The Prehistoric Practice Called Modern Medical Science And Our Transgressions Of Divine Law Has Made Us All Crazy As Hell!

The way I am feeling tonight is very abstract, my thoughts are racing faster than ever and they cannot be contained. When I am truly centered this is the way it is for me and many just do not understand, I realize that I am a little different than most and at one time I thought that everyone was like this.

This is why so many think I am a little crazy because I would express myself in the past assuming that others understood my rapid fire banter not knowing that maybe some of them caught on to what I was saying and the remaining few who didn’t understand my delivery secretly thought that I was a candidate for a straight jacket in the nuthouse! LOL!

That being said, allow me to speak and share a few of these thoughts that came to me in my most tranquil moments of morning meditation and hopefully someone out here will understand and get something out of it. If you don’t understand, then I will put the straight jacket on myself and kindly commit myself to a mental institution under my own power with absolutely no resistance! LOL!

Many times while speaking on my cyber radio program of which I am the host, I mention how crucial the dietary practices that we practice (whether good or bad) are in our lives and how they have a HUGE effect on the quality of our lives more so than we are taught here in America and in the “so called” civilized world.

I believe that we as unsuspecting human beings give too much trust in the structured and accepted medical field to keep us healthy and are really being led to slaughter for profit as we are never taught to keep ourselves proactively but merely to repair ourselves after the ailment has taken a hold of our being when in actuality it is already too late.

Modern Medicine

We tend to concern ourselves after we have malfunctioned and have a terrible habit of never listening to our bodies as they scream out to us giving us the natural sirens and red flags that we ignore as we go to the local drug store in order to ingest a substance that kills the symptoms, sirens and red flags but never removes the underlying problem.

Modern medicine and the practice of it has disconnected us from the powerful forces of the natural universe that is so much wiser than an individual who may have had a few years of schooling yet failed to see that even a thousand years of attaining an incomplete education in the health field can never teach one how to master the great creation that we are as human beings as the inability or downright refusal to submit to divine law has left modern medicine useless as what little they know is rendered ineffective at best.

So we are never taught the ancient practices that connect us to the the all powerful God above so we are left to our own “worship” of this limited knowledge that has a vicious track record of being impotent in bringing us the abundant life promised to us by our Creator as long as we merely submitted to what He designed for us on a mind body and spirit level.

Modern medicine only addresses the physical end of things and this is only after the fact. The fact of the matter is that when we are “off” in our physical being we are also not well mentally and spiritually. I am not saying that one is crazy when they are physically ailing, but those other two planes of existence are intertwined so closely with one another that there will be a tuning up of those area also if we are to truly be made well completely.

So at best most doctors are good at “patching up” a problem in the physical in order to keep you limping along until death claims you. Notice how when one problem begins that it sets off a chain reaction of many subsequent physical issues that never seem to ever go away. We then end up with a window sill and medicine cabinet full of these toxic substances called medicine but in fact are helping to hide the symptoms of a more deeper rooted problem while making us even more sick than we were in the first place.

Overall, when witnessing this “sick” individual go through this backward process of seeking health in an ailing “healthcare” system that really has no clue as to understand the bigger picture, we in turn have accepted this as our eventual fate and as the thing “that we all go through” that is a definite part of the aging process!

How foolish can we be?

This is like expecting one to reach a far away destination, giving them very detailed instructions and then ripping up the last two thirds of the written directions that will take them there successfully. We gave them part of the solution yet we expect them to make it through the whole trip without any guidance. Well let me tell you, when you follow the instructions of most of these doctors, it is just as effective as the blind leading the blind.

What we fail to understand that while we are traveling through this experience called life depending on someone who couldn’t help us more than we can help ourselves, we have disconnected ourselves from the ultimate G.P.S. (Global Positioning System) of our health and that is getting completely back to nature in a totally committed manner.

Back to nature? No! I do NOT mean the silly motions that we go through to feel superior and conscious when we proclaim that we don’t eat meat anymore (Which I don’t to be honest) or that we purchase our fruits and vegetables at the local farmer’s market free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. I don’t mean that at all, which if the truth be told, it is a great step and improvement but that action in itself is comparable to sticking one leg in the shower and expecting your entire body to be clean afterward. Part of the picture to say the least.

So on your next visit with your doctor in a routine checkup, notice how he/she never asks you about anything out of the physical realm while we now know that if we are off spiritually, then our being imbalanced in that plane can manifest IN a physical ailment. If we have something on our mind that is worrying us, we never seem to want to address that toxic energy of worry at the root until it becomes a physical malfunction and then we address the physical and not the worry that brought the physical breakdown. Still with me?

