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LanceScurv rants on the recent Texarkana Texas White woman who lied & posted false injury photos on social media claiming came at the hands of 3 Black Men!

It’s an Amerikkkan Tradition that White Women have straight up lied on Black men, saying that they have come on to them, attacked them and even raped them!

So when I saw this story come across my social media timeline I had to speak on the historic angle that I saw so strongly in this latest episode of racist behavior here in the United States.

What in the heck is going on these days in America?

It’s like a wasp’s nest that was beat down with a baseball bat by bored teenagers during a long hot summer vacation with nothing to do.

Now that the nest has been disturbed, the amount of wasps aggressively flying around simply wasn’t anticipated as the shocked kids flee for their lives!

Well, it appears to me that the wasps nest of racism has been hit hard and everything racist that has laid dormant in our society has come to the surface to rear its ugly head for the world to see.

Racism is a stronghold in this country and its roots run deeper and further than we could have ever imagined.

It’s funny but many seem to feel that by banishing the word “Nigger” or taking down every Confederate Flag will change the underlying hate that racist minded individuals have for Black people.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth because rearranging the surface of anything never changes what lies in the deepest recesses of one’s heart.

As a matter of fact, I believe that to change the facade and symbols that are so insulting and disrespectful to Black people as well as any spoken word will only intensify what many can’t help but feel in their hearts because of an upbringing steeped in ignorance and hate.

It makes it more of an easier navigation in this world when the labels remain.

No, I’m not defending any flag or any word but what I mean is that it will do absolutely nothing to kill the root of the tree of racism simply by pruning its leaves.

Think about it, by all indications we’ve made absolutely NO progress as a nation and have become the laughingstock of the entire world because of our issues on race.

The world has moved on and there are so many better places to live than America, who really wants to deal with the mental sickness of these people who have absolutely no reason to feel as they do because of the lie of superiority that they have been fed.

I don’t know about you as a reader but I’m beginning to feel like an older passenger of mine on my bus route, he said that he fled the United States for about 25 years because he got so sick and tired of dealing with the racism here inflicted on him by White people.

We shouldn’t have to jump through these twisted hoops that they continue to raise up higher and higher.

While I love all of humanity I also love life. And I don’t think that I was put here on this planet to be a babysitter for a sick society who is hellbent on demonizing me simply because of the color of my skin!

2015 is no different from 1815 or 1715. NO DIFFERENCE! It’s time to truly rethink our tortured walk here on this decadent blood soaked sinful soil and consider the fact that we are citizens of the entire planet!!

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