The Raw Truth About Homosexuality! – The LanceScurv Show

The Spiritually Gifted IamE’sha Carroll & LanceScurv go deep into a very intense breakdown on the phenomenon known as Homosexuality.

This conversation is uncensored and dares to expose several key points publicly that most are too timid to tackle.

Not everyone will be pleased with the very direct expressions here on the reasons why Homosexuality is an ever increasing lifestyle and behavior that is promoted and embraced by the easily manipulated masses for an even deeper unseen agenda.

We welcome all to share their intelligent viewpoints in a respectable manner without insulting anyone regardless of their stance.

There will be subsequent discussions in the future that will allow every point of view to be shared thoroughly and completely.

Thank you so much for listening and may God bless you all.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution,

Your Brother,



The Raw Truth About Homosexuality


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President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • Lee Michaels says:

    This show is a good example of the propaganda that was taught to blk folks
    by the white christian missionaries in 1800’s africa and continues in U.S
    by the religious right today. Also blk clerrgy kno they can make money by
    teaching fear instead of confronting real blk issues. is the blk church
    going to prisons and demanding rehabilitation for blk prisoners or
    demanding better access to good education in schools, Setting up liaisons
    in blk community for excellent medical care and dental? NO that’s too much
    work – let’s keep congregations looking the other way by keeping them
    focused on issues that they can’t really do anything about The blk .lergy
    make them give their hard earned money each Sunday so community ignorance
    and ineffectual actions cause blk people continue to suffer. That is the
    downfall of blk folk and making rich evangelists even richer. Sad to be so
    unaware of real life issues that could be changed.

  • ginoforever2011 says:

    Voting is a waste of time. It is only a physical exercise…..STAY HOME!

  • Jessup Smith says:

    God said we are to hate sin! not to love it as the world does? -|- stand
    strong for christ they will hate us. I rejoice in that for his name sake

  • Tonty says:

    Thank you two~for such a great and peaceful chat. You are a great team. I enjoyed the testimonies and commentary. Good to know you are down for Christ Lance~Im subscribed!

  • Black Queer Genius says:

    GOOD talk

  • chrisryals29 says:

    And let’s not forget. .. who killed more people in the bible?….The devil…..ABSOLUTELY NOT! The devil killed a total of maybe 8 people in the bible…..ITS YOUR GOD THAT KILLED MILLION IN THE BIBLE….oh…but he’s a merciful kind god…..FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

  • elle hilliard says:

    I just can’t…How is the title of this show a spiritual truth when the bulk of the conversation is a regurgitation of rhetoric someone one else taught you stemming from a religion given to you by your slave masters? I always ask black Christians how they can have disdain for the white man when the white man gave them their Jesus…I appreciate any discussion exposing a deeper level or variation of Truth not typically explored in the mainstream media, but CMON…I’ve listened to a few shows, but this conversation is elementary my dear friend. If you want to talk about REAL spirituality, why not delve into the abyss of natural law! It always amazes me how these Christians rarely use critical thinking skills. We have work to do…Go deeper.

  • happyfridge1 says:

    She was sounding too racist, 9/10 black deaths are by blacks. Im not for the cops though, its all the flouride they’ve been drinking and their extreme training.

  • Clevan Campbell says:

    Sad that they say we Christians are the ones “hating,” when they are the ones hurling insults and angry cuss words.

  • claire2010ization says:

    As always…great show Lance!

  • loveNcolor says:

    This bipolar tragic bitch spent most of her time demonizing homosexuals yet she practically had a meltdown going off about Kerry Washington demonizing black people. Bitch go seek deep psychological help some damn where and stay off of youtube with your hate, condemnation of others and your DELUSIONS of sin-free moral superiority. And the ignorant ass bus driver ain’t no better talking dumb nigga shit about his not being homophobic because he’s not scared of no gay man nor gay woman. Thanks for that last century laughable heterosexual grasp of said term. FYI you imbecile – 96 percent of this incorrigible video was a demonstration of classic homophobia. Thank gawd U driving busses and not actual businesses. Keep it that way, 50 something year old public transportation worker. What a born fucking loser.

  • blkbutterfly2284 says:

    Excellent show!

  • Antron Bailey says:

    This Homosexual agenda traces its roots back to Nixon Administration early in seventies..

  • Tarver S. says:

    Great show sir

  • Ghalyah Ghalyah says:

    The gay agenda is being used to stall the uprising of Blacks in America and around the world…

  • >