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The Prancing Elites is yet another approved controlled demolition of what’s left of Black Manhood in our society and if anyone really has the nerve to say that there is no Gay Agenda I would say that they are seriously delusional.

But of course I am the bogeyman for mentioning this and will receive a countless stream of hate mail from every faction in the human family declaring me to be homophobic.

If a great percentage of Black American men are considered to be in the LBGT community in some degree or another, then how could I be scared of someone who lives differently than me when that is a thriving segment of my community?

The fact of the matter is that I’m not “homophobic” nor am I scared of anyone because of what their bedroom activities are and I’m sick and tired of those who know what I stand for attempt to dismiss me by putting words in my mouth.

I believe that there is an agenda that is utilizing multiple platforms to promote homosexuality in the Black community in order to rob us of the strong focused men that we need so desperately to build a strong nation!

Population control, extinction, a deteriorated family structure, spiritual decay, disease, depression are the by products that takes us away from doing the righteous jobs that we need to be doing not only for the present time but for the future are just a few of the by products of accepting this movement as the norm.

You have to really ask yourself, why are Black men always associated with everything gay?

Why aren’t we portrayed as strong family men who believe in a committed marriage that supports a strong community, raising children with a good moral standing and a life that is submissive to divine law?

It seems as though someone really doesn’t want that!

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