The Presidents Visit To Chicago: How Much Can He Accomplish If We Don’t Change From Within?

I just got word that there is a rumor that President Obama will be going to Chicago to address the epidemic killings that are transpiring in the Black Communities there.

Now anything that could bring national and world attention to such a despicable storm of death is always a great thing, but I don’t think that it would cure the root of the problem but it is a start.

Chicago Obama

What I don’t want anyone to think is that our President is going to wave a magic wand and all of a sudden the streets would be rid of all danger and death by guns, knives or whatever methods would become a thing of the past.

To think this would be to believe that all you would need to clear your windshield of rain water during a heavy thunder storm would be to turn on the wipers for several seconds and the rain would stay away as you continued to drive. It would be foolish because the rain always returns immediately after the last wipe! Heck sometimes those windshield wipers don’t even move FAST enough to knock off the rain as it is!

But we’ve got to not expect some kind of a miracle to happen with the President’s visit transpires if we don’t look deep within ourselves to find the complicated root of the problem.

Don't Shoot

Many agendas are being pushed these days for political and financial gain, it’s difficult to decipher who is sincere and who is not. The fact of the matter is that while we are watching these leaders of our posture back and forth on an immediate issue that affects and threatens to take our life, there are children being killed by stray bullets, families losing loved ones and the hospitals and morgues backing up with people who really shouldn’t be there at this point in their lives.

What I am trying to say is that instead of waiting for the President to do anything (Which really, how much could HE do if WE don’t change from within?), we need to become supremely active and motivated to do all that we can do in our circle of influence because we don’t act like a community anymore.

How else are we going to stop the killings like the one that took the life of 15 year old Hadiya Pendleton, who just finished performing at President Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony merely a week before she died? From what statistics tell me, there are more killings in Chicago pound for pound than there are in Afghanistan! So could you imagine the day to day stresses that our youth as well as everyone else has to go through just to walk outside of your door? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is NOT merely a condition reserved for those who served in the military anymore, BELIEVE THAT!

Remember back in the good old days when we took responsibility for everything that come across our path if it wasn’t right? I remember seeing elderly ladies sitting on their front porches early in the morning like on duty sentinels while the schoolkids walked by, if a little girl had snot running down out of her nose then that woman would get up with some tissues to wipe it for here and hand her a few to take with her even if she didn’t know exactly who that little girl belonged to! Whatever happened to that grand sense of community that would allow you to see such a warm caring act like that executed without any hesitation?


I would see people pulling over on the side of the road to give a neighbor a lift if they were heading in the same direction to the subway train because it was the kind and right thing to do.

We looked out for each other.

We loved each other even when we didn’t even know each other.

We care unconditionally about our fellow man.

Yes, there were murders…….

Yes, there were rapes…….

Yes, there were drugs being sold and many addictions cultivated…….

But even the downtrodden element of the grimy underworld showed respect when the righteous light of one who lived a decent God honoring life shined down on them when in their presence.

Heck, today in 2013, these cold hearted self hating individuals who don’t feel as though their lives are worth anything will have a shootout right down the block from where the President will appear and I’m willing to beat that someone will get sent to the hospital or the morgue while he is there!

Chicago Crime Scene

Now am I suggesting that President Obama say “What’s the use of coming to Chicago” because his visit might make a difference? I’m not saying that but what I am suggesting is that we need to use his visit as a new beginning of taking action because if our suffering at the hands of our own people has sent a signal all the way up to the White House to cause even the President himself to show his face here then WE can take the ACTION from that point forward to change our damn ways!

Yes! Change OUR ways!

We need to adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY to all things that are festering in our community and force the police, the local politicians, the media and the religious community to pull all of their available resources together and act as one unified force to bring back a sense of accountability in the minds of the people who are prone to violence and also provide a way out by coming up with ways to provide jobs to alleviate the frustrations that are across the country at an all time high.

We need to change our ways by questioning our kids as to where they are getting these expensive gadgets when they don’t even have a job.

We need to mentor and watch over our kids collectively and give the right to any known Elder to correct the children if they are acting out of line. we have got to stop getting angry when an adult of good intentions and standing in the community takes the time to correct your child, instead we want to go to war because “you had no right to step to my child like that, YOU ain’t their Momma! I am!”…….We have got to stop this!

We need to have more involvement with our youth with after school facilities that give them an alternative to hanging out on the streets heading down the road to nowhere. But we have got to really make it a place where they really want to go. Our older citizens can come outside and volunteer not only their time but their wisdom in hopefully forcing that young person to see beyond that narrow scope of their present lives.

So are the suggested policies going to immediately stop the killing that has the worlds eyes transfixed on how we are going to remedy this problem? Of course it won’t right away but it’s a start, I mean, there is so much more to be done but we have to start somewhere.

But while I suggested a few things for the youth who have not been lost, for those who appear to be we have to be a bit more heavy handed in going in to save them and I don’t think bringing Homeland Security in is the ultimate answer. What Homeland Security might be instrumental in accomplishing is to instantly mobilize any resistance that is a threat immediately but I question their presence because of what else might they do to the community in the name of “saving our streets.” Just a thought.

It is a war out here, but not what most people think by what they are told on these tainted toxic news programs. The war is on us and we are being played to believe that we are each others enemy when in fact we are not. I pray that the real culprit be revealed and that the eyes of the people who are blinded enough to pull the trigger on each other for these trivial reasons awaken mentally and spiritually because more so that is what it’s all about. Spiritual warfare and the continued exploitation of a people who have no purpose in a land to be no other than the “battery” to fuel these newly built prison facilities that need to remain full to be profitable.

To you who are gang bangers, thugs and career so called criminals, you want to go to war for a righteous cause? Then put the guns down and work with those in your community in the spirit of love so that you can stop that covert system from profiting from your ignorance.

Chicago Police

Give meaning and purpose to your life as well as becoming part of the bigger legacy that if executed properly, will show a people who came up from the bottom in their degraded position to show the world that they are a great people who will shine their love and light to all humankind. Why can’t we go out on a better leg than the one we have been known to show?

I think we can do it but it’s going to take a whole lot more than a visit from the President to do it because long after he is gone, WE are going to have to still face the life that we’ve lived and the momentum that we’ve created not only in Chicago, but in every Black & Latino community that exists in this country and the world beyond.

Think about it.

The answers and solutions to our immediate problems lie deep within us.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Hopeful Brother,



Attention Everyone: Click here to SIGN a very important petition to STOP THE VIOLENCE on our Chicago streets! It will only take 30 seconds if THAT much!

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