The Phenomenon Of Interracial Sex Between The Black Man & The White Woman: America’s Taboo Fascination!

I know as the title came to my mind in the manner that it did, that many would contact me as to why I named it that way. I choose the specific interracial pairing of the Black Man and White Woman because of the fiery reactions/implications that are deeply rooted here in this country called The United States Of America because of the history of slavery and the unique set of conditions that has spawned so much intrigue, disgust, lust, anger and the immeasurable emotions/reactions that can literally appear out of nowhere when this subject comes up unexpectedly.

Did you know that at one time in recent history the property, goods and valuables of a defeated nation and territory were referred to as the “Booty of war?” This is why it is not too hard to refer to the Black woman as “booty” because overall the downtrodden Black people in America in the eyes of the world are a defeated people whose man is all but rendered useless for his own progressive purposes. So the intimate pairing of the White man/Black woman does not possess the same level of intense reaction in this country because she is the woman of a defeated nation and therefore just part of the valuables to be taken as a reward because there is no man to defend her.

Trust me, there is so much going on with this topic on a subconscious level that most would be surprised at the depth of it all once one begins to dig a little deeper to unravel the mysteries of it all

The term “interracial” can cover a wide range of pairings but as you know we are speaking of the Black man White woman variety here in this blog post as this particular pairing has its own set of unique issues here in America.

While I am not an expert in any field that would allow me to share my thoughts on a accredited or certified standpoint, nonetheless if you have followed this blog or any of my work over time you probably will understand that you will get as honest viewpoint that you will find anywhere that are based on my vast amount of hands on experience in this life. And I feel that means something to those who want to hear how someone truly feels as opposed to what I am supposed to say to be as politically correct as possible.

I have never been nor will I ever be that anal retentive type of guy that grins and bears it. If I see it, I tell it, even if the whole wide world doesn’t see it yet and think I am crazy for telling what I see I am not going to bend my viewpoint for anyone if I see different.

I have always said that as individuals, we are the sum total of our experiences, and if we’ve had bad experiences in our life dealing with a particular faction of society then our viewpoint will be clouded by those same very experiences. The same goes for those who have great memories in a certain arena in life, so therefore it’s circumstantial to say the least.

That being said, the following words will be derived from my personal observations/experiences, as well as some of the experiences and insights that have been shared with me by others that seemed to have a ring of truth to me once I digested them and absorbed them. This is an extremely touchy subject that goes down to the raw nerve America’s issues that have not been dealt with in a direct manner. So in actuality, it’s not really about sex, but the things that many in this country refuse to face and have symbolically swept under the rug.

I’m sure you will agree, that it is a conversation that is long overdue in this country.

Now let me clarify why I named this blog “Interracial Sex” as opposed to “Interracial Friendship” or “Interracial Dating.” the reason is because I wanted to put you right in the most fiery part of that particular type of union because the thought of a Black man on top of a White woman filling her up raw with his powerful pipe represents so much more than a sexual connection to many and this article will touch on the reasons why.

This is a topic that I will have to assume you as the reader already understand many of the usual dynamics on this topic so I am goin’ to go deep from the beginning to keep it to the point but if you do NOT understand where I am coming from please leave your comments in the comment area at the end of this blog and I will answer you back immediately.

Okay, let’s buckle up for the ride……ready?

Back when America was invaded by the Europeans who brought the African man here by force to do his free labor bidding in the terrible form of slavery, the slave master made sure to demean the Black man, emasculate him and reduce him to nothing more than a tool who couldn’t think for himself and keep him away from anything that would build his status to
empower him. The slave master made sure that it was understood that for the Black African man to learn to read would be a crime punishable at the highest levels by death! This was to keep him from becoming a threat to the slave masters stronghold over his existence and guarantee a life of subservience to him for generations to come.

Very little could be enjoyed by the Black man except for the buffoonery and foolishness of sport and play that he was allowed to partake in because it wasn’t a threat to the European dominance on all levels here in America.

You could never be a threat to anyone if you didn’t know how to read.

