The Thrill Of The Chase & The True High That Comes From A Well Earned Accomplishment!

There is so much in this world to be accomplished and I just cannot see how many of us just don’t possess any drive to improve their lives with the amount of opportunities that dwell in our midst so freely.

In my life I have always been driven to do something, even if it is wasn’t the most orthodox activity that I could have pursued, at least I was fiending to change the landscape in my world in SOME way, shape or form.

But to sit down and watch the grass grow has never been my style or even in my D.N.A. and I have to give the honor of course to God but I also have to state that my Creator shrewdly utilized those tools of earthly authority called parents to guide me and expose me culturally to so much before I even hit the double digit ages of my life!

That being said, no matter what your upbringing or what you have had to go through to make it to this point, those circumstances can NEVER stop you from improving your life unless you allow it to.

No one can hold you down unless you have given them the permission to do so!

No abusive relationship can keep you from your divine destiny unless you’ve  cosigned into what your abuser tells you what you limitations are. Never sign on that deadly emotional dotted line of a dysfunctional union! You have to understand that you too can shine!

And for those of you who claim to serve a mighty God that has no limits let me ask you this – If you serve an omnipotent God that has no limits or boundaries, then why are your aspirations that of a mediocre entity and are happy to be complacent and dumb enough to live for a mere paycheck?

God didn’t strategically place you in this world to be a whore for a mere paycheck only to be exploited to achieved another man’s dreams for pennies on the dollar if THAT much!

Get up and wake up!

You say that you want good health yet you consume the bad foods that God never intended for you to prepare the way that you do. You “pray” for weight loss and go to the doctor for all of these so called medical procedures that remove your guts as a shortcut to avoid the necessary discipline that you needed in the first place to not have found yourself in that position!

You insult your God by ignoring all of the fresh foods that He made specifically for your body to achieve optimum health and beauty but wonder why you look and feel the way that you do.

The problem is not the devil being on your back but your own lack of being connected to the very power that will bring you to the “promised” land of health!

You grieve your Lord by moving about the earth in a state of ignorance when He specifically told you to seek knowledge. Yet half of the drama and bull-crap that we find ourselves in is because we didn’t do that very thing so we brought it on ourselves from being so damn stupid!

With the world literally at our fingertips via the Internet on our cellphones and the computer at home we can research ANYTHING and become masters on any topic that we so choose yet all we find ourselves doing is peering into another persons reality via Facebook and page surfing people that we don’t even know out of nosiness when we could become even more informed and educated to enhance our lives and those around us for the better!

We continually keep the Lord’s name in our mouth all day long, yet how many of us execute actions that if placed under a theoretical microscope would reflect the very Savior that we proclaim to emulate?

You see, even at this advance stage of our lives we have so much to improve as we need to scrutinize ourselves a lot more than we have. It’s not good enough to feel as though your standing in God’s eyes is superior to one whose walk just might be in its infantile stages right now, because if truth be told that same person when spiritually hitting their stride may “zoom” past you and make you commitment appear to be merely superficial!

So stop looking sideways at others when it comes to evaluating your placement in the rankings of holiness. The righteous standard is what it is and it doesn’t change your responsibility to adhere to it no matter how many in your midst are faltering!

Even on the other non spiritual levels of our existence we tend to look everywhere else and fail to be efficient with how we spend our own time. Actually, we waste most of it in general and seem to believe that those who have mastered riding the mysterious waves of time to their advantage have some magic secret or gimmick that separates the accomplished from the “do-nothings.


I think not!

But if there is any secret to making the most of your life and of your time on this earth I would say that it is to NOT waste any time. It’s as simple as that. Not waste any time and to approach your tasks efficiently and with a sense of urgency as though your life depended on it…….because in a very big way it does!

But in order to not waste any time you must know what it is that you must be doing with your time in the first place. You can’t focus on getting something positive done when you don’t even know what in the heck you are supposed to be doing in the first place!

That being said, once you understand that we all have a calling in this life no matter how big or small, no matter how visible or invisible, we then must move toward manifesting that calling until that reality is realized and manifest.

To those who have chosen to punk out on life and give up on any form of self improvement I say to you this – there is no better “high” than pushing forward toward a goal and eventually reaching it! – nothing beats that feeling at all! It’s the ultimate high!

