The Prancing Elites: The Engineered Destruction Of Black Manhood Continues! – The LanceScurv Show

The Prancing Elites is yet another approved controlled demolition of what’s left of Black Manhood in our society and if anyone really has the nerve to say that there is no Gay Agenda I would say that they are seriously delusional.

But of course I am the bogeyman for mentioning this and will receive a countless stream of hate mail from every faction in the human family declaring me to be homophobic.

If a great percentage of Black American men are considered to be in the LBGT community in some degree or another, then how could I be scared of someone who lives differently than me when that is a thriving segment of my community?

The fact of the matter is that I’m not “homophobic” nor am I scared of anyone because of what their bedroom activities are and I’m sick and tired of those who know what I stand for attempt to dismiss me by putting words in my mouth.

I believe that there is an agenda that is utilizing multiple platforms to promote homosexuality in the Black community in order to rob us of the strong focused men that we need so desperately to build a strong nation!

Population control, extinction, a deteriorated family structure, spiritual decay, disease, depression are the by products that takes us away from doing the righteous jobs that we need to be doing not only for the present time but for the future are just a few of the by products of accepting this movement as the norm.

You have to really ask yourself, why are Black men always associated with everything gay?

Why aren’t we portrayed as strong family men who believe in a committed marriage that supports a strong community, raising children with a good moral standing and a life that is submissive to divine law?

It seems as though someone really doesn’t want that!

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Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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  • CARTERMADE 86 says:

    Their logo is a dragon hmmm

  • brown buter says:

    right………….for a group of people who hate gay black men you guys
    sure are focused on us …why do u care what we do? you care about us
    now? or are you just embarrassed ?….i know the host is not homophobic but
    90 percent of blacks are homophobic ..for the homophobic black ,just leave
    us alone if we wanna prance so be it…go knock up some chick if your
    worried about numbers then have her collect welfare…80 percent of black
    household are that welfare comment is not out of line

  • leilani dupree says:

    you are not crazy my friend,their is definatly a gay mafia that has waged
    war on african american men,an oprah is a high ranking lesbian helping to
    usher in this sick an twisted epidemic.If you ever noticed her own network
    dosn’t do anything but push homosexual propaganda,trying to brainwash the
    masses.I want to encourage you to continue to expose this foolery!

  • Gracie Wilde says:

    Too bad you can’t ever say this in the mainstream without being attacked, discredited and ruined.

  • Ramona Brockett says:

    This administration’s agenda from day 1, was not about women, blacks or anything else but promoting the gay agenda in America. As black folk in America, I think many are shocked, bewildered and confused about the reality of what has happened to the “civil rights” agenda since 2008 in this country. You are 100% correct, Lance, this is the destruction of the image of the black man and the continued genocide of the black family. I also think that it is not just about being black and gay, though. I believe that the promotion of the gay lifestyle has a lot to do with globalization and population control. America uses up 90% of the world’s resources, yet in this 21st Century, America is not at the top of the global, power elite food chain. Could it be that this administration is assisting in fulfilling a global agenda? My comments have less to do with criticizing lifestyle, instead, I aim to critically look at the agenda. This administration’s slogan, “change you can believe in” becomes clearer and clearer every single day. So, blacks rights to vote become limited under this administration while the country is forced to believe that marriage between same sexed couple is tradition. Yes, that appears to be change “to believe in.” After all, isn’t it fracturing two oppressed groups, blacks and gays, and then pitting them against each other while simultaneously exercising population control. Ha! Believe THAT and you”ve got your formula for “Change.”

  • shane murph says:

    Those boys have more courage than you or anyone else who has something to say about them… If they undermine your masculinity by standing up for themselves and being proud of who they are then you got a problem, not them… And did I hear you defending those Alabama bigots along that parade route? Oh, man, you need to get off of YouTube and check yourself

  • Lashonda Casta says:

    Do your homework Oprah has nothing to do with this show .

  • Netty James says:

    NBC bought Oxygen network 8 years ago what does Oprah have to do with this show??? Nothing!

  • onlyalisa W says:

    The person who wrote this article didn’t fact check – Oprah doesn’t own Oxygen network ” NBCUniversal” purchased it a few yrs ago, she was a money contributor when they founded the network, but she’s not part of anything to do with their programming NBC is .. Folks need to do a better job of fact-checking you included.

