The reasoning of a liberated black mind are the words of our warrior king Brother Kwaku as he brings to light many of the ancestral downloads for us to absorb and ascend to a higher vibration in this journey and plane of life. We have to understand that personally many who hear us speak in general will miss many of the nuggets of wisdom that are shared with others in our life.

This is not the time to slow down or dumb down what has been revealed to you but to simply put it out there for those who understand it. There are many who refuse to do the meditations necessary to bring themselves up to a higher level where they can understand today what they couldn’t comprehend previously. For anyone who doesn’t put the work in on themselves how can they hope to grow as a person on all levels? In this day we cannot retard our development for anyone as we must seek out like minded individuals who do not want to return to this level to repeat a cycle that they had enough time to excel in.

It’s just the same in these schools of indoctrination, when you fail to master the current work you will not graduate to the next grade until you have completed what is necessary to move on.

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