The Special Needs Discrimination Of Jovan Quant! – The LanceScurv Show – Today I had the honor of speaking with Tina and Rico Quant, the proud and loving parents of 17 year old Jovan Quant, a brilliant and caring young man who at the age of 4 years old was diagnosed with Autism.

But even as Jovan was also diagnosed with a concept developmental disability in the form of Asbergers Syndrome, the real fight came against an educational system that was insensitive to his special needs.

While many will point out that much progress has been made to aid those with special needs in the public school system across the country, down in Broward County Florida the actual execution of any humanity has made it appear – to Jovan’s loving parents Tina and Rico Quant – that their son was trying to learn in a system ruled under Draconian Law.

It’s 2015 but after hearing the plight of Jovan Quant one would believe that the struggle of the Quant family was set in the pre-civil right’s movement south because of their blatant disregard to the needs of a brilliant young man who simply needed to be understood as all he ever wanted to do was to get an education like his peers.

Isn’t the Quant family entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or are those words hollow with no meaning behind them in this place called America?

Well listen in to this very shocking situation that will reveal to the world the greed, the arrogance and insensitivity of those who were supposed to be trained professionals in their handling of a human being named Jovan Quant.

I urge you to make a point to spread the word about this struggle with every fiber of your being with a sense of urgency as though your very life depended on it!

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