The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Klanworld Corrections Department And The Waste Of Time In Celebrating A Dream When The Reality Is A Mess!

The Dream.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is today and yes, he opened doors for many of us of ALL races, cultures and creeds.

But for those of is who look like him we appear to be worse off than ever before to the point where we should ask what happened?

That’s what I said. What happened?

Ask our youth today who Reverend King was and you might get a reply stating that he was a baseball player or some Blues singer (B.B. King) from the deep south back in the day. These are two of the stupidest statements that I overheard while driving my bus earlier yesterday!

Ask them who Soulja Boy, Nicki Minaj or Lil’ Wayne is and not only will you get a correct answer 100% of the time but they will spout effortlessly every lyric from every song that these high paid and Illuminati approved so called artists have ever made!

There is absolutely NO excuse for this kind of ignorance as we now have the Internet which has Youtube where one can find just about anything from the past to the present under the sun right in the comfort of their own homes…and with these new smartphones that are in essence a mini computer in the palm of ones hand, it makes me believe that many of us WANT to be ignorant to the rich and powerful history that we as people of color have as a grand legacy.

If that’s not it then what could it be?

After I heard that statement from those two ebonically blessed thugs in training I began to fantasize about what it might take to wake these wayward children up to what we have had to come through to even enjoy the small amount of progress that they now take for granted today.

And I must first mention that it was the sacrifice, hard work and long suffering of ALL of our predecessors young and old, educated and non educated, Black, White and everything in between, Christian, Non – Christian, Straight, Gay and every preference in between, who made the gains all possible whether they were seen publicly or relegated to a “behind the scenes” station, all should be appreciated and honored on Dr. Kings birthday!

So what might it take to teach these rebellious youths who are wasting their potential and helping us to regress overall the lessons learned from our past as well as an appreciation for what was done for them to have the gains that they have now?

I say let’s set up one of our southern states for the newest venture to hit the map that would surely be controversial but very effective:


The Klanworld Correction Facility.

Are you serious Lance?


Just listen with an open and very humorous mind…….

Imagine, a place where we can send for an indefinite time those who are serving severe sentences in prison that have refused to carry themselves in a decent appropriate law abiding manner and those who also do not want to grasp what their fore bearers had to endure to afford them the luxuries that they enjoy today!

Let me explain a little more about this concept in detail…….

The Klanworld Correction Facility would be a joint venture between Federal, State and Local agencies and their collective Correction Department/Law Enforcement Agencies. It would have to be run by the strict rules put in place as to prevent life threatening injuries as well as death. It would also be the ultimate deterrent in steering our “fence straddling” and very easily influenced youth in the right direction because of the horrid stories that they have heard from those who have survived and returned.

Klanworld Corrections would be a collection of entire counties in various states built to look, feel and sound just like the old south in various periods throughout American history.

We would have a early “Civil Rights Era” model that would be an exact replica of the post slavery segregated Ku Klux Klan infested south complete with Negros Only/Whites Only signs in restaurants, hotels and public transportation along with the water hoses and police dogs ready to straighten out anyone that’s out of line to boot! You will have absolutely NO CHANCE in the court system, if you thought that the courts TODAY are slanted against you, then wait until you experience what your Elders had to endure where ninety-nine percent of the time they were INNOCENT yet STILL were found guilty and thrown in the slammer!

And you complain about being treated so badly when in actuality you were guilty as charged of those crimes that you did to innocent people! (Now I know that everyone is not guilty in our criminal justice system today so excuse me for speaking in a dramatic fashion to paint a picture and prove a point! LOL!)

Or for the more serious violators we would have a slavery era (1600’s through 1800’s) duplicate plantation where their stay would be in keeping with their sentences after they transfer right into the new system.

So you want to rob people and be a thug? Don’t send them to a prison where chances are they will relax all day and get three square meals on the hard working tax payers backs. Noooo!

Send them to KlanWorld Corrections.

