The Real Reason Why President Obama Is Giving Away Free Internet Service! – The LanceScurv Show

President Barack Obama made the announcement that he intends to provide Free Internet Service to those living in Low Income Housing.

I do believe that this move would be the final nail in the coffin of the downtrodden in America as it is NOT the gift that many may think that it is!

Here I detail what I feel this offering is all about and to give you a hint I want you to think about the blankets laced with smallpox that were given to the Native Americans.

A Trojan Horse of a gift?……..INDEED!

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  • Alana H says:

    PReach IT Lance!

  • TerreLovesTivaRepeat says:

    Complete agreement

  • LA LA SPADE says:

    the free wifi is going to poison us .slowly kill us this shit not good by
    any means….lol he is hitting up the low income households first
    why???? population mb im paranoid
    i doubt it

  • Miss Gang Smashers says:

    New World Order! There is always a “hidden(evil) agenda” with the “Powers
    that Be”. This sounds CREEPY and DANGEROUS! President Barack Obamanation
    works for “The Elite”. He never has our best interest at heart! I am trying
    to fathom why Black People love President Big Ears so much! He is NOT our

  • LIONKING1103 says:

    Peace and Blessings bro Lance… It’s obvious that Where in the last days,
    and the takeover is upon us. Wake the Fuck up people!!!!

  • Ramona says:

    A president who can sit back & tolerate the lynchings of black people by the police & than offer free Internet to them is baffling & an insult to me. It’s like he’s saying since they are killing you I’m going to offer you free Internet so they can continue to track & monitor your activity.

  • Will X says:

    I agree with you Lance Scruv. I have internet at my home through Comcast
    and I have three step daughters. I don’t give them the password and if they
    get on the in ternet, they have to use my laptop, my tablet, my smartphone,
    etc. I don’t let them have their own phones or own laptops, etc. I’ve
    caught them looking at porn on the internet, sending emails to little boys,
    watching twerk videos, etc; that’s why I put alot of regulations on the
    internet at my home, and they don’t get on it everyday. All they do is get
    on facebook, instagram, etc. These kids don’t do anything positive on the
    internet, so I agree with you that if the internet is given away, then it
    needs to be restricted.

  • Luckey F. Starr says:

    *sneaks in and sit in the back seat pretending like I have been here all

  • BlackPeopleMustRise says:

    Raped, Robbed, Stole, Killed, Slandered, those that are INDEGINOUS
    POPULATION don’t’ care who they heart, as long as they get what they
    want they don’t want us to fight back for what is ours. they want us to be
    to their system, This Is A great commentary, Democratic Party Mean’s Free
    Government Service, (For The Low Income People ) Or The Republican Party Is
    For those Of The Rich and Famous. Now I could be wrong about this.

  • Mason Storm 09? says:

    *The illusion for the Conclusion*

  • Jack Gully says:


  • Pill Cosby says:

    Easier to track and convict criminals!

  • A Charles says:

    spot on Lance

  • >