The Sweetness And Awareness That Only The Time Of Struggle Can Bring

While laying here in a bittersweet mood of reminiscing over my crazy life I have come to the realization that it’s the times in your life
when you strive to reach that next level of existence that actually were the sweetest.

Many of us in this economy don’t have the luxuries that we thought we would at this junction point in life and some of us do. No matter where you fall on the broad band of that spectrum my statement will always remain a truth. And while I would prefer to live in moderate luxury than in extreme poverty, I know for a fact it’s those periods of living lean where I made my most heartfelt progress spiritually and truly absorbed the total experience of this thing called life around me.

Isn’t it funny that when you don’t have the material items or status that you may enjoy now for some reason the fun times were even more enjoyable than they could ever be now? Is it that these things that were at one time not real to you in your world have clogged your personal filters of appreciation making it literally impossible to be completely free and exempt from the simple pleasures in the world that were once so abundantly available?

Nothing beats the sweetness of taking a simple walk when you don’t own a car. When you found yourself finally purchasing that car that you thought you’ve always desired, those simple walks just weren’t sweet anymore.

You now drive up and down all over town, venturing into faraway places but you never derived the same satisfaction as when your only means of transportation was on foot because you unknowingly traded that ability the moment that you took possession of those car keys.

The times of struggle were the sweetest!

Why is it that when you are wining and dining in the finest of restaurants it isn’t as sweet of a time as when you and your loved ones pitched in your pennies together to come up with enough money to put together a makeshift home meal that would get you through to the next payday? It may not have been the best meal but the love put into it and shared amongst each other made it damn near impossible to top from the feeling of satisfaction derived.

The times of struggle were the sweetest!

How is it now that folks can live in homes that are considered huge in comparison to the tiny apartment that they sacrificed to live in to be able to purchase that same house that at that point in their life was their dream home?

Now they find so many things about that house not to their liking as they wish that they could live in one of those mega-mansions that they see on television that is beyond their financial grasp. Why is that?

You see, while I can go on and on about the yearning for material items I believe you get the picture. The same goes for the pursuit of status, or rather, the pursuit of perceived status. You have individuals who work so hard on these jobs just to get a promotion not only for the money, but for the drug like rush of a perceived superiority that they crave to feel over another employee.

While I am not advocating a goal of purposely living an impoverished lifestyle by a long shot, what I am suggesting is that you look into the effects that this material world has on your ability to truly absorb the real and authentic joys of this life. Our lives have been usurped of its abilities to do so because it has been replaced by a substitute counterfeit desire that has led us to believe that we will be happier if we can take possession over as much material goods as we can possible manage. This is the problem with the people in the world today but what they just don’t understand is that this life is merely a launching pad or training ground for all that comes to us for an eternity. By being tricked and distracted into believing only in what can titillate the five senses we have in essence and in many cases unknowingly become idol worshipers of the man made luxuries that really pale in comparison to the gifts that our Creator give to us so freely without a price tag!

But we are too blinded to see this!

If you happened to be blessed with a great financial portfolio, a huge bank account and all of the amenities that accompany such a holding, know that it is your responsibility to reach as many people with your influence in order to share that blessing that really belongs to God in the first place. Because when you physically perish, it stays right here on this earth for others to enjoy and utilize anyway. Even if your riches are not in the form of a financial holding, it might be in the art of communication. You might be a motivator. A nurturer. A caretaker. There are many areas that we are blessed in that can be used for the glory of God better than the “going nowhere” glorification of our own limited doomed narcissistic carnal agenda! Doesn’t it make sense to aligned your life with the One who will NEVER die?

I think that makes MUCH more sense.

So when you find yourself hard at work to attain those personal goals of yours, make sure that what you are striving for is something that won’t merely perish when you leave this earth. Make sure that what you crave is not something empty and shallow that won’t bring any satisfaction in the long haul and actually haunt you as you realize that you spent your whole life in pursuit of a useless husk of an image that brings no joy to not only yourself, but to those that you COULD have influenced if you had your spiritual priorities aligned up right.

This is why for most of us as we look back on our lives the sweetest times came before we were burdened down with the things that clouded our joy. Staying grounded as to what is really more important to us is the key. The sun doesn’t shine any better on a person who has a billion dollars in their pocket more so than it shines on you. The negative forces of this world will have you feeling that it does when in fact the blessing of that sunshine came from you heavenly father as do all things. Do not be deceived. Do not trade in these golden times that are yours to cherish in your heart forever by the constant ache that comes when you desire the things of this world that won’t bring you to that place of happiness that you already have and just don’t know it.

Detach yourself from your toys sometime and learned how blessed you truly are. Put on a tee shirt and some jeans (The ones with the hole in it, got to keep yourself humble now! LOL!) on and take a walk with your cellphone on vibrate or rather on that setting that make no noise at all when someone is attempting to call you. I would suggest leaving it home but in this world you have to be wise and you never know what danger can approach you while in your meditation. As you walk, realize that the joy that you feel from being away from your designated position in this life.

Understand that:

You are NOT just an employee. You are your OWN company with the potential to directly generate your OWN income on your OWN terms regardless if that department head or supervisor appears to be holding you back. Nothing can stop you from success in this world unless you ALLOW them to make you believe that!  Accepting failure because of someone else’s projection of that into your life so they can control you for their benefit is nothing short of damn witchcraft!

You are NOT merely a caretaker or parent/guardian. Never allow your peers or even your dependents continually force you into the role of permanent parenthood. While you will always be a father or mother to your children, many of our offspring specialize in remaining purposely handicapped so that you will step in to do for them what they should now be doing for themselves! The sweetest part of this life is knowing that you have done everything possible to provide your children with the ability to take care of themselves. Let NO ONE make you feel guilty for THEIR lack of ambition!

You are NOT your car. Your identity status depends NOT on the year and make of your vehicle and you should walk just as tall if you ride a bike as opposed to driving a Bentley. Man made the Bentley but GOD MADE YOU! Remember that!

You are bigger than your status! We all share the same proximity to our God and can call on His name regardless what the carnal world thinks of us. You can be homeless, in the gutter without two nickels to rub together…….guess what? Your Heavenly Father is the same Heavenly Father of the richest man or woman in the world and have to answer to the same standards as you and I whether they know it or not! So NEVER make another make you feel lower than they are because they are puffed up with their ass on their shoulders! Yes I did! I am talking righteous and I said the word ASS! So what?

You are NOT defined by your marital status! So WHAT if you haven’t found the mate yet in your life? It’s better to be by yourself in preparation of that divine time that God deems as the right time for you to have that special someone than to rush the process foolishly and pick someone of your choosing that will wreck up your life because it was not ordained! Look at all of the sisters out here IN a relationship but miserable and cheating because they aren’t HAPPY in one! Enough said!

Need i say more?

So learn to feel good with what God has provided us with at THIS point in our lives and know that EVERY point has a “sweetness” to it no matter what the surrounding circumstances and oftentimes when you look back you will find that the sweetest times were in the times of personal struggle.




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