The Statement That I Overheard Today That Changed My Life!

Today while I was driving my bus I overheard the most profound statement that has changed my life forever.

Who would have thought that something so powerful would be experienced in such a random indirect manner.

There was a conversation between an older man who appeared to be in his early seventies. He spoke in such a powerful and sure voice to the woman who listened who looked as though she was in her late twenties.

He sounded as though he worked in a job where he was in charge and had to make his point understood in a very strong way, or maybe he was some kind of radio disc jockey, whatever it was, it was his voice that pulled me out of my rolling meditation and into what it was he was actually saying.

And while I didn’t hear the entire conversation, as far as I was concerned, this was all that I needed to hear and this was directed to me by God Himself even IF the speaker wasn’t aware of it.

Speaking Truth

He said: “Regrets, when you are young you might think that the regrets that you will have in your older years when looking back on your life will be about the foolish things you’ve done or the bad choices and decisions that you’ve made that took your life into places that you never wanted to venture.

But it won’t be about the things that you’ve done that you will have regrets about, but the things that you HAVEN’T done!”

……. I found myself numbed by the power of that statement, so much to the point that I forgot that someone had pulled cord to alert me of their stop and they had to yell out that I was passing their stop. I eventually brought the bus to a halt, but I was definitely “in the zone” from what I just heard.

Shocked Expression

But I began to think deeply about what that stranger of a man said in my presence, while all others who rode that bus appeared to be in a zombie-like state, I felt I was the only one who even heard what that man had to say.

It made me gain an even more intense sense of urgency to get accomplished what I need to get done with the time that I have left on this earth. But it really made sense, imagine if you are blessed to get into your super senior years, you will have more life to look back on than you do now and will know that you are closer to leaving than you are staying.

The abundant energy of your youth will pretty much be gone even if you take good care of yourself and are blessed with good health but the fact of the matter is that you are NOT the pristine physical specimen of youth that you were at nineteen years of age compared to what  you are at ninety.

Therefore, you life will be just like that long running television drama series that was hugely popular but was dropped off the air, you have the DVD’s of the entire series to watch. And even though you know what is going to transpire with every passing scene, it doesn’t stop you from sitting on the edge and getting excited when the good parts arrive.

Well guess what? THIS is how YOUR life will haunt you good OR bad when you get older, you will have the time – if you are of sound mind – to rethink every decision and to wonder what the outcome would be if you took a different course of action. And like that television series, you will really know every scene by heart because you lived it! More so than that, you will have the deeper knowledge of WHY you did what you did and will “self-chastise” yourself because you will know if you were wrong or not in your times of crucial life decisions.

The broken marriages, the foolishly thrown away friendships over petty ego tantrums, the jobs that you were fired from as well as the blown opportunities because of your disillusioned priorities that you later realized meant nothing.

Divorce concept

You will have plenty of time to feel the pain of a life not fully lived and how you piddled it away with no understanding of how precious time really is. So my words to all who have gotten this far into my blog article is to really think about what is important to you and go for it in making your dreams come true. Be leery of any energy in your life that keeps you from thinking clearly to even manifest your goals because without goals there is nothing to focus on and to work hard toward so your energy has no choice but to dissipate into nothingness.

I don’t think that you want that scenario of sorrow so I suggest that you clean house today of all of the things that are keeping you from creating an atmosphere of positivity so that you can have a lifetime of proud memories to look back on instead of drowning in a gloomy sea of regrets.

Deathbed Confessions

Know that YOU are writing the book that is your life right now and you should take careful notice of every chapter that you create because there will be a time that you will have to painstakingly edit every error, every typo and every misspelled word. So in order not cringe from embarrassment, shame and regret, just do it right the very first time according to divine law!

We are all getting older and it will be a shame to pass on feeling that we didn’t do all that we could have done.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Has Become The Meticulous Editor Of His Own Life,



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March 18, 2013 3:53 PM

I admit I am a little envious that you are at a point in your life where you can analyze situations and have such great godly understanding. I hope one day soon I can also be able to do that. Sometimes I feel like a sucker to foolishness. I don’t want to have any regrets. I want to live a praiseworthy life and I don’t know how to. I am a kind person but I’m not sure if that is enough.

March 18, 2013 3:40 PM

hi lance. you seem to have great understanding on many topics and insight from god. i need advice. i am married and i have two kids. the problem is my husband is verbally abusive and occassionally physically abusive. i can forgive the times where he ran around with other women all night and probably cheated on me several times. i can also forgive the drug usage. but what worries me most is that my children will see that behavior and think its ok to do when they grow up. they are still babies. i have been waiting for four years to see if thinga would get better and they havent. everyday he says something to hurt me where i am so depressed i try to turn on the tv and ignore as much as i can. i dont feel this is healthy. he has been claiming he is a christian. is this really possible? i want to walk away for everybodys benefit but i feel like i need gods blessing. i feel i have given the relationship adecuate time. i hate divorce andsplitting up the family. but i think i need to step up as a responsible mom and walk away from the relationship so the kids dont turn out lile that. can you let me know what you think about this?

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