And the same phenomenon exists in the present day. Look around you and you will see the masses of our people acting like fools, on the corner drinking, fighting with each other, making baby after baby that the State (The modern day slave master) takes care of just in the same manner that was executed on the plantations back in the time of legal slavery.

Remember, the slave master allowed the Black man to make as MANY babies as he possibly could because that would increase the Masters bottom line in the form of free labor down the line eventually. Like a pet shop owner who has a rare breed of hard to find dogs, who now discovers that the female (“Bitch”/ for all of you that DON’T know, that is the proper word for a female dog, look it up in your dictionary!) dog is pregnant with puppies can’t help BUT be overjoyed because he will get more money for the sale of those puppies if he chooses to do so.

So can you see why it is not too hard for those possessing a ‘hood mentality to call you a “bitch” so easily as you breed with any and everyone so irresponsibly? I don’t condone it but we are talking real here! And what scares me is that many of our women and young girls have embraced this word to the point where they are calling THEMSELVES this proudly! Imagine! So while the horrors of forced slavery are gone as far as the naked eye can see, the stigma continues to thrive while others deny that it even exists.

So for the slave master to see the Black man screwing as many female slaves as he possibly could was a great thing in his mind. So why do you think this subconscious behavior is STILL prominent today as our Black men have no control or restraint when it comes to respecting the women in our communities. I know it is NOT right but I am telling you how it came to be! And this is NOT an excuse for the men who act as though women are going out of style very soon or will soon be pulled off of the market and out of production because as I see it, woman are STILL being produced in abundant rates just as fast as ever off of natures assembly line!

But this wayward behavior is still approved and encouraged by the State government because when you impregnate dozens of women in the end that you literally CAN’T take care of, you have set yourself up to be a modern day slave because you will be locked up for not providing financial support for your legion of children and you will realize the fact too late that your penis was used against you to get you caught up. Now you can’t be a father to your children so chances are they will grow up just as wild as you were to continue the cycle. Always with the modern day slave master called the State government benefiting in the end. He is so slick and YOU Black man are so damn stupid! Works like a charm every time! And you want to call yourself a “pimp” but guess who is pimping who? But that is a topic for another blog, but I had to go there so you can have a better understand if where I’m coming from when I get to my other points.

So coming up from slavery, this one of the areas that many Black men were brainwashed to feel any sense of power and mastery. They couldn’t be revered as a thinker or great mind because they weren’t allowed to read. Their sense of self esteem had been broken over hundreds of years of servitude to one of the most wicked regimes in world history of all time and the author of the most vicious Holocaust in modern times BAR NONE!

Yes I said it like that and I mean it. Show me some numbers to prove me otherwise!

And allow me to say this also, do not minimize or dilute the advent of slavery in America to merely a chapter or two in your American history books. (Which are mainly warped versions of someone else’s dysfunctional “truths” anyway!) This was a horrible period in world history where so many generations were born into it and died just the same without ever knowing anything different or any liberation to develop into what our God made us to be. Low expectations? What?

It’s more like NO EXPECTATIONS!

So do not think since we have the so called “right to vote” for one evil over another that the stigma and effects of what has been in effect” for so long is all gone and banished forever! Our sick twisted minds need a special type of intensive therapy developed for our own particular unique madness and it will not happen while STILL being covertly under attack be this wicked media brainwashing techniques to keep us as stupid pleasure seeking responsibility shunning dick swinging bucks and you Black woman as a promiscuous foul mouthed “bitch” of a breeder!

Strong language I know but it must be said nonetheless.

Still with me?

Allow me to say that this is not ALL of us but far too many of us who act out in the manner previously illustrated and please understand the spirit from which I speak.

