The Presidency Of Barack Obama – Baby The Food Ain’t Gourmet At All, It Don’t Taste Good, You Were Just Real Hungry!

When are we going to wake up and understand that we will never attain the life that we feel we deserve by engaging in the senseless game of politics? When will we then restore our trust and faith in the unfailing principles of God through His Holy Word? Year after year goes by and we have the same issues that were there in place but the only difference from yesteryear is that these issues have intensified substantially. The game is to give a slight relief of some of those issues for a time to continue to keep playing this game that has now gotten to the level of a World Wide Wrestling match with the carefully scripted steroid bloated Vaudeville-like characters who know exactly what to say and do on cue like trained monkeys in order to keep you coming back for more.



Politicians are no different as well as the media outlets who fan the flames of confusion and debate to channel your frustrations and focus into a battle amongst yourselves that is non-threatening to the powers that be. I’m convinced after watching the various scenarios that politics has afforded my senses that the “fix” that comes with its careful following of its events definitely hits the same areas and pleasure centers of the brain that gambling does and is actually probably even more intense a sensation!

How else could I explain how grown men and women who have been educated in the highest schools of learning (Indoctrination) that this land has to offer can act like the lower beasts of the wild?

So primal.

So animalistic and tribal.

While disputes and separations from the various differing ideologies ring forth over the land not only from sea to shining sea, but engulfing the entire planet as the demonic forces sweep over the earth like those last minute shoppers who bully the mall wearing angry Mike Tyson faces for the pagan based Christmas celebatory madness that most sheeple feverously indulge in for what reason I haven’t a clue.

We know that argument now don’t we?

You know, that Christmas has nothing to do with the real spirit of Jesus Christ.

Yes. I know. And I am not going there right now with anyone who wants to argue because the days of disputing anyone on ideology is over.

You keep yours and I will keep mine while we take our vehicles to this racetrack called life. I bet you I won’t have to take the frequent “pitstops” in that place called the mental ward or the shrink, nor will I have to medicate myself as you do because of the well hidden disappointment and mentality of what this system has ushered you into. Yeah. You keep following behind this system and it’s just a matter of time before you are out of here.

Don’t think so?

Well wasn’t it the other day when you thought to yourself how fast time was flying and that you are now the age that you are now so abruptly? Well time has absolutely no reason to slow down to accomodate your vain indulges as it chases down an eternity that you will never see because of the way that you have chosen to live in believing in a system that IS bringing you straight down into the pits of hell. Yeah I said it.

But wait.

Maybe there is a chance!

Maybe there is a chance to find that promised land that we know exists somewhere out there in the world but no one is telling us about. Maybe just maybe if we were to vote for the right politician we can then live the perfect life and ride off into the sunset of suburbia! Let’s try one more time! See? You all are like the people to whom you scorn with a gambling problem! But in your case your case it is not the mortgage/rent money that you are putting up for collateral in the game of chance…….no! It’s another four years of your LIFE!

Have you ever taken the time to think about what the big deal is with politics when all you have to do is have a catchy slogan, a great campaign script…….oops…….I mean speech writer and enough campaign donations that would set most people for the life of their next ten generations. So if you have the connections and resources as well as the blessings of the satanic shadow government then you can be a shoo-in to be the next high level so called leader to grace the local billboards of your community while the world slowly goes to hell!

Now mind you, let me state that these are not the words of a disgruntled African-American (Is that what we are supposed to be called now? Damn! Pardon me for forgetting, but when I was born we were still called Negroes. But whether shit is called dodo or dung, it really doesn’t matter because it’s all treated the same way regardless of the title! Feel me?) male who just KNEW he would receive an Obama reparation check because he was one who understood our pain and have us livin’ large in the land because of the inheritance of the sweat of our ancestors brow.

I never thought that way.

Not like the people in the ‘hood who thought their lights would come back on because now a Black man was the President of the United States and we as a people would be off limits and not held into accountability for any thing that require a miniscule amount of responsibility! No! Life would be one big ‘hood hang out on the corner and every night would be Friday night with two weeks of pay in our pockets that we never even had to get up to go to work for.

