The Raw Truth About Homosexuality! – The LanceScurv Show

The Spiritually Gifted IamE’sha Carroll & LanceScurv go deep into a very intense breakdown on the phenomenon known as Homosexuality.

This conversation is uncensored and dares to expose several key points publicly that most are too timid to tackle.

Not everyone will be pleased with the very direct expressions here on the reasons why Homosexuality is an ever increasing lifestyle and behavior that is promoted and embraced by the easily manipulated masses for an even deeper unseen agenda.

We welcome all to share their intelligent viewpoints in a respectable manner without insulting anyone regardless of their stance.

There will be subsequent discussions in the future that will allow every point of view to be shared thoroughly and completely.

Thank you so much for listening and may God bless you all.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution,

Your Brother,



The Raw Truth About Homosexuality


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