So while on the plantation the Black man was broken down to the level of a mere tool only to be subservient to his Caucasian slave master. The slave master had become the slaves provider, the slave master had become his God. The slave was reduced and broken down to the point where he had absolutely NO confidence of his own to even think that he was capable of making it on his own. The slave master was the only male who was allowed to walk as a man, while the slave was made to act as a boy. The slave master could go in on the Black mans wife and have sex with her in anyway and every way possible while the Black man had to if not hear about it, be close by to hear the barbaric grunts of this man that he has learned to hate all of his life but couldn’t do anything to change it. Could you imagine the frustration that the slave felt down to the core of his being after seeing his woman crying as the hot murky freshly released seed of this demonically possessed man spilled out of her? No wonder some of us drop dead from high blood pressure and all sorts of preventable ailments because of the weight of the stress felt down through generation after generation. There is an
intangible pain and frustration that we as Black men have inbred into us after the suffering of our ancestors have been passed down through our genes to the point where we are almost crazy out of our mind in the way we carry on in the present day.

But the one constant that never changed in our Holocaust was the European beauty standards of the White woman that was constantly pounded into our minds from day one of landing on these stolen shores.

The slave master thought of us as sexual superiors and was intimidated by our physical prowess when compared to his. his worse fear was that this monster of a Black man would find his way between the lily white porcelain thighs of his coveted woman and do to her what he couldn’t do for her. Frightened and paralyzed from the thought that he would
pleasure her in ways that he could never and touch her deeper in places that he never touched. No! This was not acceptable at all and must not even become a thought in the stolen Africans mind at any cost!

The mighty Black oversized monster penis how become not only a potent symbol that haunted the slave master in his deepest darkest dreams but he would go out of his way to castrate the object of his terror very opportunity that he
would get. It has also been passed down that there were many slave masters who forced homosexual acts on the male slaves as their fascination with the Black man physical presence became an obsession.

Human nature being what it is, whenever one is told not to do something, it cultivates a desire to see what it is like to do what is forbidden. Well what do you think happened in the mind of the Black man who was made to feel as though he was less than a man, couldn’t read, had his woman screwed regularly and impregnated by the slave master and worked from the darkest part of the morning to the darkest time of the night. Do you also think that they had hospitals when they became sick or even mosquito repellent out there in nature unprotected? We take so much for granted these days!

But what do you think happened in the mind of the Black man when he saw this woman that not only he couldn’t have, but would die for merely “looking” at her in a manner that was deemed unacceptable by the slave master. This was real and this is why many men act as though this is the norm because in a sense in his mind it is!

Historically, when anyone White crossed our path, we would have to look down toward the ground or look the other way as a sign of respect and subservience toward our oppressor. I’m quite sure that you remember Emmit Till? If not then Google it. He was the fourteen year old boy who was killed brutally by men who were angry when they thought he whistled at a white woman but in actuality had a speech impediment and would usually whistle as a means to help him communicate.

And the worst part about it today in 2011 we still have entire towns that still obey the unwritten law of bowing your head in the presence of a white person. I was told this recently by someone who just returned from a small city in Alabama a few weeks ago.

So it was unthinkable to even consider in ones deepest thoughts as a Black man to EVER think of having a white woman the same way that the slave master had HIS Black woman at will of he would surely die a vicious death! Heck, if he even had a DREAM of having sex with a white woman he had better wake up and apologize!

So after slavery was abolished the unwritten rules remained the same. This is why the first Black Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World Jack Johnson, took a twisted pleasure in parading around with White woman back in the early part of the twentieth century when he was champion of the world and rubbing this in the faces of those white men who couldn’t stand the thought of a black man who beat up white men in convincing fashion for money and screwing as many white women that he could put his penis in.

Do you see the irony in this?

Many today do not understand that it has always been more than the color of ones skin as it has been a power play between the formerly captured black man and the system here in America that was set up by the oppressive white supremacist mentality of those (and these) days to insure that he would remain in power by the shrewdly unfair laws put
into place.

So what does all of this have to do with the interracial romance of the aforementioned pairing today? It has a lot to do with it, and before I go any further you probably would like to know how I feel personally about interracial marriage, interracial dating as well as interracial sex…….

Buckle up that seat belt even tighter and hold on for dear life…….

