The Sheer Power Of Sexual Energy – Crossing The Line with Talaya & LanceScurv

The Sheer Power of Sexual Energy is probably the most compelling portion of this free flowing discussion which includes insights on Prostitution, Retail Sale Seduction and Bus Confessions, stories of what we have seen while riding public transportation.

Real conversations like these are truly rare in this day and age of the dumb-downed mindsets that seem to dominate the big screen, television and social media platforms today.

Big thanks and respect to Talaya for being so down to earth and open with her refreshing views which in turn have jump started our talks and taken them to a whole new level!

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Crossing The Line # 4

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  • K. Halli says:

    Ive seen requiem for a dream yes it is sad

  • Diamond storm says:

    great conversation ; ) Two thumbs up

  • Harris George says:

    Good show again I’m becoming a fan solid stuff you two have good conversation

  • Tarver S. says:

    Amazing show!

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