The Recession Is Over? How Come No One Ever Told Me?

When it comes to surveys and polls, most individuals understand that numbers can be manipulated to serve ANY propaganda laced agenda on the face of this earth and make the gullible believe just about anything where it’s obvious that the opposite is true!

The O’Jays – For The Love Of Money

One could take an SUV that is unsafe to drive and has a high fatality rate from too many rollovers and claim that it is extremely safe with a high safety rate in head on collisions. Twisting the statistics overall to give you a false sense of security as you speed into the next sharp turn on the road and realize that head on collisions weren’t the only thing that you should worry about!

But who really cares about you? They are trying to make sales!

How about when food companies advertise a product as having a “low or zero fat” content? What they don’t tell you is that while their product may have a low or zero fat content, it is LOADED with so much sugar that any advantage of it being a food that is good for weight lose is erased due to the fact that to consume so much sugar at one sitting WILL get the wheels turning within your body to make you fat!

But who really cares about you? They are trying to make sales!

Upon awakening this morning I surfed the Internet and came across the report by a panel of academic economists out of Cambridge Massachusetts name the National Bureau of Economic Research stating that the recession was over! It reported that the recession that  started in June of 2007 ended in December of 2009!


The Recession Is Over? How Come No One Ever Told Me?

I am quite sure that this news will be a complete shock to many people because when I look around, all I see are homes still going into foreclosure, grown men who want to work and can’t find employment, the number of homeless people increasing due to bad times and petty crimes of basic survival still being an everyday occurrence in my daily path!

So where ever this survey was conducted it obviously wasn’t  completed in my neighborhood shows me possibly how disconnected we really are as a country. Two different situations can definitely be received and looked at in two different ways.

Let’s say that there is an extremely heavy rainstorm comes down that almost borders on being violent in small agricultural town that has recently suffered from an extended drought. Well, for the man who has a farm and depends on his crops to earn his income the rainstorm is a Godsend! But for the man who is in the middle of replacing his roof with very little help it is a literal nightmare!

Same happening, different outlook!

So when reading of some survey that was conducted, always investigate it and don’t be too quick to take it on face value because it may not have anything to do with you!

The so called “factual” celebration of that survey may be for a reality so far removed away from yours that you may wonder if the situation that is written about is on the same planet that you live on.

Because where I live, my constant companion named recession is alive and doing quite well!

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