First of all, I approve in some cases and disapprove in other cases. Let me break it down for you this way where you will understand me completely and for the most part agree:

If two people made by the same God truly love each other and have committed to each other then I thinks it is a beautiful thing that should be honored and respected by everyone as a divine union of the highest levels because these days good relationships are not the norm as many do not want to work to make them flourish. So if you are a white woman who finds herself madly in love with a Black man and you respect each other, love each other and will lay down your life for each other than I am with you one hundred per cent!

So what do I disagree with in SOME interracial unions?

This is how I will put it, if YOU as a Black man or White woman have to leave who you are at the front door like an umbrella on a wet rainy day as to not wet up the inside of the house then I am not for it!

What do I mean by that?

I mean that if you are in an interracial relationship and you have to change who you are and shun your culture in order to be accepted by your mate then this is not a sincere pairing at all!

Example: A Black man is born and raised in a predominantly middle class Black section in Atlanta Georgia (Did that even sound right as Atlanta is predominantly Black in most sections in the first place? Lol!) and was raised around the Black American culture that includes the music, foods and manner of communicating that is unique to those who grew up in very similar circumstances there. As he grew into manhood, he achieved a high level of education and has expanded his mind through learning and through the hands on experiences in this life to pretty much be able to deal with people of many cultures, races and ideologies. Yet through all of his personal self advances, he still remains as the same old guy who grew up in the old neighborhood. He has remained single and after dating seriously two or three times with black women and has had no success in remaining in a relationship for an extremely long time thus far. The lack of success in those relationships had nothing to do with the fact that those previous connections were Black. It just didn’t work out because of the intangibles of personality, temperament and individuality.

Now he finds someone new who he feels the sparks for more than he has ever felt for anyone before in his life!

She happens to be white.

Let’s take a commercial break so I can interject a thought here. It has been my experience that when an interracial union is in the beginning stages of being forged, that it appears to me that the Black people who are connected to the male as far as family and friends, are usually more accepting and open minded about embracing the interracial relationship more so than their White counterparts who are connected with the White woman.

On the Black side of town you might hear:

“Darrell, you know you might catch some flack for dating this white woman and even more so if you if you both decide to go on and get married, but let me speak for everyone in your family and all of your friends and say that we have always loved and supported you and will embrace and accept your choice as our own regardless as to what the world may think. We knew you all of your life and what you have been through and if you feel that this is the woman for you then that speaks volumes for the type of woman that she must be and we can’t wait to have her as one of us!

On the White side of town you might hear:

Ashley, you know that we think you have lost your goddamn mind! What is it? You have jungle fever right now? I can’t believe you! You have everything going for you, a good upbringing, a great education and a shit load of talent that will guarantee your success in this life and you go and throw it all away to get engaged to a fuckin’ nigger?

Are you smoking something or what? It must be true what I’ve heard about how huge those Black guys cocks are…….! You might think it’s all roses now but don’t you know that those guys just can’t be faithful? He will cheat on you and give you AIDS before the wedding cake is finished and you will be bailing him out of jail before your first anniversary!

I think you better call this off because if you even TRY to bring that low life around here I will disown you for life and ban you from coming home to embarrass us in front of the neighbors! Mark my words!

Now I don’t think that I have to say it but I will say it anyway because many of you reading this piece of mine don’t really know me and might come to the wrong conclusion about my personality because of the fiery nature and raw style of how I write.

Number one; I do not feel that these precious scenarios are written in stone for every black or white individual. As a matter of fact, I KNOW they are not. For the record I have known down through the years of my life white people that don’t even think in this manner. They are the most loving people that I have ever known. I could name names but you wouldn’t know who they were of I did. So please do not think that I feel this is how every white person thinks, if I were to sit here and tell you that it wouldn’t be fair to those whom I’ve known and love who have been in my life at different junction points and who ARE in my life right now.

Their are many white people in the Scurv family. The bottom line is I will always call it as I see it no matter what the subject matter and I have used these examples of the extremes to illustrate my point.

