The Real Housewives Of Atlanta – Buffoonery 101

A few days ago after watching “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” for the first time, I went off on a rant on social media about my interpretation of what I got from this dignity sapping attempt at entertainment.

Maybe I should correct that, maybe it WAS entertaining but at the expense of who I began to think?

But almost immediately after a few of my thoughts were blasted out into cyberspace, the replies came back at me just as fast! Some of them were public and others were sent to me in my email inbox.


And I began to notice a pattern and a rhythm with those responses, they were either strongly FOR the television show or they were AGAINST it! I received no in between responses at all and I found this to be a very interesting observation.

So much comes at me from my vantage point as an active and outspoken blogger, so I get the chance firsthand to learn from the massive amounts of feedback that I receive and I have to tell you that my assessment in this case wasn’t looking too good for those who responded in favor of the show!

Whoever made up the saying “consider the source” was dead on point and I have to take my hat off to them! It couldn’t have been a more appropriate statement than in my stark realizations in this matter.

Well what did I see from my responses? Well, before I answer that I must say that I have quite a few social media friends and I don’t get the opportunity to speak with them all on a constant basis and admittedly it can become a blur. I’m only human. But when they more cutting responses came my way in favor of The Housewives Of Atlanta I just HAD to click back on those particular profiles and really see who was either defending this slop or making excuses for the Grade A Certified buffoonery that was contained within.


What did I discover? Well, for the most part those strongest in favor of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta appeared to be “Hoochie-esque” in their presentation of themselves to the world on their profiles! It was like the characters on the show were the President or First Ladies of Hoochi-ism!

Those who didn’t dig The Housewives Of Atlanta appeared to be classy women who possessed a modicum of dignity and displayed this projection on their social media profile page. Now granted, this was not extremely cut and dried, but for the most part anyone who was in my position would notice it.

Now to be fair, I will say that it doesn’t mean that you were some funky matted hairy hat weave wearing, gold tooth sportin’ tatted up all on your neck hoochie mama who couldn’t wait to continue to make the Asian Beauty Supply Store rich the first moment that you get that check on the first and the fifteenth!


You could have been a person who was raised conservatively and sheltered and simply enjoyed watching a program such as this because you can live through the antics of others as they do the crazy things that you would NEVER think of doing. That’s a big part of their audience also so if you like The Real Housewives Of Atlanta then PLEASE don’t get angry at me and think that I’m calling ALL of the women who enjoy the show Hoochie Mamas because that wouldn’t be fair to you and it wouldn’t be an accurate assessment on what I am trying to express here.

But before I forget, allow me to share with you the “Tweet” that was heard ’round the world and garnered me a spot on the top ten most wanted in the world of Hoochie Mamas and their supporters worldwide!

Here it is:

“You don’t see any other race of women carrying on like those on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta! And some think this is progress?”

BOOM! All of a sudden my phone lit up like a Christmas Tree after I hit the send button on that one!

Housewives Of Atlanta

And the scathing statements rolled in just as fast, here are a few:

“You know you dead WRONG (Ebonics y’all) for saying some shit like that because if one of those chicks from the show offered you some ass you KNOW that you would be the first one to fall over yourself trying to get some!” (I couldn’t help but think and ask myself why is it that so many Black women (Not all!) feel as though their is some power in their ass? Is this what some feel is the ONLY thing that they have to offer? Just asking.)

“Why are you complaining about The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and not those other shows that feature White women who act just as crazy? Those shows were out before this one? Stop hating!”

“I read your shit and you always think that you’re right with everything you say, everybody got a Reality TV show out, but you had to put down the Sistahs!”

Now I could go on and on with the comments that continue to come in as we speak! Two more came in just as I’m writing this article!

But the thing that most of my detractors fail to see is that the Black community cannot afford to have these negative stereotypes blasted into the subconscious minds of our youth at this crucial moment in time because the seeds that we plant now will come back to visit us in another decade or so with deadly results and actions.


Sure, the other races may have similar shows out there such as this, but we need to take a deeper look as to WHY it is not the same for them as it is for us with all of the little progress that we have to lose as a people.

Sure, other communities have some pretty ugly stuff put out there about them but do those races of women internalize that form of buffoonery and take it as gospel like we as Black people do?

Sure, there will always be others whose images are blasted out into the world for a dollar on this level on whoever is willing to degrade themselves in this manner but you have to ask yourself can WE as a people AFFORD to have this stuff blasted out about us when we are in the worst condition in society when compared to these other races?

Their men are not locked up in record numbers like ours are.

Their communities have political and financial stability more so than ours.

Their internal dealings with each other are more honorable because they truly try to uplift each other. and last but not least, is the rancid behavior of others an excuse for US to carry on like fools especially since WE can’t afford to inspire our daughters to behave in such a manner and suffer the consequences?

We as a people just don’t have the resources to do so, we could do better financially with the collective funds that we splurge but we just don’t have the cohesiveness at this time to pull it off. THEY HAVE. WE DON’T!

Get made if you want to but we have no time to engage in this mind numbing crap when there is so much work to be down that WE MUST DO in our own community. We cannot dumb ourselves down with such mind clogging material when hell and damnation is going on right at our doorstep.

Shows like this are a cancer to our communities and it doesn’t teach anything edifying to our youth or motivating to us adults to leave this world as a better place for our seed coming up behind us.


It’s sad that in our communities that too many of us have a small savings that’s reserved for bail bond money to cover the misled behavior of our dope slinging Brothers but haven’t the desire or a clue on how to build a portfolio that will be there for us as we age to take care of us in our golden years. But the way that we are living we will probably NOT have any golden years as we have become a people who only see the pleasures in the moment and what’s happening in the now!

So you go on and continue to defend this crap that should be an insult to you personally but since you claim to be so progressive because you envy and desire the material goods displayed in The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”, know that true dignity, class and culture can NEVER be purchased at the most expensive boutiques. Could you imagine First Lady Michelle Obama feeding this trash to her lovely daughters? You are what you eat and only PIGS eat slop!


But also remember that even though they look like Black people, sound like Black people and CLAIM to be Black people, these entities are so far away from those who truly possessed the soul and strength coming up through slavery and the civil rights movement and are only engineered genetically altered personalities that are projected to hit our subconscious minds for the sole purpose of rendering us powerless to continue the fight against our injustices.

So continue watching “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” when one day you will be wondering were “The Real Revolutionaries Of The Black Community” disappeared to!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Bold Brother,


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Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith
January 29, 2013 1:10 PM

Wonderful insight in your comments about this coonish show, thank God I don't watch this rubbish, it might kill some of my brain cells. I thank you once again for this info.

Reply to  Nicole Smith
January 29, 2013 9:52 PM

Coonish is the word I was looking for when I wrote this piece this morning, and you are 100% correct in your suspicion that it might kill some of your brain cells because THAT is the intention of those who produced this trash!

Nicole, I've received so many scathing e-mails today defending this show and why it is a good thing but then again you can never get a crackhead to realize that crack is truly bad for them no matter HOW many people tell them.

They will merely have to find out for themselves. Thanks again for your response and letting me know that there are SOME of us who still have a modicum of common sense!

God Bless You!


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