You want to be a cold blooded murderer and think that is the way to go? Well, with this concept the only place it would take you is STRAIGHT to KlanWorld Correctional Facilities! Not only would those who are violators get a severe psychological rewiring to appreciate all that others had to endure without any choice at all, but they would also be forced to abandon the antisocial ways of the present day because all technological advances would NOT be present there!


You say that you are a hardcore thug?




Computers? Text messaging? Blackberry’s Droids and I-phones? Dummy! They weren’t invented in slavery times so what makes you think that they will have them in KlanWorld? Heck. Electricity wasn’t even a reality back then! So you BETTER learn to use your mind to survive and endure your new life but wait, you never really picked up a book before because you were too busy getting into trouble or laying back watching videos! Well, you won’t be forced in KlanWorld to read at ALL because if you can remember, READING WAS ILLEGAL and NOT permitted!

You will work the fields with NO mosquito repellent! You WON’T be able to write ANY letters and must ONLY depend on “word of mouth” to secretly find out what is going on with someone you know from abroad. Colds and flu? HA! So what? They didn’t have any TheraFlu medication or NyQuil cough medicine back then so you won’t be needing that right now!

It must be said that those men and women who have endured slavery were forced to cultivate a toughness about them that is rarely if EVER seen today. In this current “Twilight Zone” of a time period, many of our young men are AFRAID of responsibility and true manhood as they would rather stamp themselves to the establishment as a non threat by adopting effeminate ways, wearing their pants down below their butt cheeks in a silent message to the world that they are available to be someone’s “bitch” (Now Ladies, I never ever refer to any woman as a bitch, this was not a reference to you as I totally respect you, without you, the few good men that we have couldn’t be so you will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart! I’m just being dramatic!) and will not rise to be the men that God meant for them to be! Colorful clown-like clothes, hair cut into mohawks and both ears full of earrings show that their mind is not where it should be in building a nation for our people but emulating the broadcasted buffoonery that is looked at as being so cool, cutting edge, desirable and hip!

Something has GOT to give!

I guess that many are not aware of the fact that not only did the slavemaster barge into the slave quarters at night to have their way sexually with the women but many a slave owner had the taste for some male butt also. Not much has been said about this but I have read this many places and am not shocked about it. So how happy would those slave owners be to see a generation of young men parading around with their asses out as though they are available to serve their every anal desire until their hearts content?

Did Dr. King just waste his time?

You see, KlanWorld Corrections would help to utilize the present racist element of this country and give the Tea Party something to do with their desire to “take back THEIR country!”

I get a kick out of saying that. In my mind when I hear that statement I imagine the first Europeans who came over to these shores telling that to the Native Americans who were already here forever and would probably look at them like a damn fool!

But in actuality we could recruit those who despise us for the color of our skin and utilize their twisted sickness and hatred of us in a way that would deter our wayward people from their destructive behavior toward themselves and the world around them as well as giving them a strong impetus to learn truly who they are! We could put a territory that’s designated for this and have people like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, the subservient tap dancing Reverend Jesse L. Peterson in charge with the responsibility of running such a huge undertaking as well as so many others who we know through their carefully placed coded public statements and wordplay just plain old hate us merely because we are Black.

We wouldn’t ever have a shortage of those types in THIS country by a LONG shot!

Also, KlanWorld would NOT be subsidized by the taxpayers money. That would be a waste, so it would be funded by the millions of tourists from abroad who would take scheduled guided tours of the many KlanWorld properties to “see” what it was really like to live back in the times of slavery which really weren’t too long ago. That being said, I am quite sure Disney would want to get involved in this massive undertaking as they still have plenty of free and unused property in Orlando Florida as it would be the perfect climate to house those unlawful rebellious violators at their swampy alligator ridden terrain.