Yes, some of us are RANK FOOLS to say the least. But now no one is crying tears of joy because Obama is president.

No one is coming in for second helpings of that meal that you now realized tasted so good because you were hungry and not because it actually was good. No, you stop chewing mid-meal because you understood that as those cheap calories flooded your bloodstream and the hunger pangs have temporarily been arrested that you have been taken off once again by the spinmasters who fool you everytime like that jack leg magician in the traveling circus who only sets you up to be taken by the resident pickpocket in the crowd.

They ALL work together!

The Republicans.

The Democrats.

The Conservatives.

The Independents.

No matter who they are they ALL answer to the same well hidden boss once elected after a shrewd game of good cop bad cop. We will we ever wake up? It’s only that now we have flocked to the latest incarnation of deception in the form of the current president and his well exploited skin tone. for a while we had our collective Kumbaya moment and just KNEW that racism was over. We just KNEW that all suffering would cease as well as all wars and we just NEW that we would now have that Heaven on Earth that we were all told about in Sunday school!

Baby the food ain’t gourmet at all, you were just real hungry!

Well after the last four years of being hoodwinked you tell me how many more bodies are being shipped over here from the Middle East? Huh? But wait! Osama Bin Laden is now dead and he wasn’t even IN Afghanistan?

What gives?

Bush killed Saddam Hussein and we found absolutely no weapons of mass destruction?

Not even a toothpick of cavity destruction? Talk to me! They got us again and you know what? Most of you will be at the polls voting for your favorite candidate but deep down you will feel just like that man at the casino who is about to gamble away the mortgage money while his wife sleeps home peacefully and unknowingly as her security and peace of mind is being piddled by an irresponsible spouse who must feel that rush to the pleasure center of his brain for that split secong that he feels he has a chance!


We are a nation of gamblers anyway and it doesn’t take much to fool a nation that is one-sixth of the world’s total population but consumes ninety-four percent of the world’s hardest drugs!

We are ALL as HIGH as a kite!

So therefore to the secret satanic society we don’t even deserve anything more as we are forced to serve their interests on these low paying jobs that squeeze more and more out of you while paying you less. Healthcare that basically makes you almost put up your life savings to get coverage in these high plans.

What’s the point?

We walk around in fear of getting sick and getting fired so we turn to our vices for some temporary relief. Sure we do! It might be at the racetrack betting on horses. It might be to watch the daily soap opera’s as though our own lives don’t have enough drama. Or it may be to slip off to the computer screen in the middle of the night to put in a few rounds of stroking our penises with that ever dwindling jar of vaseline while soaking in the freakish displays on our favorite porn site!

What in the hell have we turned into?

Is this what God wanted for us? Are these things that we do to His glory? I think not and the again I say that the ONLY WAY to clear up all of this mess, whether it is the private mess of our personal life or the very public mess of our country and its dirty laundry. The only way out of this is NOT through a charismatic well indoctrinated faceplate and figurehead of a man-puppet, but the ONLY way is to come back home to God!

To do anything else is to be like that dude who is on fire and uses a bucket of gasoline to put out the flames that burn him and expect everything will be alright. and I think that that’s a GREAT analogy because by the looks of things we are already living in a “pre-hell” state! NOT the world that you thought that we would be living in. And if you tell me that this is what you thought it would be then you are a DAMN LIER!

I feel that it is so sad that when most of look back on our lives that the happiest times that we ever enjoyed was way back in elementary school in first grade when we got a cookie and a pretzel and that shiny red paste on star on our spelling test when we got all of the answers right. Ha! And we thought we were so smart not knowing that for the rest of our lives, we would never get the “answers” right ever again!

But maybe if we vote…….

(And the cycle continues)


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Vinny B
April 18, 2015 5:30 PM

You are deep!! My brother from another mother. I really liked this. Keep us thinking so that we may someday understand that HE is the one and only who has control of the universe. Not man. When will man ever understand? Let me see man create a universe and I will kiss his feet!!

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