The Praying Mantis & The Spider: Just Imagine How Many Times That We Have Been Unknowingly “Saved” From Danger While Feeling As Though We Weren’t Blessed At All!”

This was forwarded to me by my dear Facebook friend Sandi Kay, below are the words that are on the photo. Please forward this wonderful message to all! I added my two cents afterward……..


The Lord always sends protection against anything that would harm me. This is a photo that I just took. The praying mantis was between the black widow and my front door. The mantis ripped off one of the spiders legs! For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. The mantis…(prayer) the black widow spider (darkness/death) I learn a lesson in everything and count it all joy. This photo was taken at 10:52 a.m. MST, 09-09-10

Just think, for us to be alive and well enough to be here at this point and time to enjoy the moment to share these sacred thoughts is a blessing in itself.

The hospitals are full.

The morgues are being filled as we speak.

Foreclosure papers are being drawn up as well as pink slips waiting for those unknowing loyal workers but through it all, God brings us along!

How can EVER think He doesn’t exist!

How dare we think that much of ourselves to believe that WE are the author of it all when we can’t even guarantee that we will continue breathing on our own at night when we sleep!

Yes, we ARE blessed!

You are blessed when you spend that overdraft money in your checking account that now has reluctantly become an anticipated part of your budget!

You are blessed when you finally got up the nerve to ask for help but those same friends see your name in the caller I.D. and refuse to pick up! You are blessed when the cable TV is cut of and you are so glad for that battery operated radio that you forget about!

We all will be knocked down from time to time ONLY to be made to understand that it is HE who will ALWAYS extend His loving POWERFUL hand to us to bring us OUT of the funky situation that we have found ourselves in!

And since it is He who will ALWAYS be there for us and always protect us as in the beautiful photo above then why can’t we praise him when our lights are cut off from non payment?

Guess who will make a way for them to come back on?

That same one who will ALWAYS send a Praying Mantis to our front door!

You better recognize!

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