The Rich Get Wiser & The Poor Get Dumber! Is Your Job Happily Raping You?

The modern day job and its basic concepts are so far away from what was meant to be originally in creation and most of us are clueless to this fact as we’ve accepted it as normalcy.

Since we have imprisoned ourselves in this artificial hybrid morphed way of living in the big cities, we have unknowingly inherited huge levels of stresses previously unknown to mankind and it has literally crept up on us overnight while we haven’t evolved fast enough to be able to cope with its damaging effects.

I noticed that the further out into the country where the wholesome conditions of nature prevail, pound for pound there aren’t as many nervous breakdowns, emotional meltdowns, stress induced violence as well as the effects of this modern society on what is left of our home lives.

Nervous Breakdowns

If you look over the many years that man has been on the planet, only within the last one hundred years will you see the very unusual effects of living in such artificial conditions.

You think not?

Well tell me another period in history when we had so many people living up on top on one another in such a small area of land!

It’s only because of the advances in efficient housing, plumbing, electricity, food transport and instant communication via the internet and phone could we even THINK about cramming hundreds on families into a square mile of land in a high rise building in the inner cities across the world!

Back in the old days we had to live near an active body of water to transport goods much easier as well as utilizing that same river or stream to aid in bring water to our nearby villages. Life had to be spread out more and things transpired so much slower. We didn’t have the breakneck pace to keep up with that is so unnatural to our mental/physical and spiritual makeup.

We took our time to get things down and we made sure to do it well. When the sun went down, we retired for the day until its arrival early in the morning.

We didn’t have anytime to sit around because our days were spend securing our lives by making sure our resources were plentiful. We didn’t have refrigerators to store meat (Which we shouldn’t be consuming anyway!) so we were put in am position to make our food fresh. Our land took care of us and we had to respect what our planet did for us.

Now because we didn’t have the time to lounge around and hit the fast food joint for our food, we weren’t obese like we are today. There was no processed food to consume and to get around we walked more which made sure we got a healthy amount of exercise in each and every day.

You don’t want to move?

Well don’t eat!

Hunger was one of the chief motivating factors back in the simpler days and if you didn’t cultivate the crops that would feed you down the line then you would find yourself in a sorry state of affairs!

You were pretty much stuck to one area where your family lived for generations therefore when you found someone to whom you wanted to marry, everyone including yourself knew who they were as well as their bloodline going back generations as far as you could remember.

There were no artificial stimulants like the internet where you could randomly search Facebook profiles to get the statistics on a cute stranger before going in for the romantic kill. This is why there is so much domestic unrest when it comes to the stability factor in our relationships.

I just wanted to paint a picture of what the world is and what the world used to be. This is very important when we speak of the artificial conditions of our jobs and what we need to understand to be enabled to deal with them.

You see, we have so many sick unbalanced people who are disgruntled and on edge because this life has not been what they expected it to be. The American dream to them has now been revealed to be a lie. With a condition like this going on in the workplace, how do you expect things to be peaceful and run smoothly when many do not have the spiritual grounding to at least deal with a TINY bit of work related stress?

Now you have the jobs themselves, these are the systems set up to benefit from your input whether it be the contribution of your expertise, the physical labor you can offer or the providing of an entry level service that you can be trained in that really anyone could perform.

Like I said previously, these jobs are set up to benefit from your sweat or intellect contribution and pay you far less than what you pull in for them. This is not the way our spirits were made to operate and this is the reason why so many people on these jobs no matter WHAT the pay just do not fell the level of satisfaction when they complete their duties.

They don’t feel that overwhelming sense of satisfaction because they are slaving in another man’s plantation! Their boss or higher up administration department has all of the control, reap the benefits and usually do not share their gain proportionately with the team!

So of course you are now going to feel great about this type of arrangement even if you lie to yourself and try to feel good about the few dried up burgers and health killing sodas that are given to you in their “Employee Appreciation Diner!”


Give me that damn RAISE that was written in the contract when I got hired!

That was a personal kick to my own job (Just Over Broke) who presented in writing upon hiring that we would as bus operators get to top pay in five yearly steps but after being there five years they mysteriously forgot to give us our last two steps and are giving their (Myself included) the silent treatment as though they don’t have a legally binding agreement to fulfill with their employees who have follow every employment requirement to the letter of the law.

…….and you wonder why some people go postal at the snap of a finger having ambulances, cops and fire trucks showing up to a tragedy that could have been avoided if the people were treated fairly while the evening news cameras show up for the hot story of night.

Insurance payouts, fatalities and trauma to many lives are a lot harder to now deal with if you only gave your workers their raise.