  • Vernon Jones says:

    Hi Lance,The image of black men as- thug, brute, etc is forever embedded in the minds of whites or at least till the year 3000 perhaps longer. No amount of ‘Black Prancing anything’ is going to change that. We’ve seen the tv shows of the safe black guy cast in white tv shows (Different Strokes, Julia, Mission Impossible, etc), as coons (Good Times, A-Team)..after all the Black Imagery of ‘safe blacks’…what good did it do? Not a damn thing. Blacks need to get off the ignorant and the petty,,it leads nowhere fast! I was listening to Star on Spot97..I asked myself, could I see such inane pointless discussion being streamed 50 – 100 years from now? Answer: If we continue on the same path of endorsing mindless nonsense…then yes…yes we will,In the meantime, white boys will have caught up with brilliant, Indian &Chinese students and seriously start grasping Quantum Mechanics, Particle Sciences, String Theory and more. While we’re still entwined with Meriwether Jr vs Paqiuao Jr, and Z Jay and other pointless distractions. It can’t be any clearer that Technology is theundisputed future. Survival of any/every race is tied to technological advancement. The exception to being technologically-ignorant and surviving in the world to come is possessing great wealth. And that’s not even assured given how the financial world can easily decide to drop the dollar, pesos, pound, exchange Bit Coin or some yet to be seen baseless internet currency..after all, they are in charge.We need every gay brother and lesbian sister to be aware of your message of unity, to know that no matter how many white friends you have.. you are very vulnerable. They don’t see you as you see yourself. No matter how nice they are..they still you as ‘different’ and something to keep an eye on.Black people need to get off Jesus…he ain’t coming back (especially since he was never here). Stop reading the Bible as if you’re some child being read to…if you possess any kind of writing skills – read the bible as if you’re a competing author .. like a grown mature logical adult, and you’re sure to see the lies, bullshit and other poor misrepresentations. Bronze Aged wisdom has no place in this rapidly advancing world..and being on the short end of the stick (as you pointed out- us being targeted) since the day we were brought here. The Bible helped greatly during slavery in sparing ;lives..but that’s all it was ..a great cover. Learn truly what the Bible is .. and see for yourself,Ezekiel 23:20 Different Bible versionsNew International VersionThere she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.New Living TranslationShe lusted after lovers with genitals as large as a donkey’s and emissions like those of a horse.English Standard Versionand lusted after her lovers there, whose members were like those of donkeys, and whose issue was like that of horses.New American Standard Bible “She lusted after their paramours, whose flesh is like the flesh of donkeys and whose issue is like the issue of horses.King James BibleFor she doted upon their paramours, whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue is like the issue of horses.Holman Christian Standard Bibleand lusted after their lovers, whose sexual members were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of stallions. International Standard VersionShe lusted after her paramours, whose genitals are like those of donkeys, and whose emissions are like those of horses. NET BibleShe lusted after their genitals–as large as those of donkeys, and their seminal emission was as strong as that of stallions.GOD’S WORD® TranslationShe lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose semen was like that of horses.NOW why the fuck can Biblical authors place something like this in there? It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever! With God’s so called inspiration, why could they have not put (after the 1st Commandment – thou shalt not Kill) No man should own another man wife or child (remember they supposedly just escaped centuries of slavery and Egypt)..but they have problem reintroducing it but with rules for how to practice slavery??? And life…life itself is supposed to be God’s most precious gift..and they dare not mention it nor God himself failed to point it out. Read the Bible like an objective adult or as if you are writing it..not some feeble minded child gobbling up what’s being place before you.Wasting our energies on hating blacks for being gay or prancing around for Oprah is practice gone to far in the Black Community, way too far. Every race has them, just asked the Imam’s and Ayatollahs who stated we have no gays in Iran..only to find they have more of them than soldiers in their army. Who in the world sits around worrying about who sticks what where the preoccupation of the simplest human on the planet – get past it. Sex is going to occur no matter what you and an army of soldiers do. The Inquisition couldn’t stop it, neither can a bunch cheap fly-by night ministers.Those that yell about the loudest are usually the ones with hidden sexual agendas.Being targeted..yes, we are indeed, nothing pisses me off more than hearing ‘we’re not sure race played a role or not’…horseshit! If someone in mix was black..the spectre of racism is sure to be present. The danger to our plight is not the prancing sissies .. but those like Juror No. 8 Creshuna Miles, the black fool who in the Jordan Davis loud music/shooting trial. How someone that black can pretend (or believe) that live in some equal society is beyond me. But worse than her, are the highly paid individuals/Toms who’ve made a killing on selling out..Armstrong Williams, Larry Elders, Stephen A. Smith, etc just one of them harms the Black cause more than all 15 Prancing Princesses. It’s their ilk that needs the spotlight as much as possible!Rant over..’

