THE POWER OF THE SEED! – Brother Keston/The LanceScurv Show

Why is it that we cannot readily find fruits in the supermarket that possess seeds like we used to?

Why is it that even when we do find fruits in the supermarket that have seeds, we cannot reproduce those fruits after planting those seeds as they never seem to grow as though they’ve been tampered with?

Why is there such an attack on our natural food supply? What’s up with the lack of fertile seeds and is this a measure of someone maintaining control over us to restrict our independence?

Why now at this particular time in our history the marijuana industry is generally regarded as an honorable and very profitable legalized business to invest in while all the while our Black Brothers and Sisters have filled the jails and prisons to this very day because of the same thought? Will they now be released because of the legalities that have since changed?

Even deeper, why is it that the original Ganja plant looks nothing like the synthetic variety that is so addictive to our people to render them damn near mindless? What’s the agenda here and why don’t we see through the deception. For those of us who do see through it, we are deemed mentality off, but are we?
Listen in to the truth Brother Keston so boldly Shares without fear and you be the judge! It’s time to wake up!

THE POWER OF THE SEED! - The LanceScurv Show

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