…….the clock ticks while the tensions mount. Details at eleven.

So we have in most cases a plantation style set up with upset slave workers who are afraid to speak up from the fear of losing their job which makes it easier for them to seek escape from the madness by indulging in activities that can cut their life and peace of mind short like alcoholism, reckless unprotected sex, gambling (Not a good idea with the rent money people!) or straight up drugging it!

What we will never get on these modern day hustles of our energies called “jobs” is that sense of hope. That sense of empowerment. That sense of being able to make as much money as you want and only stepping away from the process when YOU want!

We had that when we lived so much simpler but somewhere along the way we were seduced into coming into these artificial places and dwellings and didn’t realize the tradeoff would really be so steep!

The Big City

This is why we have got to understand that we cannot have faith in an institution that is based on greed and we must have OUR OWN system set up to produce our OWN MONEY therefore snatching away that hold of fear that these mind controlling employers have over our lives.

When you have your own talents, abilities and methods to make your own money, you go about your day with a joy unmeasured because every moment you are able to cast you line out to the world and whatever you pull in you get to keep!

When you receive your paycheck you get the same feeling that you get when you discover that someone went into the refrigerator at work and ate up your lunch! They had their hands in their before you can get to it first!

Your employer gets his hands on your money first and they divide it up with your beloved pimp of a government for “their” taxes only to hand you over what is remaining!

Talk about being raped!


Then you have to pay taxes AGAIN when you make a purchase in a market that has those ever increasing prices in a total system that forces most to live paycheck to paycheck!

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer! Maybe I should have place a question mark at the end of that sentence, let me say it again that way:

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

Sounds better.

But I believe a more appropriate statement would be “The smart get wiser and the dumb get more stupid!”

Am I putting down the poor? NO! I am telling the truth about the uninformed!

What do I mean by that?

Well, when you see those super expensive luxury cars pulled up in front of a swanky restaurant where the tips to the waiters equal three months of your gross pay, don’t think for one minute that they possess better qualities than you do. Most of the time, they know how to manipulate the tax system in their favor because they have their OWN businesses even if the so called business is not doing that well at all!



Your problem being part of the working poor is that you believe the hype about what these bosses tell you. They are stringing you along and you buy into it. Only after a while or even a few years of being a wage slave do you realize that as long as you propel this vampire like entity into great wealth, then why would he look to change his hustle of your energies?

He “ain’t” gonna change because he has it too damn good!

What you have to do is to attain his same status and get YOUR business licenses together and do something no matter how small it may be to be able to benefit from the same tax breaks that HE does! And when I say “he” it just as well be a “she” as far as a boss is concerned.

These people are not into business to be nice and share their wealth nor am I mad or even expect them to. What I am trying to tell you is that what makes them some of the lowest bottom feeders on the planet is that they do NOT want to release their position of exploitation on your life and you (Maybe NOT you but you know how I talk when I get heated!) are allowing to get all up in your backside as deep as they please with no KY Jelly or Vaseline!

Here they are humping away on and in the backside of your life and you have your head deep in a smartphone screen watching a videos of something that will never empower you to rise up to the higher level that you say you want to go to.

You don’t see the affluent spending their cash on that dumb crap that many of us do that we feel will make us better people because of the low self esteem that we have as a people!

Only us.

It doesn’t take much money to purchase a Nook or a Kindle in order to purchase discounted electronic books that will teach us something about the world around that will give us a better shot at success but we will damn sure pay five times the price of a Kindle for a funky ass hair weave that does nothing to enhance the DUMB HEAD under it as we perpetuate the same conditions in our communities day in and day out……no, let me correct that now because it is 2012, GENERATION IN AND GENERATION OUT!

So we have a lot of things to correct within ourselves before we can blame a job but when we DO get that half piece of job we must know how to exploit the job and benefit from it in the ways that your oppressive boss never intended so that one day soon you can leave the cocoon of that dead end situation and fly free like a beautiful happy butterfly into a new reality that NO slave master can control or stop.

But it first has to happen in your mind first.

Whatever the mind can conceive the body can achieve. never let anyone make you feel as though you can never achieve what unlimited potential that you KNOW God has placed in you!

When you know this fact it is only just a matter of time before you have outgrown your job to fire your boss.

…….and he knows who those individuals are, they are the ones who never complain or get upset no matter WHAT the conditions because in the back of their mind they are saying:

“This TOO shall pass…….”

But it can’t happen unless you seek knowledge and apply it as though your future depends on it because it DOES!

I hope you enjoyed my rant for the day.

Let me hear from you in the comment box below.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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