The Seeds Of Decadence That We Plant Today Is The Harvest That We Will Regret Tomorrow!

What we see today is the product of the seeds of decadence planted in the not too distant past.

The degraded morals, the disrespectful youngsters who really have never experienced a real childhood and the over sexualized young women and men who seemed to be doomed for extinction long before they could get near their thirtieth birthday.

If it isn’t some strange drug that they are experimenting with, it’s having babies several times over before even thinking about a high school diploma.

The bar has been lowered so close to the ground that even an insect couldn’t dance under it in a Hawaiian Luau party!

Sagging Youth

But I can’t really blame the kids for us as adults who should have known better but have neglected to do what is right by them as we’ve basically left them abandoned in the pursuit of material gain. We left our kids to the mercy of an ever decaying media and television so they sopped it up in our absence and we can’t blame anyone other than ourselves.

We have allowed the satanic forces to devour our children so as they advance in years to adulthood how can you be shocked at how ultra dysfunctional they are carrying on?

But here’s what scares me, when you look at how crazy they act now – and that was not a putdown for me to say they are crazy – but when you really observe at how far off the mark they are in the sanity department, if THIS condition was forged from the mid eighties on up, then WHAT will come out of THIS time period where things are so off the chain even MORE so? What will our communities be like fifteen and twenty years from now with the seeds of madness that are being planted deeply as we speak?

I for one really don’t want to be around these parts when those chickens come home to roost. I want to be somewhere far away and desolate so that those who want to be a part of the madness can have it all to themselves because I refuse to live in such a manner.

Boyz In The Hood

There was a time that I was the life of the party and was pretty much a wild guy by yesterdays standards when it came to having a good time. But my version of a good time might have involved multiple female companions who were very much willing to participate in the decadence with me but no drugs or alcohol and damn sure absolutely no violence. I love to make people laugh and to create those memories that will last a lifetime but dear Lord, to have a dispute with someone the way that these kids do today and take a life unnecessarily? I could NEVER do that!

Now don’t get me wrong, when I say that I want to be elsewhere when the next level of crap goes down it is not because I do not want to be responsible and do my part to help those who are coming up behind me, because I do, but the fact of the matter is that I cannot do it all by myself and I feel that many adults have abandoned the overall vision of how we should extend our resources to our youth in exchange for a continue grab for more money, cars and a bigger house.

Look, Noah warned the people of an upcoming catastrophe in the form of a mighty storm but no one wanted to listen. So what could he do except prepare himself and all who took the time to listen to make a way to survive this historic event.

Noah's Ark

This is the way I see it today, while we do have negative forces coming at us and our offspring there is still so much that we can do to save the majority of our children from the madness. We have to take responsibility NOW but at the same time realize that all will not heed the call. If you believe in the prophecies placed abundantly in the Bible you will understand that we have entered a time where so many things will transpire so we’ve got to make sure that WE are right!

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink so you are NOT to lose YOUR salvation in the midst of trying to save the world. Even God Himself made a cut off point for those who refused to live in a manner that is pleasing to Him. This is no joke and we have got to make up our minds if we are going to finally do the right thing not only by our youth, but by our Elders, our communities and ourselves.

If the scenarios played out today by the low down behavior in our youth is a reflection of what we have failed to do then to be quite honest with you WE ARE DOOMED!

Tattooed Hood Chick

You can’t tempt fate and push it only but for so long and if you can’t see the hand writing on the wall at this point I really don’t know what will convince you to understand. I remember my Mother when she was alive saying to me on many occasions that she really didn’t want to be around when this world goes through what has been written in the Holy Scriptures and I can now see that she was absolutely correct!

Now while I love this life and every moment that I can enjoy, I too am having the same feelings about this world that my Mother shared with me because it seems like most people are hellbent on a life that brings nothing but death and a non productive hedonistic life that won’t be anything to be proud of when facing the Creator to be accountable for how they have lived it.

We are all today in the valley of decision, so understand that the seeds that we plant today will be the harvest that we either enjoy or regret tomorrow!

Haven’t our recent harvests been a strong indication of this?

We have GOT to do better!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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