seems as though with all of our technological gains  it will always come down to the human element and whether we are properly adjusted enough to be able to utilize these new mediums with a small measure of maturity.

Maturity is the key word here and I am sorry to say that there is enough of it not only in the younger generation but the older people
who should know better also!

Through my own experiences and observations I believe I have pretty much figured out a big portion of why these types of confrontations happen between our youth on Facebook. Now, this statement doesn’t cover a grown ass dysfunctional man who should really be spending his time seeking some corrective therapy for those deep rooted emotional issues that he possesses which will only fester into something more as the years fly by while he slowly realizes that life doesn’t always play out like a music video that has a happy ending.

If you are an adult you really shouldn’t even be on Facebook so much unless you have something to promote as far as a business, something worthwhile or communicating with real family and friends. But to surf through the realities of people that you don’t even really know and getting upset about what you see is not a proper way of spending ones time.

Case closed.

But here are my findings…….

We all know how difficult the teenage years can be on someone going through adolescence and all of the things that go along with it like the French Fries in a Deluxe order of food from your local Denny’s or International House Of Pancakes otherwise known as “IHOP.”

If you have forgotten what your teenage years were like than maybe you don’t want to be reminded. Mine were wonderful because I spent lots of time in athletic endeavors that held the typical tsunami of insecurity in my personal life at bay. But normally you have your budding sexuality, the desires and urges, the body image issues, the realizations of where you truly stand on life’s totem pole of status, the need to want to be grown while still craving the amenities that are freely given to a young child, the pain of transitioning into adulthood while looking like an adult but not having a clue. It’s tough to be a teenager these days and I would even say that it is even tougher!

Imagine being a young girl whose face is is a minefield of zits in such a superficial society, is she going to like it when she sees so many thousands of possibly even more attractive young ladies who DON’T have her particular skin issue. While Photoshop can change the online image to make one appear more desirable, the reality remains the same as well as the “hidden from view” insecurities.

Those who may carry the scars of a broken family life, memories of abuse or just about any of the myriad of emotional hot points that most of us have and hopefully have moved away from, “might” feel a resentment as they surf through the profile pages of fellow Facebook individuals who are celebrating birthdays together, going on trips, enjoying a happy home life and just plain old basking in the divine blessings of their God given joy.

This covert observance causes the other young viewers a lot of stress when they realize that their own personal reality is not as sweet, especially when they made choices that have severely impacted their life to the point where that type of joy witnessed online couldn’t ever be realized in their reality at this particular point and time.

So a choice is made in how they deal with their own regrets or circumstances that may be beyond their control. They might internalize their pain and self medicate through the many various drugs or indulge in unprotected wild sex with multiple partners in a sort of “death wish” that puts their life up to being a source of cheap thrills to distract them from the pain of a sad reality. This truly is a vast subject that I have chosen to write about today and really can’t encompass the entire scope of it all in one mere blog.

This would require a series of books if you really want to know the truth!

So imagine the frustration of a young female who got pregnant at sixteen years old and thought she knew what life was all about only to be reminded every time that she is surfing Facebook pages that although many other young girls have landed themselves in the same situation, that there are PLENTY of young ladies who CHOSE NOT to go that route and are enjoying a full and glorious childhood in a good home with their school buddies and the various activities that young folks do in a carefree manner.

If a person is one to blame the world for her plight then it isn’t to hard to want to bully the person who made all of the right choices
that SHE should have made!

So many of our teens will provoke a confrontation that was unwarranted JUST to have the opportunity to “let off” some of the stress that they are feeling in their sad sorry life that they chose. This can be a very dangerous thing because along with potential for hurt,
embarrassment and permanent damage, is the chance that a situation like this can mushroom into an all out war that is so very public and observed but hundreds if not thousands! And you know how insecurities and bruised egos don’t mix! So while all of this is played out in public the hurt can go a lot deeper because one will have to be reminded of the confrontation over and over again long after it should have subsided.

Parents! Guardians! Grandparents!

It’s time to get on our jobs and realize that the upbringing that was so effective for us just won’t swing it for this present generation
and the unique challenges that our parents didn’t have to face when raising us up! It’s a whole different world right now as far as being an effective parent. And while the basic principles remain the same they must be executed in a manner that negates the technological advances that have had a way of circumventing our parental rules and regulations.

Understand that when you send a child to their room today as a form of punishment, it is comparable to us as children getting scolded and our punishment being a trip to McDonald’s, the amusement park with a shopping spree at Toys-R-Us! Lol! As long as they have a computer in their room or access to the Internet through a phone they won’t feel the discipline at ALL!

It’s time to realize that what we have allowed to transpire in our homes has caused a condition that is a direct result of the lackadaisical sense of leniency.

It’s time for it to stop.

If not, could you imagine how things will be in the NEXT ten years?


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