The Phallic Insecurities Of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un And The Nuclear Missiles That Make Up For Them!

In the past few days it dawned on me that there is a high probability that their will be another war breaking out with the United States and North Korea if Kim Jong Un has anything to do with it.

I couldn’t help but think to myself that this country is still over in Iraq and Afghanistan although we are told that the U.S. military forces over there are being disengaged by a particular deadline.

It has gotten to the point where I don’t know who to really believe anymore.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (L) appl

After living for a half a century on this once pristine paradise and now highly abused toxic ball and speck of dust called the planet earth, I already know deep down inside that what we are told by the mainstream  media outlets is not always (And I really mean to say never!) the pure unadulterated truth.

But what can a blue collar “working for next to nothing” soon to be senior citizen do? Just sit down, believe what you are told by the spin-masters and indulge in your particular mind numbing vice as an escape from the very real threat of a highly probable doomsday that will wipe us all out.

…….and many wonder why those of us who are on the bottom rung sometimes don’t have to much of a regard for the fairy tales told to us in this life?

But late last night as I fought gallantly against the very real force of nature called sleep, I found myself gazing dreamily at the propaganda box in my living room as it spewed its half truths on CNN.

I was becoming absorbed in what they were saying about the brat like posturing of that knucklehead of a leader that they presently have in North Korea named Kim Jong Un.

Now while I’m an artist and a blogger who usually focuses on all things dealing on relationships emotional and spiritual, I have been known to express myself outside of the parameters of my divinely designated creative comfort zone because as a citizen of this sham of a country it is my right to do so.

Hey! At least let me enjoy SOME of these rights while we still have them, heck, tomorrow we may not have them at all by the way the recent events have been going down with our government.

But watching the report on CNN as it really got down into many facts(?) about North Korea that I wasn’t aware of, I got the feeling that their leader was a egotistical and irresponsible spoiled brat of guy who really had no idea that his obviously late adolescent stage of development had no place being played out as a leader of a country that had those deadly nuclear arms at his disposal.

He reminds me of that spoiled kid who had a rich father that gave him everything that he wanted and bought the affection of those around him by the trinkets that he had as he really deep down knew that nobody liked him if it weren’t for that.

He is the kind of guy that will posture and pick a fight against a person who would obviously beat him with no effort but will allow his false sense of invincibility take to a painful place of no return. I bet he stayed in his room all day and peeked out at the other kids who were happy and got along well, his present day power plays is really revenge for all of those boring summers that no one of his age group showed any interest in him especially when it came to the female population.

Let’s face it. Kim Jong Un never really got any play from the ladies UNTIL he became the leader of North Korea and even that is not guaranteed. But even then because he was so backed up with desire and never had the opportunity to get off that elusive load, he makes sure to probably be abusive during a sex act that probably doesn’t last any longer than it takes to microwave a cold moldy bagel.

Even THEN that description may be stretching it a bit.

Can’t you just imagine him looking for attention, parked up in front of the nightclub but never going in because he wants to be seen outside leaning up on an expensive and exotic sports car that has a sound system that’s even louder than the one inside on the dance floor? He’s the kind of guy that needs a gimmick to catch the eye of a potential sex partner and even then it will never be because of HIM but for what a woman can get OUT of him and I think deep down he knows this and is one of the reason for his gross frustrations.

Korean Nightclub

If he were a regular working Joe here in America he would definitely be a candidate to commit a mass shooting at the local shopping mall, I mean, he is threatening to do just that to the entire world with nuclear bombs!

So you KNOW what I’m saying is the truth!

But his power play with nuclear missiles are merely an extension of his deep rooted feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom because he derives a twisted pleasure when he threatens to “pull out” his long dangerous mighty phallic symbols to the world as they cower in fear at the thought of him shooting them off to the world!

Would someone PLEASE tell President Obama that if he wants to end this foolish and dangerous posturing swiftly then tell Hollywood to give Kim Jong Un the lead role in a James Bond 007 style action movie where he is the star and gets lots of hot sexy booty. THAT would be the BEST cure to calm him down and give him all of the attention and adoration that he ever craved after suffering a bad case of Daddy hunger that festered from within as a result of a Father who may have been physically there but never emotionally present.

James Bond - Skyfall

He really needs some serious ego stroking to keep this planet in a safer zone because if he doesn’t get it quick, he is going to make the entire world feel every perceived injustice that he felt he had to endure as the scorned little rich kid who nobody liked.

So let the world leaders not only plan a way to diffuse the nuclear threat that is coming from North Korea but to also quiet the brat behind it all who is displaying a temper tantrum to the world far worse than any one that I ever saw in a local WalMart when a kid was refused the toy that he wanted his mother to buy for him.

Kim Jong Un wants to get noticed? Well he’ll get what he wants real soon and when he does he just might have wished that he sat his dumb ass down somewhere and took that same energy that he has to cause trouble to find a better barber that would change his present look to something else other than the one he sports now looking like a wild fat possum with a high top fade.

Kim Jung Un

With poverty, disease, world hunger, unemployment, financial collapse and global warming at the helm of our planet’s woes, the last thing we have energy or time for is to cater to the issues of one who is only concerned with himself to the detriment of an entire world who he feels should be under his control.

I just can’t STAND these world leaders who have a bad case of penis envy!

He wants to threaten the entire world with missiles? Well there are enough warmongering nations that have even MORE nuclear missiles and they are  just itching to fire a few right back in his direction!

Stay tuned.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,




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April 11, 2013 3:30 PM

North Korea needs a hug, some food, and access to free internet porn. LOL

Nice post!

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