It hit me the other day that those who are out and about in live not moving toward anything progressive are the very same people who have some type of addiction to replace the high of achievement and accomplishment! We were created to conquer so when we are not doing so in some way, shape or form it we have to feel that rush regardless. So instead of understanding that what we really need to to striving to reach a new level in our lives, we reach for the alcohol, the illicit sex, the gossip, the crack, the heroin, the crystal meth, the gambling, the soap operas on television and the reality television shows.

See where I’m coming from?

This is why those who seem to keep going at conquering the many worlds out here in this life tend to keep going up until they are unable to do it anymore.

The rush of accomplishment is just too sweet!

Another observation of mine is actually the “flip side” of what I just said, if you look into the lives of those who are achievers you will see a lack of the aforementioned poisons that I have stated in the prior paragraph. Many of them live a spartan life that would appear to be a very strange one to most of us. There are things that most of those who have achieved some level of success in their chosen path that most of the general population of mediocre individuals JUST WON’T DO!

This is the difference between the winners and the easily forgotten entities who never reached to manifest their potential. Most will not part with what they consider to be their comfort zone or vice, sacrificing the “now” for what is far greater down the road in the “future.”

Those who we feel have made it to the uncharted heights actually have no more time in their day than we do. They just know how to maximize every moment to their advantage and have the ability to harness the unused energies around them (People who have no mission of their own) to their advantage to reach THEIR dreams!

Why settle for a job when you can make yourself your OWN boss at something that you master?

In closing I just want to add one more thought, yesterday I was out and about in public running some errands when I happened to run across a young woman barely out of her teens to whom I’ve known for quite a while now in a casual manner. She asked me how do I keep up and do all of the things that I do as I near the half century mark in this life. I told her that one of the things (It would be an article rivaling the collective size of every book in a library if I were to tell you everything approach and tactic that I used to get ahead in this life! LOL!) But I told her that you must have something that you do that is so completely rewarding to you personally that you couldn’t live without doing it even for a day! The trick is to turn this activity into something that is “your own” and make it something that is profitable to you over time.

You have to truly look inside and find what it is that you would do happily for no compensation if you could. This would be the thing that you are the most passionate about. First you have to find it and when you do you must pursue it and never let anyone whisper into your spirit any discouraging words that will poison your will to continue!

I feel many people give up too much when they submit their complete energies to merely being content in having a job. While I would never say that one must walk off of their job the very minute that the thought of their life mission and passion hits their consciousness, they should understand that they will never receive that overwhelming joy by merely being a two bit player on someone else’s job. Keep your job until your wings are strong enough to pull your destiny high on its own but work toward this moment everyday and know that with every passing day your time to fly is coming!

Even those who may be in very rigid and confining high paying jobs are usually not as happy as they would be if they had a growing slice of their existence where they controlled it completely and didn’t have to answer to anyone else other than themselves. The potential failures (Let’s hope not!) and the desired victories would be theirs to enjoy without anyone else taking the credit from the effort that they put in.

So stop feeling that you are merely an interchangeable faceless entity who holds down a position that can quickly be filled in the midst of your absence. Do for self and cultivate something to offer the world that will put money directly in your pocket and help someone in the meantime. Utilize your time from now on to figure out a system that you can offer to the world that will allow you to deal direct with the consumer of your personal product and allow you to hire yourself forever without the fear of a layoff or firing from a thankless job!

One of the most devious and shrewdest mind tactics of these oppressive employers is that they have a sly way of making you feel as though they are doing YOU a favor by employing you on their job! They will never tell you this directly but they will communicate this to you in many non verbal ways. After a while you will begin to feel as though you are highly favored to merely be given pennies on the dollar from what your boss gets from you in the form of pay. When in actuality if you took your skills and energies out on the open market for yourself you would truly see what you are missing and how much your job is getting over on you!

Also you must add to this the feeling of accomplishment and the joy of commandeering your own ship through the rough waters of solo capitalism. It’s really not as hard as one might think and the thrill of the chase is one of the most empowering and wholesome feelings that you will EVER experience in this life. It brings out something so basic and necessary to you that you will find yourself in a righteous zone seeking for ways to even go higher in your chosen lane.

You will then think to yourself on how much time that you wasted accomplishing literally nothing when you used to be in the company of those who were indulging in their non productive vices and will vow never again to spend a moment of the precious time that God gave you on these frivolous life sapping practices ever again!

So get up and reflect within yourself on what makes YOU the unique creature in this universe that You were created to be by the Almighty Himself!

Anything less would be a sheer insult to your God!

“The Scurv Has Spoken”

As always, I thank you all for coming by to absorb my rants, your constant visits help me to save the money that I would have to spend on a psychiatrist! LOL!

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