THE ROAD TO RESTORATION: BROTHER KESTON Speaks At The Three Masks Inc. Cultural Center

With every passing event that he blesses us with, Brother Keston seems to gain even more momentum as he keeps his eye on the ball to focus on Black Empowerment and Restoration from a grassroots level with his overall sights on a Black Unity that has always seemed to be just beyond our grasp as a people.

The reason for it being so elusive comes down to many factors but first and foremost we have got to show support to one another on a myriad of levels as well as moving in a selfless manner minus the lust for the oppressor’s trinkets that always appear to take us away from the love that should be on display in our local, national and worldwide community.

“Think global, act local” couldn’t fit anyone else better than Brother Keston as he is a shining example of one who walks the walk and talks the talk. His addictive flow of words not only please the ears but also manifest the drive of the listeners from within to get up to do something positive as he stirs up the motivation inside of us that we oftentimes seem to forget that we possess.

Listen in to our program which was held on the 20th of October 2018 at the Three Masks Inc. Cultural Center located in Orlando Florida. This is the perfect location to hold this event as Orlando to be honest is truly starved of Black Culture as the powers that be here focus on all other communities here as well as those who care not about their own neighborhoods as a trade off for the minimal benefits that come with doing the bidding of their master.

But we have to be proud that we have Brothers like Keston and Bushman Tim who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to preserve and project our culture into the future for the generations that are yet to come. Kick back and enjoy the unbridled flow of knowledge and wisdom which is head and shoulders above anything that Hollyweird can produce to feed your Black Soul!

THE ROAD TO RESTORATION: BROTHER KESTON Speaks At The Three Masks Inc. Cultural Center

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