You see, those of us who are walking in the spirit truly can thwart the attacks of the future sicknesses that will engulf us if we are aware of the conditions that can fuel that sickness into existence!

Being sick is NOT normal but we as a society have accepted mass sicknesses and epidemics as the norm because so many of us as a collective have disconnected ourselves from the source of all good health and well being by covert design so that someone else profits from our ignorance!

We have been “duped” into seeing only the physical and have settled for the appearance of good health but are for the most part are mere shells of what we are supposed to be and not feeling that joyous connectedness to the universe as our God intended for us by His supplying all that we need in order to achieve that sense of overwhelming well being.

Never before in the history of the world have we had so many healthy “looking” people (For those who maintain their physical) while at the same time have levels of obesity that is so common that we don’t view it as an abnormality but merely a sign of “good living!”

Now we already know about those who are obese and what they need to do physically and I will address that before the end of this article but I want to say that most people who watch what they eat, make regular gym visits and maintain a schedule of “health” maintenance are just as deficient and are as far away from living a full life as their overweight obese counterparts are! Yes! I said it but do allow me to explain my brand of madness…….

Buckle your seat-belts tight…….

Those who honor the modern day ritual of counting calories, resistance training, cardiovascular work and a full line of supplements to ingest to maintain the so called perfect body are way off the mark because all they are doing is preparing themselves to be a very good looking corpse in a casket one day because they are missing the most important part of training and will miss the boat for the most part!

Again, the mental and spiritual aspects are overlooked in the quest for those perfect proportions that are attained NOT from the honing of our mental and spiritual strength, but an out of control narcissism that has consumed the sufferer to the point where they see nothing else except the physical!

Mohammad Makkawy

You see, I know too many bodybuilders male and female that have felt that since they had that one in a million body that they were successful yet they had absolutely no way of earning money because they were too busy to hold down a job but had an enabler with an extremely low dose of self esteem to go out and work for them to fuel their habit and need for special food, expensive supplements and that “way to long” time spent in the gym!

…….and this was from the people that I knew personally who were nothing more than well built bums who preyed on anyone who would take them in and support them and treat them like they were royalty!

Now fast forward to the present narcissistic Facebook generation and this is an all to common phenomenon sweeping across the world and reaching the single digit ages!

Our planet will never be the same again as appearance generates more credibility than having the actual substance of character that back in the older days carried more weight when we thought of living a full productive life. Now? Make sure you have the perfect social media profile picture and fabricate the image that you wish to exude and join the cyber meat market of literally millions who pretty much look nothing like those photos because of the magic of Photoshop and other computer generated visual cheat sheets!

Jocelyn Wildenstein

We now go to the doctor MORE for plastic surgery than we ever did for an ailment! Doctors are driven more for profit and keeping a problem going instead of telling you the truth about EARNING good health through the proper daily practices that would bankrupt the medical profession literally overnight!

So the hustle is on and we don’t even mind it, we are not concerned anymore with the mind body soul connection but only with the physical at the expense of the other two. We have beautiful sexy women who appear as though they are the very definition of perfection yet can’t even hold down a home because they know not the age old proven and very much desirable practices of home economics and the men who got caught up in their web who are no better than the very eager lust crazed customers at the local red district topless bar.

The relationship dynamics are not what they used to be so does it really surprise you that most so called marriages last about as long as a trip through a fast food restaurant drive through? Hell, they need to have an in house divorce lawyer attending most marriage ceremonies like that tentative ambulance parked at the site of a much anticipated Heavyweight Championship Boxing match because folks are ready to call it quits in a marriage before the last grain of rice is thrown!

Mcdonalds Drive Through

We treat our sex organs not as intimate gifts and instruments that must be saved and maintained to be shared only in that ultimate union of commitment in the act of divine love, but as battle gear designed to “whip” and “capture” a prey who possesses the most desirable superficial attributes until exhausting their usefulness for our various missions of carnal selfishness only to be discarded immediately at the first signs of a diminishing effectiveness to support our needs. Whatever happened to commitment?

Speaking of sex, we have gone so far off of the mark spiritually as the three planes of existence are treated as separate and isolated components that have no meaning to each other that we have lost the ability to feel any physical pleasure whatsoever in our unions. How tragic!

Our lovemaking now amounts to disconnected sessions of masturbating ourselves with our mates body as we possess our own separate thoughts during the act and for the most part are not even thinking about the person that we are laying down with but that person at the mall that we saw earlier or some previous one night encounter from years ago.

We dial up these images that are stored in our mind with the frantic sense of urgency that one displays when they are searching for their favorite radio station while stuck in a traffic jam in their car! Whatever happened to intimacy and connectedness? We’ve lost it because we have traded it off for the cheapened existences that we now have.