Now that being said, don’t think all black people are as accepting to interracial unions either. I just feel that pound for pound here in America, they have a track record of being more accepting due to the fact that we have had to get used to living as a minority in a country where whites are the majority which makes it easier for us to understand the detailed intricacies of the bigger culture more so then whites have of ours. But through the technological advances of recent
years, many of the walls of ignorance between the races are diminishing fast but NOT fast enough!

Now back to my earlier statement of how this taboo pairing became a power play, I have to add that it had become so much more than that. It was about accomplishment, success, esteem and having it all. These mentally twisted black men were only acting out what they saw in the white mans world and wanted to “feel” what it was like if only just one night!

This is what the black man felt in his heart! He saw the white man conquering the world, running things, being looked up to and doing what in the heck he wanted and HE wanted to emulate this. HE wanted to see how it felt just to SIT in the drivers seat for once! Even if the car wasn’t moving and he didn’t have the keys, he was like that kid who would sit in his daddies parked car and bounce up and down holding onto the steering wheel pretending that he was driving.

So to have a white woman submit to him sexually was the ultimate rush. There was no high more intoxicating than to witness the contrast between their flesh when in the deepest of bliss. He tried his best to lose the “curse” of his blackness into the “privileged’ womb of her whiteness. It was more than sex, it was a validation that he had finally arrived.

Did you ever see it this way? I mean, while those descriptive words may not have been my experience personally, I have had enough encounters with Black men who I’ve observed near and far to allow me to see their personal idiosyncrasies. I have always observed the people around me with a deep focused view to channel their particular mind and spirit so I can at least understand where they were coming from.

Both Black men AND women have suffered for hundreds of years from the intense brainwashing and indoctrination of White supremacy and it is still evident today in full bloom being played out amongst us right under our noses.

Noses? Speaking of noses, why is it that we feel as Black people (Again, just a few of us!) that we have to alter the beautiful features that God has blessed us with? Is it because of the European standard of beauty that has been inflicted on the world for ages and now in overwhelming fashion through the print and broadcast media? As long as we have been captured on these shores, many of our Black sisters have longed to emulate the porcelain “beauty” of the white woman. This sends a terrible message to our children and instantly damages their budding self esteem as well as sends a very confusing message to them as we strongly command them to love themselves and how God made them while at the same time applying a healthy dose of skin whitening bleaching cream to their skin as the hair relaxer straightens their hair.

Now the already mentally confused black man sees his Sister taking pride in raping and killing what God has blessed her with in abundance and subconsciously tells himself that why should he get a fake “wanna be” white woman when he can have the real thing? You see sisters, you honor the European standard of beauty every time you change your natural look into something unnatural. Many of you speak of your natural attributes in such a demeaning manner. “Girl, I need to go to
get my hair done, ’cause I don’t need to be seeing any naps growing out on my head to scare my man away!”

Why aren’t you good enough the way you are sister?

This only reinforces what this indoctrinated black man already has been taught to feel. We as brainwashed men parade around the ‘hood with the hand me downs of the affluent as though it makes us more important to emulate what we see in the white mainstream culture. Remember when cellphone first hit the market and were so expensive to own? Well very few of us in the black community could even afford that expensive luxury that we did quite well without, but lo and behold, there was always the own who got a hold of that expensive phone to stand on the corner to be seen and act “important” like those white businessmen at that time whose cellphone possession most often came as a company perk that he didn’t have to even pay for!

Dumb fool!

And half the time that own on the corner wasn’t even talking to anyone, he just wanted the world to know that he had a cellphone.

Why do we have such esteem issues within ourselves? Well like I said earlier and as I have illustrated, the effects of slavery have permeated us to the very core in ways that most time we refuse to even admit.

This is why many black men run and get a white woman when they become successful. It’s the icing on the cake. It screams to the world in his mind that “I’ve made it! I’m truly successful! I now look just like those images in the movies and magazines that I had to see all my life and now I am one of those successful men and it feels so good!”

