The Sunday Night Rant – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv rants on several topics in a warm up that are relevant in the Black Community to radio host Angela Butler as a prequel to him being interviewed on her show.

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Culture Critic, Podcast Host, Blogger, Cartoonist & Social Media Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! Call/Text Direct: 407.590.0755

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  1. BoardzNdaHOOD

    Population numbers are false. “White” isn’t just european, they included
    places like North Africa and the “Middle East”. Many “blacks” of these
    areas are counted as white. The “Hispanic” title is to decrease our numbers
    too. There are millions of blacks misnomered “Hispanic”. Nice rant Lance!

  2. Tonty

    Who is the young lady on the call? She sounds like a sweetheart. She’s
    gonna be fine~ because she is reaching out to positive people~ and wants to
    strive for better, I wish her the best.


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