The Recession In Your Mind Will Bring About A Depression In Your Life!

The recession in your mind?

Yes I said it, because it’s only the truth! They go to soft in these “mind over matter” articles that I read in the various magazines that I have subscriptions to and they need to tell you the raw naked truth about the mind body soul connection without watering it down!

I’m getting on everybody tonight because although I had such a wonderful glowing and VERY productive week, I just saw too much with my natural eyes and with my spiritual third eye to write an entire library full of deep revelations.

But here it is, a woman sat near the front of the bus with me as I drove it today and she asked me if anything was wrong with the way she looked. I mean, we had some casual conversations over the years but nothing in depth to where she would feel comfortable to ask me anything of that nature. But I figured that she felt that she knew me well enough observing my laid back smooth style of working with the public and maybe developed a trust from those same very observations.

Black Woman

So to honest I had to tell her the truth, I told her that she is an extremely attractive woman with a killer set of legs and a wonderful smile when she decides to flash it. But the problem is that she never smiles most of the time and possesses a scowl that would send the most experienced of fighters running out of the boxing ring after a stare down with her. I could tell that she wasn’t ready for my brand of raw honesty but I couldn’t tell her any other way!

I also told her that she might have met fifteen “Mr. Rights” today but scared them all away because of the expression on her face.

She took my advice to heart and said that she would take a long hard look at herself and make the necessary adjustments to her attitude and overall approach to life. Now I have to admit that I told her a whole lot more but it was in a loving positive way and in a manner to build her up and not to criticize and tear her down. But I had to come out swinging in my first reply to get her attention and the respect that would come from my being honest in the first place.

But how many of us are trapped in a life that we can’t stand because of the way that our attitudes and perceptions color it? And why haven’t we figured out that our world can change almost immediately when we CHOOSE to see the planet in a positive light full of hope instead of the beat down tried and true way of the certified failure?

Whatever your state of mind is will most definitely color your reality! And this is why I literally run from most of you because I can feel the negativity on you and I for one can’t afford to catch any of those vibes in my life! It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, you just have “that thing” on you and I have found that it can be VERY CONTAGIOUS!

Now if you desire to come out of it I can and will most definitely help you but if you take a grand pleasure in wallowing in it then you can kiss my presence goodbye in your life because time is too precious to cause my great life to acquire an unnecessary cloud over it. I’m like that guy who can’t afford to get sick because he has no paid sick time and no benefits to pay for the sickness if he had to go to the hospital to get well, I can’t afford the spiritual virus so I make SURE to stay away from all of it! I must be on to something because look how much I get accomplished with the little time that I DO have! The proof is in the pudding baby.

But there are so many men that I encounter during the day with big dreams but no movement toward these mental projections. They can sit in one spot all day long and give you every detail on how their big dream is going to come to fruition yet nothing is accomplished that day to move them one centimeter toward making it come true.

These people are such a big waste of time and will continue do nothing as time moves forward. I refuse to play the posturing game with these fools because they will make me like them and reduce the drive, energy and testosterone out of my life. And God knows at fifty years old with diminishing hormone stores, I have NO time to waste! LOL!

But understand if your mind is poor then what could you really expect out of your life? I’ve found that those who are lacking in conversation have usually nothing up top brewing as a projection for the future and will pretty much in the same place that they are without any attempt to improve. How many of us have returned back to a place from which we grew up only to discover that some of the same people are doing the same things that they were indulged in twenty years before?


Heck, some of these same stagnant entities are even wearing the same ragged clothes that they had on and don’t even have a clue as to how far behind they’ve fallen in life anyway! Imagine how sad it would have been if you stayed in that same place never to advance yourself beyond those oppressive boundaries? But the only difference between you and them is that you never allowed a mental recession become a depression in your life!

So again, there are many benefits to placing the right thoughts in your head because if that is the menu from which you choose to act then you have taken control over and above that person who has accepted a sad and bleak set of surroundings to dictate how far they will go in life.

Lay down for NO ONE and never stop swinging and striving for better until God calls you home!

This last thought that I want to share is that I’ve observed those who have literally nothing but a little hope and a dream have a better outlook in life than those who are employed and stuck in the rut of accepting that all there is to life will come from an employer who will give them everything they need to stay barely afloat in a particular income range as long as they submit to giving them all of their energy until it’s time to retire!

Imagine that?

These defeated entities are leaving no more of a legacy behind in their lives than that nondescript vegetable in a garden! At least the vegetable is fulfilling it’s purpose that God designed it for but if one is a proactive independent thinking human being of a higher mentality, how can you give up all of the great things that were placed in you by our Creator to accomplish and manifest by trading off the precious time of your life for a few dollars an hour when in fact your employer is making more off of YOUR EFFORT than YOU are?

Talk about being raped?

It’s no wonder that most who don’t have a dream and have settled for a predatory companies mere pennies on the dollar are walking around like whining victims! You can do better than that and this is why even those who are on a job but possess something bigger to reach for outside of that job have an enthusiasm that their other defeated coworkers can’t understand. So know that merely having a steady job does not mean that you are going to retire with overwhelming riches and the life that you always dreamed of.

If you believe that then you are being hustled and loving it, I for one believe that a steady job is like a mortgage, it’s your friend when you first get it but it’s your enemy after you sign the dotted line.

What do I mean by this?

Well that mortgage GOT you into a position to live in your home but will eat you alive afterward if you don’t pay it off early to get rid of it. The same with a job, it is your friend to change your unemployed status to your creditors but you must strive hard to stand on the underwhelming stability that comes from it to reach for something higher before it kills your spirit and drive to conquer.


Look how many of your coworkers drag themselves to work with a scowl on their faces. Look how many of them wait around for an entire year for a mere two weeks to sit around doing nothing for themselves even if they take a trip to a faraway land. The recession of their mind has truly become the depression that is their life!

Know that life is movement.

Life is change.

Life never meant for you to linger in a particular mental space for too long.

While it is a good thing to truly have stability in your physical dwelling and not live as a rolling stone like a nomad, your mind and the powerful fellowship with other positive people who are all about becoming better with each passing day will keep your mind tuned up and ready to conquer any goal that you place in front of it. Isn’t this what life is all about…….to subdue and conquer?

…….well I never saw ANYONE subdue and conquer anything while sitting on their ass doing the same things with the same people at the same place!

Did you catch THAT hint Church Folks? That statement was clearly directed at you!

That’s my rant for the day, thank you for reading!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

LanceScurv, 407.590.0755



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