The Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Nothing More Than Business As Usual In The ‘Hood!

“Sandy Hook Is Da Worst Tragedy I Can Remember – Is We Still Sick Massa?”

First of all, I was being partially sarcastic in the above sentence in order to bring up a point that no one has the balls to mention.

I spoke it in the manner of that old beat down slave who lives his life through the eyes of his slave master, as so many of our modern day slaves do in today’s world and especially on these corporate plantations in America.

You see, many of us in the Black community will grin and bear an issue for an entire lifetime yet not say a damn thing about it, but when it becomes a major issue in the mainstream white community here we go acting out like it’s the worst thing to happen since the Afrikan Holocaust that brought us here to these shores against our will. (And yes, I USED the word Holocaust because NO ONE has a patent on that word and if you check the numbers alone, the Afrikan Holocaust was the most tragic to transpire and continues on until this very day!)

Why are we like this as a people?

World Trade Center Terrorist Attacks

When the so called terrorist attacks happened on September 11, 2001 in New York City, it was quite a spectacle for many Blacks who lived in the outer boroughs who were literally ignored as their bouts of sheer terror happened on a daily basis in the non tourist district areas and very much feared streets of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan by the New York City Police Department and their heavy handed tactics of unfair justice that we were always forced to live with.

NYPD Abuse

What happened at the World Trade Center in one lump sum was merely business as usual to all who lived with the fear of getting killed by a stray bullet or some faceless predator who would snuff you out whether you had money or not on you when getting robbed and mugged. We know this all too well and have built up a strong resistance to this constant threat as we know that we are pretty much on our own when death visits us right at our doorstep.

It is our Mothers in the ‘Hood who worry if they are seeing their child for the last time every time they are sent off to school but we brazenly keep on moving forward with life regardless as we have a strong faith to pray and make it through each threat of a day. Sandy Hook to those in the upper class suburban areas is something new to them but it is a fact and possibility in the daily life of us who will never have the nation and world mourn for us as we’ve suffered loss after soul numbing loss!

Crime Shooting

Am I bringing the racially divisive element to this unfortunate occurrence in Sandy Hook?


Because this country was already set up for it to be divided by the way our perceptions are molded through the media and its long bloody death filled centuries old history and track record of divisiveness. Don’t kill the messenger y’all, I’m just telling you what I’ve seen all my life!

But ALL of us who grew up in the ‘Hoods and Black communities (Notice I mentioned them as two separate entities, because they don’t always have to be one and the same!) know that the wholesale killing of our children has been as American as apple pie so why all of a sudden is this something new to this country?

It isn’t anything new but here is the deal, when a Black child is killed it is no big deal unless there is some kind of twisted story line that will intrigue the viewers or readers of these television programs, newspapers and websites enough to pull them in by the millions so that the advertisers can continue to pay them well for their ad space.

It’s as simply as that.

Nancy Grace has turned this into a career and gets paid well for looking as though she is stuck on a faulty elevator for several minutes with a man who continues to pass gas with a blinding intensity with no fresh air in sight. Yes, the killing or abduction of White flesh is of the utmost importance in America but to hell with anything else that doesn’t possess blonde hair and blue eyes.

I would love to see our dear President Obama shed a tear for those faceless Black children who are killed in his hometown of Chicago Illinois in the same way that he did for those in Sandy Hook. I would love to see him do this since he KNOWS that Chicago is a literal KILLING FIELD for young Black children by guns, abuse and abduction continuously!

President Obama Crying

…….am I insensitive to the pain, loss and suffering of those who have endured the unfortunate tragedy in Sandy Hook?

NO! That thought couldn’t be further from the truth because it brings the same pain to my heart whenever ANY child is killed or hurt no matter what the color or background of that child. But I do think that we as a country really need to sit down and look at how we carry on in a lopsided fashion when so many of our children are being wiped out continuously and in such a faceless manner.

Sandy Hook Vigil

No child’s life is any more important than any others but when seeing how it is handled you get the picture and unspoken word that things are quite different in practice indeed and that is all I wanted to focus on in this writing. So don’t point your fingers at me and say that I am one to cause trouble, because trouble has been here on these shores LONG BEFORE I ever arrived to this planet – just ask the family of Emmett Till if I am correct in my assessment and then let we can sit down and talk about the issue of gun control that no one before ever wanted to listen to in my Black world.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Too Old To Keep His Mouth Shut” Brother,



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