But there are a faction of women in general of out here of ALL races that are gold-diggers and that includes some white women too. These in particular understand the psyche of the brainwashed black man and are well versed in how to play the subservient role to “give him what he wants” so that down the line “in the courthouse” she will get ALL that she wants when she cleans this Black fool out of house and home!

This is a very touchy conversation and AGAIN of I must stress that this is not all white women or all black men but a faction that many refuse to speak on because of the sensitive taboo nature of the subject.


Too many black men literally run to the arms of women of other races because they “claim” that Black women complain too much, are difficult to get along with and have major attitude problems. Well, I’ve experienced all of the above in my life but I have to say in their defense that if you treat someone with love, respect, honor and patience then they have no choice but to eventually reciprocate in similar fashion. Remember, the Black woman has also had to endure such painful experiences coming up from slavery and having to deal with many unnatural hangups that were passed on down to her that she now must spend almost a lifetime to sort out and come to grips with just like you Black man so you MUST have patience with her!

On the other hand to be real, many of you Black brothers don’t favor the Sisters anymore because they can’t get away with the bullshit that they want to execute. The Sister know all of your tricks well and “ain’t” going through it. You can’t claim that there are a shortage of successful Black women on the higher echelon of the corporate ladder if that is where you find yourself as the numbers of black men who are affluent are far and few between and would be welcomed with open arms to bask in the ranks of corporate success with their sisters!

Again, if you love someone because of the content of their character and their heart no matter what the color of their skin is, then it is right and proper. But if you as a Black man are using a white woman as a cake ornament, trophy or prop because of YOUR success fantasies or esteem issues then it is wrong! I must continue to drive this point home in this article so that no one is unclear on my stance on this issue because I am going in to point out the hypocrisy and ignorance on BOTH sides of the coin! But I cannot touch on them all because this subject is just too vast for one man to cover it all in one blog.

Another observation that I wanted to being light to is the tremendously high sales of interracial pornography that transpire right here on American soil. This is a fact that can be confirmed with the many monitoring services that track the sale of adult movies. I do not have a link to send you to off of the top of my head so you are going to have to take my word for it right now.

But when I found out many years ago how interracial porn was far and away the forerunner in sales in the adult movie segment it caused me to really think about why is this the case? Why? Well this isn’t just another statistic as far as I was concerned, this was a peek into something deeper going on in the American psyche. How? Well look at the numbers. Look at how many Whites are here in the United States as opposed to Blacks, some will say as high as 13% or so but look at the proportions. This tells me that it is not Black folks clearing the shelves of the latest “Black Mandingo Screws White Soccer Mom While White Hubby Ain’t Home” porn DVD, it has got to be a fascination of the White man!

Not all, but some. But that “some” has GOT to be a whole lot because that segment of the porn industry is BOOMING even IN this so called distressed economy!

Why is this? Is it a form of White guilt? Is this a way of dealing with an underlying fear of sexual inadequacy because of the myth of the huge Black cock? (F.Y.I: White folks usually say “cock” and Black folks usually refer to the penis as a “dick” if you didn’t already know this! Lol!) is it because their might be a guilt of being in a privileged position economically off of the backs of slavery? I wouldn’t say that it’s the poor whites of this country who have this fascination with over endowed black men with the blondest petite naive “Sweet Polly Pure Bred” type of white women but those who have achieved a little more than the average middle class working man. Why is this? It is a phenomenon that I am still pondering, I do not have all of the answers as I am still in the valley of investigation on this taboo topic but it stems from my experiences and observations.


Yes. Hands on experiences. Because of my intensive background in competitive bodybuilding and the underground adult entertainment world (You just wouldn’t believe the things thine eyes have seen!) over a quarter a century ago I’ve been exposed to many “worlds” as I was curious to explore what was just beyond my field of view.

While in the many alternate arenas that are too vast to explain in detail here, I have been approached over the years in those days by many a curious Caucasian husband with the proposition to “take care” of their wives sexually in the privacy of their own homes while the husband observed and manually stimulated themselves.

