The Restoration Of The True Roles In The Black Family! – Brother Keston

The Black Family in today’s world is a completely different creature from what is was a mere 50 years ago and it’s not a good assessment at all. We as Black people need to seek the restoration of our families with a sense of urgency never before witness due to the fact that our family unit is under attack right up under our noses as the powers that be execute the covert factors that will sooner than later render us extinct if we don’t remove ourselves from our deep sleep to fight for our survival.

Brother Keston hits home with several points that just might not be very popular with many who hear it but is actually necessary to acknowledge in a brutally honest fashion if we are to ever ascend to the divine potential that we all have within us if we only come back to the practices that others could never teach us about since we’ve been captured as stolen Africans over to the blood soaked soil here in America.

It takes strong healthy families to build a strong community and this is why the Black man is demonized as much as he is because for him to come back in to the knowledge of who he is and what must be done as the head of his family would be the end of the oppressive grip that White Supremacy and this racist hierarchy has over his life.

The Restoration Of The True Roles In The Black Family! - Brother Keston

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