  • Juanita Mitchell says:

    This is so true!!!!

  • Ick Icky says:

    I totally agree with this video! I cant help but think about shows in code like Orange(gay) Is The New Black or Empire that are being supported by people that are using their wealth and control over media to socially engineer black life. Its mainly the ignorant or “monkey see monkey do” following crowd that buy into these acts of conditioning. Of course white Amerikkka buys into these images, influences, and ideals too as they are being socially engineered by those in power as well. Knowledge, critical thinking, and analytical skill is the only thing that can save “the zombies”, but technology is rapidly reducing them to robots who cant do anything unless they’re told to or see others doing it.

  • Brian simpson says:


  • Gatta Harmon says:


  • Jss Pss says:

    OK this isn’t fair. I’m a black gay man and I don’t really rock with the show but to say that this show is engineering the destruction of black manhood is ridiculous and creating unnecessary hostility towards effeminate black gay brothers. It’s not fair journalism.1) Those bogus ass stats that half of black men are gay/bi-sexual couldn’t be farther from the truth. If that’s true then 80% of white men are gay/bi-sexual. I always see way more white gay men (some married to women) in gay spots than blacks. It’s simply not true, black reproduction continues to out grow whites every year.2) For every effeminate black gay man in the media, there’s 10 masculine black straight ones. Especially when you add in sports.3) I can’t stand Sandra. She’s a hateful homophobe, that loves spreading gossip, lies, and bullying people. She has no credibility nor should be respected by anyone with class and integrity.4) The only gay agenda is for us to be treated with respect. You don’t have to like it but how hard is it to be respectful. There’s no agenda to turn anyone gay. You can’t turn anyone gay (I’ve tried as a teen), just like my family couldn’t turn me straight. Get real, too much information out there to be in the dark on this stuff. I enjoy your show but this was a bit far left. +LanceScurv . And remember this, before we’re gay, we’re black and we know this, so should you.

  • JeffATL says:

    Homosexuality IS a mental illness!

  • MrGriffiev says:

    Prancing Elite my ass! This is just some engineered bullshit estimation point is the dominant society so threatened by black man heard that they are determined to feminize us?! You’re right Lance, I’m starting to feel like Bill Cosby myself!But as I pointed out, on a sidenote, the media isn’t paying as much attention to the Bill Cosby situation as they were! I think they’re starting to realize it ain’t working!Back to this, and the fact that a black woman namely Oprah Winfrey, is spearheading this makes it even more sickening! Does she have such a deep-seated hatred for black man to this degree that she’s wound to destroy her own just so her little fat ass could stay rich?! Call me homophobic if you want to, but I say this is a bunch of bullshit!

  • Black Cherubim says:

    Where is the petition for this? They got rid of shorty lo and all his baby mama’s show.

  • Shawny L Blumenfeld says:
  • loveNcolor says:

    By anyone’s standards, The Prancing Elites is bullshit – just like the overwhelmingly majority of reality tv programming, as televised freak shows are what sells – (a gross exploitive culture that you heteros have long created, BTW). So at the end if the day, the show is no different than the extreme depictions of *across the damn board* black stereotypical behavior that we see and hear being broadcasts in media today everywhere, yet black folk pile on the, the-sky-is-falling hysteria, anytime the clownish depiction has to do specifically with anything gay.

  • MidnightBlack says:

    I want to vomit when i see them and that commercial. There is definitely a war on black men. My husband and I have to monitor everything our sons watch because there’s so much filth on tv and online.

  • PrincessPrayer Warrior says:

    This is truth!

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