The Public Lowlife Venomous Displays Of Ignorance Is A Hell Of A Character Reference That Dooms ALL Black Women To A Beast Status In The Psyche Of Mainstream America!

Could you believe this rude ignorant selfish inconsiderate uncultured lowlife of a degenerate who happened to be a Black female?

Imagine the impression that was made to so many people about Black women through her tantrum that angered me as though I was and not watching a video.

Watch the video below to understand why I’m so pissed off!

But to be honest, I am so glad that someone had the presence of mind to capture part of this travesty on video. The visuals weren’t very clear but it didn’t have to be for us to understand what was going down in that McDonald’s and I must stress this is a scenario that I witness every single day as I drive my bus.

To also add fuel to the fire I must say that a day doesn’t go by without me being on the receiving end of one of these out of control displays of ghetto-ized venom spewing which I believe is based in a life of major regrets and lots of pain.

What really was the reason for this outburst, maybe in this particular case we will never know but all I can say that I have a feeling what it was and I will do my best to explain it based off of my experiences in working with the public.

Go back and view this video one more time. Notice how as the rant went on most people who were there were composed and tolerated her behavior. They were all for the most part composed and peaceful and I believe this had a lot to do with pissing off this monster of a female because of how HER life was so messed up.

Think not?

Well if she were a happy balanced person living a joyous progressive life, do you think that she would be angry with anyone?

When your life is on track then you really don’t have any problems with anyone around you and you happen to view life through an entirely different set of lenses to say the least.

Ignorant hoochie mamas like this KNOW the kind of deprived non productive life that they have waiting on them at home and when in the public they know good and damn well that they are living sub par!

So in feeling out of place with their bottom feeder mentality when compared to the civilized world that she happened to step into probably by mistake, she feels low as she finally witnesses an atmosphere of class in a normal peaceful neighborhood McDonald’s, the feeling of displacement that came along with her civilized world experience caused her to act out as though she were a demon having Holy water thrown on her!

Now look at her “man” who is nothing more than a mere goon whose interest is obvious as what is transpiring is grossly overshadowed by his need to keep his blood engorged loins pressed up against and between her ass cheeks so you KNOW how she controls HIM!

He is just a low down and lacking in class because if he had an ounce of decency inside of him then he – number one – would NOT be with a ratchet hood rat like her and -number two – wouldn’t have remained silent while she acted like a bi-polar madwoman who was three weeks removed off of her medication!

All he did was hide behind a rear embrace while she shamed HIM as a man! So we know what HIS weakness is and we also know how she controls him! Homeboy stood there like a damn trained puppy because that probably is the only source of ass that he could get! And I am willing to bet that she speaks to him in the same manner and he takes it. All so that he can get up on her ass checks and grind at night overjoyed like Scooby-Doo after getting a damn Scooby snack!

Scooby Doo

This punk of a pussy-whipped clown also had the nerve to say “CHILL DOG” – Translation: “Calm Down” – to the gentleman with the dreads who stepped in between the Hood Rat and the woman at the counter with the child at the 0:14 mark of this video.

But what did the dreaded Brother have to “chill” about when SHE was the one who was levying profanities out into an otherwise peaceful restaurant?

What scum she is to curse in front of that little child who was with her Mother! They didn’t come their for that and to here her at the 1:04 mark she that “she didn’t give a fuck about the White lady or her fucking kids” was the last straw for me! What did the White lady do wrong for her to receive that treatment other than come to McDonald’s to treat her daughter to a meal?

ANY decent Mother no matter WHAT the race would have attempted to stave of any aggressions in the midst of their children. There are certain things that you just don’t do and race had NOTHING to do with this! The hood rat was WRONG! And when these types get into any altercation that THEY started with someone who happened to be Caucasian and get the shitty end of the stick with a beat-down or a trip to the jail, they THEN want to cry racism!

I’ve seen it play out like that time and time again!

And her spineless “boyfriend” had the nerve to put his arm around her after she received her order as they exited the premises as though she were such a prize of a woman to be associated with!

He ought to be dipped in dodo and shot for stinkin’! And for those here in the religious community, notice the “cues” in the body language between the ghetto chick and her punk of a man and lack of action taken by him, this is a prime example of a Jezebel and Ahab union! For those who don’t know what I am talking about just search those two names on YouTube and you will get an earful. And THIS is usually the types of relationships that these domineering women get into because it is usually all they can tolerate! She will NEVER have a morally correct man to put her in her place as a morally upright man wouldn’t even be bothered with her after a few moments because he will be able to pick up her stench!

