For some strange reason Melania Trump now knows how to open her mouth to stand up for herself in telling the world to boycott Hip Hop artist T.I. after he created a video of her dancing in the Oval Office of the White House scantily clad at best after husband Donald Trump was depicted leaving on Marine One.

Why is it that she has so much to say about T.I. when she was as silent as a mouse when her husband made a payoff to Stormy Daniels, made fun of a handicapped individual during his presidential campaign and spoke of grabbing women’s pussies without hesitation? Why is she so selective in what she stands up to and speaks out on?

Maybe it’s okay for a white man to demean and disrespect women but it’s not okay to express oneself without censorship when you are a Black man who crosses that forbidden line of challenging the faux sanctity of white womanhood? Someone please help me with this because there is definitely an inconsistency here.

In an interview that Melania Trump had that I watched several days ago, there was an introductory video clip that showed her dancing with African children – someone please teach her some rhythm – while at the same time the multitude of countries in Africa are being raped of its resources by America, Great? Britain and China to name a few. Did she open her selective mouth to speak out on an issue that will most likely leave those same children without a future because their resources were stolen and they will come up without anything to offer the world except a position of servitude to these self righteous thieves?

Why doesn’t she speak to her husband or even the world about that? She will never speak about it because it is NOT acceptable to directly go against the worldwide agenda of White Supremacy in which she is the ultimate beneficiary of as the white woman that she is!

But of course she will come out against T.I. due to the fact that he cannot be used like Kanye West for the purpose of propaganda that will ultimately confuse, distract and separate the potentially unified minds of Black people who should not even be concerned about a system that seeks to exploit us and will never address Black Empowerment!

So I say let us support T.l. and those like him who are bold enough and brave enough to speak truth to power as well as launch the righteous missiles of counter propaganda on the subconscious minds of the masses in the same manner that the Jewish owned media levies against us in every opportunity that they can!


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