Dr. Randy Short absolutely never fails to deliver when it comes down to laying the dirt on these elected officials in Washington and beyond to make you aware that all is not well in one of the most crooked governments on the face of this earth. This is not the equivalent of some cheap Hollywood Gossip video but an assessment of a system run by human beings and other reptilian entities who were never known to possess the high standards of moral character that many mistakenly inferred when they haphazardly places their vote in the candidates favor.

Ninety-five percent of what Dr. North professes can be found on a quick Google search and the remaining five percent if not found in the search engines are simply a well known Washington inner circle fact.

We’ve got to understand that the so called Mainstream Media is owned by the Ruling Elite Families who will never reveal their faces publicly and whoever else is not owned by them is bought and paid for to control the narrative of what is reported in these smoke and mirror media platforms.

You it is a must that we realize the deception in the media to distort the facts and distract the people to herd them in the direction that the powers that be want them to go as the unknowing “sheeple” that they are considered to be! The bottom line is that whether one wants to participate in the voting process or not, what these hooligans do in Washington still has a big effect on the Black Community and this is the focus of what Dr. Randy North’s work is all about.

Someone has to sound the horn for what these people are getting away with in politics and no one on the horizon does it better than Dr. Randy North. Please feel free to share your perspectives on this topic in the comment area below and know that we appreciate that you spent your precious time here with us! Do come again and enjoy the discussion!

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