It’s our fault.

It’s our fault that at birth our women feed their offspring not with the breast, which transfers the very life force and essence in a brilliant process that for the most part goes undetected to the naked eye, but with a plastic bottle full of an enzymatically dead processed lifeless pus substance called milk from another species of animal who couldn’t be any more far removed from a human being even if we tried to find it!

What are the after effects of this? What have we done to the master plan of a mighty God who has designed our world to serve our lives yet we reject it as though we know more than the Creator who made us!

Ladies is it any surprise now that you would rather bond with that same plastic that your baby bottle was made of for your pre-slumber ritual of erotic release with your battery operated boyfriend?

Yes, as far down as you wish to dig you will see how far off of the mark that we are. And since I touched on the subject of sexuality and am on an official rant let me just share this crazy thought of mine that I was deeply pondering earlier. We as a culture have abused our genitals and sexual energies so badly to the point of “our stuff” not even being able to work the way it was intended to work.

First of all, our minds are so messed up and don’t even know what the true sexual experience and purpose really is.

We have become so shallow in this watered down “physical only” act that we’ve cheapened and pretty much have rendered it to being nothing more than a glorified exercise in fluid transferal! That’s right! You might as well go hump on your carpet! You will get just as much of a spiritual connection with your damn RUG than you do with the living breathing person that you choose to lay down with for the night!

And you wonder ladies why your pum-pum doesn’t command the power that once did before? You’ve watered it down! It’s like trying to turn on a flashlight that has dead batteries! And gentlemen I ain’t lettin’ you off the hook either! Half of you couldn’t maintain an erection if you smeared plaster of Paris on your organ after duct taping it with three Popsicle sticks after poppin’ three Viagras!

So there!

Vibrant sexuality is a mere subsidiary of the bigger thing called life force! So you tell me HOW can one enjoy that magical electric and explosive sensation when all that you do is to run yourself down physically, mess yourself up mentally and possess absolutely NO spirit force to the point where you don’t even have enough damn energy to roll your carcass up out of the bed in the morning and too lazy to wipe that cottage cheese up out of your eye until it’s time to go BACK to bed! walking around all day with that junk in your eye and breath stankin’!

But seriously…….we don’t get any sleep.

We don’t consume any real food.

We are breathing in bad air and smoking on top of that.

We are thinking toxic thoughts and indulging in twisted practices.

We are totally off from what our God meant for us to be and then after all of this, we try to enjoy a great sex life and don’t even know what in the heck a REAL sex life is!

This is like not tuning up your car or changing the oil for five years and expecting it to run just fine!

How can we have our colons impacted with dead meat in it reabsorbing those toxins in our gut from food that has been stuck up in there from five Thanksgiving’s ago?

It’s no wonder why we can fart at home in the morning and come back home after work and the house still stinks! We have got to do better! But we cannot have good sex with bad bodies, it just ain’t going to happen!

We have got to cleanse not only our bodies but our minds as well! We have got to live in a manner that will repel these negative spirits from hijacking our energies and intentions for their hellish benefit!

We have got to learn how to control our desires and not jump to have sex every time we get a little horny! Do you spend every dime out of your savings account just because you had the fleeting desire to spend? NO! But some of you do and this is why some of you are in the bad financial shape that you are in!

It’s the same way that some of us are in the poor sexual shape that WE are in!

Your genitals are not like that water faucet just waiting for you to turn it on at will. It’s not a tool that works according to your mood, while pleasure is to be derived from its use, understand that the use of it will spawn so many other things to happen in the universe around you.

This is a very powerful thing and we abuse it and really don’t get the full brunt of its power in the way that we truly crave.

Krakatau Volcano

Our orgasms are mere dribbles compared to the tsunamis of explosive overwhelming bliss that they should be yet we wear ourselves down chasing the rainbow of sexual satisfaction by getting freakier in our practices and even more deviant when that fact of the matter is if we would curtail, control and back off just a little in order to allow ourselves to recharge our batteries while attempting to heal and cleanse ourselves we could do so much better!

So as you can see I do have some very strong feelings on a multitude of issues and I have afforded you a peek into my very intense mind in a raw and unedited fashion so you can see how haunted I am within myself and my thoughts when left alone to spend that precious amount of quiet time with them.

I would love to hear your feedback and do look forward to reading it and if you think I am nuts because of the expressions that I shared then you are probably right. But do know that if you read my words and understood them then you are probably just as bad off in the sanity department as I am! Just joking y’all!

Peace and righteous love always,



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