You know, at first glance this creature of a chick really isn’t a bad looking girl at all, it’s her demeanor that makes her ugly and this is the case with so many of these females across the country as they believe that having cute looks and a nice ass is all you need to rule the world!But these types almost NEVER end up with a good man who is COMMITTED, this is why the “hook” with these females is what they can do for a man in the bed.

But that lure of freakish sex alone quickly diminishes after her temporary catch of a male sex partner is over after he finds another new sperm receptacle (That’s all she could ever be anyway with an attitude like that!) as she will find herself alone in a government subsidized hellhole of a cold roach infested apartment with no one to blame but herself and her attitude for the sorry state that she has found her life in!

When I see these types I clam up and let the storm pass because there is nothing good inside of them except a surefire intense session of an unwanted confrontation. Dang, where is the Cleveland Bus Driver with the vicious uppercut when you need him?

Listen up Hoochie Mamas: NO decent man will ever want to be with you for any respectable period of time. They believe that if they can stomach your nasty spirit for a short period of time then they can use your body for the friction that they crave before moving on to the next woman that they can masturbate themselves with.Sex with a woman like this I would consider an act LESS than masturbation because at least when you are rubbing yourself until you cum you are NOT joining on to any foul spirits!

That’s ALL it can ever be with them because women like this have no damn soul! They are demons from the pits of hell and all I can say that if someone like this got in the face of anyone to whom I love and care for in a threatening manner then she AND her man will receive a swift beat down! This is why I make a point to always GIVE respect because you JUST don’t know WHAT anyone has on their minds.


You want to tempt fate and act like a Billy Bad Ass out in the street? Well always remember that one day your number will be up and you will definitely meet your match!

But look! We have an entire line of randomly uploaded videos from incidents just like this that even went FURTHER! They speak for themselves and need no running commentary from me. Is this the norm of what goes down in the inner city low income neighborhoods across the country?

It can’t be everyone or rather every young Black woman who prowls the earth in search of some type of confrontation that will temporarily relieve herself of her frustrations.

What is at the root of this ever increasing phenomenon?

In a time when we have so many advances in technology and opportunities to get ahead why is it that so many of us are just stuck on stupid? I

It’s not the White man keeping you down! I ain’t because you are Black why you are not getting ahead! It’s your OWN dumb Black ass keeping your SELF down by the lack of dignity, class and culture! Have some respect for yourself and the world will respect you. It has been stated that “a nation can rise no higher than its woman” so I guess that Black people are doomed because while this does not represent those beautiful classy intelligent Queens that are worthy of her own King, there are TOO MANY low lives like these that will cause society to see us ALL this way and that’s a shame!

Just imagine how many Black woman got turned down for a great position of employment merely because that employer witnessed such a demonic display of decadence and refused to take a chance on a Sister because of the impression forever lodged in their mind?


Just think of how many Black woman will get locked up when in fact they didn’t do anything wrong except to defend themselves in some type of altercation but because a Judge has seen so many of our backward acting woman carry on like this they have become fed up and believe our women are ALL like this!

I’m not afraid to say it because I see it just as clear as day. The time is coming where most who view these public displays of ignorance will call for our extermination. We must have forgotten that there are many who don’t like us anyway and we damn sure give them all the reason to continue them to feel this way through our actions that fall right into place with their low thinking of us. We have called out for a long time for our destruction and have done quite a good job of it from what I can see.

While WE know it is not ALL of us, it is far TOO MANY of us who carry on as though we are animals and beasts.Hunting season will soon be ON and for those who love to hunt they won’t have to go too far as we dwell by the millions in the inner cities of the country called the United States Of America. What bothers me is that there will be a calling for our blood that will justify in the minds of the twisted that it will be alright for them to kill off and ONE of us because we in their minds are all one and the same! I hope that doesn’t play out that way but it really wouldn’t surprise me if a serial killer is born out of fear, anger and disgust because of an unfortunate encounter with one of these she-devils from the pits of hell!

Let’s hope not but be ready to take cover if you EVER hear any shots ringing out in your midst.

…….nothing anymore in this world will ever surprise me at all!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Ready To Leave This Madness” Thinking Brother,



P.S: Here’s one more for the road:

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