Now you all know my imagination is a bit out of control tonight with my mental wheels spinning and burning rubber but what if there were a place like this for those youngsters who were real problems to their households, their communities and even to themselves because of an ignorance of their legacy and who they are? This would be inhumane and a bit drastic but it would surely put fear in the hearts of those who have an evil intention in their hearts to do something bad to someone and it would surely make them appreciate the gift of living in a somewhat free society where if one truly wanted an education they could easily get one.

I have noticed that in the cultures that maintain a strong connection to their ancestors and to the traditions that have been passed down through the years have less challenges with their young who are well schooled in their lineage and have a deep rooted respect for that lineage and will NOT allow anyone to have it disrespected!

Now look at us. And it’s not even just the youngsters, it’s some of us grownups also!

What example are we setting at home when our children can go out in the street and publicly share that they believe that Dr. Martin Luther King was a guy who sang the Blues named B.B. King? That hurt me to my CORE to hear that but it also made me wonder what kind of home training that these misinformed youngsters received? This squarely puts the responsibility on the parents/guardians shoulders because they have the young minds in their hands like putty before the seductive intoxicants of the world have a chance to poison them.

But it is not as simple as that. This entire world has been spoiled and tainted with an agenda that will leave us all as stupid buffoons if we allow it. While a few particular idiots will bark that “we” (They weren’t talking about me!) should “take back our country” I say let them do what they want because the righteous thing to do is to fight like hell to take back our children’s MINDS! And if we do just that one deed alone with all that we have working against us, then all else will fall into place over time because it is our CHILDREN who are our future! Remember the song by George Benson? “The Greatest Love Of All?” What were the first few words of that song? If you can’t remember it said: “I believe our children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way……..Show them all the beauty they possess inside…..

Are we doing that now when we are basically teaching them to hate themselves as they do not want to even BE who they are? Mutilating themselves with tattoo after tattoo over and above what the old military guys back in World War Two EVER did.

Changing the color of their eyes with contact lenses as well as the color of their hair so they can claim a lineage other than their own because the don’t even know WHAT their lineage truly is. Superficial to the point where they don’t know where reality begins and the fantasy ends. Our young girls will emulate the star of the moment trying to talk in their best imitation fake Nicki Minaj voice because they feel that is the only way to get the attention that their love starved hearts deserve.

This is what the media instructs them subconsciously to do.


They follow the non talented media created freaks like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian and learn through their example that sex sells at any cost whether it is to put out a sex tape with you and another star (Male or female OR BOTH!) to create a buzz for your other business undertakings or to publicly kiss another woman because you know that the intrigue created by that one act will open the filthy doors of satans entertainment world where you very soul is the currency for which you purchase this short lived fame.

Just another story for “E” True Hollywood Story! Do any of those episodes EVER have a happy ending? That should be enough to give our younger generation the heads up as to the benefits of getting away from a righteous way of living. The kind the Dr. King expounded through his words and legacy. And yes, I am aware of the reports of his so called sexual rendezvous with other woman. But you know what, let God weigh it all in the balance because at the end of the day Dr. King risked his very LIFE so that we could enjoy some of the things that we do now.

And some of you damn near WORSHIP an Eddie Long who ain’t doing SHIT for anyone except to line his own pockets with your money and to ejaculate his hot funky murky load up in the backsides of those young men to whom he seduced! Die for a cause? Ain’t NONE of these prosperity preachers are willing to challenge the wicked system that indirectly pays them off and allows them through tax breaks and under the table political contributions as well as the public endorsements to keep them in business to continue raping and lying to YOU!

Heck. In actuality they would LOVE KlanWorld and would fall over each other while digging in your pockets to get the money to invest into such a lucrative moneymaker.

Dr. King…….We love you and we miss you yet we have failed you so miserably because many of us HAVEN’T done our part as well as those who have do so by pulling MORE than their weight. We need more of you and by God’s will, hopefully SOME of us WILL step to the plate to do so.

At least there are SOME of us left who STILL know the difference between you and B.B. King.

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