This was a common proposition way back then in the circles that I traveled in long before the Internet had to developed to what it is today so it doesn’t surprise me the least one bit that the interracial category of pornography sales are year after year a solid first collectively over all other porn categories out there that deal specifically with a vast amount of way out fetishes. I speak from years of hands on experience and NOT from observational hearsay.
Believe that.

But it has always amazed me how a country can be so racially polarized and infested with immeasurable amounts of ignorance as well as the well documented distrust, dislike and even hate for the black man and yet be what he watches and masturbates to in the privacy of his own home behind locked doors. Go to Craigslist and look in the adult dating categories in YOUR city and scroll through the countless ads that are placed by the white couples looking for a muscular well hung (Have you noticed the subliminal message in that well used term?) Black man to come and “deliciously violate” the white wife in the most animalistic of ways. This is usually executed with the white husband (Cuckold is the term used to describe the husband in this twisted role. Google it!) in full view of the activity (Or festivities as they would call it!) while he masturbates feverishly receiving a more intense blast commensurate with the level of humiliation that he feels! Is this the by product of white guilt? Seems like it is. Again I must say that this is a VERY COMMON lifestyle and I GUARANTEE that YOU know someone who indulges in it. Believe it or NOT!

There are worlds out here that many are not even aware of and I have personally witnessed and experienced so many of them!

Historically in America, the sexuality of the the Black man and woman have been whispered in mythic tones to be of superhuman proportions. There is so much ignorance regarding this area of perception and it continues to the present day. Even more disheartening is that many of our more ignorant (And not so ignorant!) Black men help to purposely
perpetuate this very same myth because this has been one of the only areas where we were allowed to “excel” in as far as superiority was concerned.

What do I mean by excel?

Well if you were in excellent physical shape and were known to conceive strong children, you were more desired by the slave master because you would always produce for him the “good stock” of children that would grow up to be the duplicates of you who would help him to continue building his financial empire from the free labor that your “loins in heat” guaranteed for him to earn!

So today we “brag” about our sexual prowess when in most cases we have very little else to brag about in any other meaningful area of expertise. And most times to be honest he brags about things that he is not even physically capable of accomplishing. But look how sad it is when a man has to boast of something that was given naturally to everyman for the most part and not achieved through the inert qualities of hard work, discipline and studious application of intellectual submission to higher learning.

For anyone to say that any ONE race of women or men are better than another is simple tomfoolery! Do you refuse to eat anymore Chinese food because of a bad experience at one Chinese restaurant? It is so wrong to say that ALL Black women are bad and have attitudes when their are so many wonderful women who are supportive everywhere. It is wrong to think that all White women are after a Black man only because he has accomplished something that affords him a life of affluence as I’ve known many who are loving and supportive. We all need to look past the foolish hangups that are handed down to us to vanquish them out of our lives forever so that we do not perpetuate the same crimes on the minds of our offspring. Judge a person on the content of their character. Seek a partner and mate on the basis of righteous principle. Give more than what you receive in a relationship and ALWAYS support your mate unconditionally as long as doing so does NOT clash with the laws and commandments of your heavenly Father.

There are so many misconceptions and ignorant assumptions about each other as a people collectively here in the United States Of America that have survived so strongly until this day in 2011. We just can’t seem to escape the prejudices of our past as we have become the laughing stock of the world in our inability to get past such elementary issues. I could go on all day about the idiosyncrasies that are embedded and sauteed so deeply at the root of the American psyche, what I would like to know is how do you feel about the points expressed in this article? What are you feelings toward this topic in general? What do you wish to add to the commentary as I could not cover every viewpoint? Let’s dialogue. Answer the poll and leave your comments below and let’s at least learn and grow from a healthy dialogue to break down the walls of ignorance that have been standing for TOO long!

Righteous Love & Peace Always,

Lance Scurv

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May 11, 2013 2:59 PM

I not racist bro, but I don’t like white ppl at all even tho I still fuk white women when the sisters wont.

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