The Time To Make It Happen Is NOW If You Want To One Day Hear Your Creator Happily Say “Job Well Done!”

How else could I have said it? Many of you who read my blog on a regular basis know that I love the circus like effect of long blog
titles but this time I kept it short and sweet because the message can’t be described any other way.

The time is now!

What do I mean by this?

Well this was the word that was put on my heart to share and immediately upon arising I walked a straight line to my keyboard just
to put it down with the sense of urgency of a man who the night before drank a gallon of milk mixed with heavy sweet chocolate syrup to wash down an entire box of chocolate chip cookies before polishing off three Hershey’s chocolate candy bars!

I had to do this NOW!

But in actuality that is how we should go after most goals in life but we have been rendered ineffective. The spirit of procrastination has most of us locked arm in arm and is escorting us through life while smiling like a father giving away his daughter to the groom at her wedding! Except that spirit never gives us away! It kindly walks us all throughout our life keeping us at a safe distance from our goals just enough to feel as though we can achieve them but far enough to keep us from ever realizing them.

It keeps us sleepwalking through life.

We have become “zombified!” We talk the right words yet the results of our diatribe never pan out into any tangible accomplishment. We play and pretend. Yet we feel the frustration of never going after what it is that our God has placed the seeds of greatness in us for.

What do most sane minded individuals do when they repetitiously execute a movement that bring absolutely no results? They change it right? If you see that every time you attempt to drive down a particular road in your vehicle you get into a major automobile collision, you begin to understand that this is just not the road for you. But we as the stubborn human beings that we are we will continue to go down the same beaten path an then expect a vastly different result! Isn’t this the textbook definition of madness?

So now we go to these jobs where we have been slaving for years and then we expect to get rich one day while we toil on in iniquity
thinking that our supervisors and bosses are going to give us something that they are now pocketing for themselves. If you think
that the job that you are on and its supervisors are going to have an epiphany about how great a person you are and reward you with “great wealth” either you are just as delusional as the rest of your coworkers or you just love being taken advantage of!

When are you going to get the guts to stand up and start something of your own that will eventually “take you there” into the life that God has planned for you?  Is it your job that woke you up this morning and continues to give you the breath of life? Show your God that you trust and fear Him even more than you trust and fear your boss! Because in actuality we give our bosses more honor and respect than we do our Heavenly Father and this is why our lives are as jacked up as they are!!!!

Make your move! Not next year! Not next week! Not tomorrow!

The time is NOW!

You have that gym membership or exercise equipment sitting up at home collecting dust, either way no matter which one it is for you, you haven’t even THOUGHT of utilizing it like you swore you would at that New Years Party that you attended where you proclaimed either publicly or to yourself that this was the year that you were going to drastically improve yourself physically. Now here we are in April with one third of the year gone forever and you are sitting up here looking the same way, hanging out with the same non-motivated people who will have you eating the same old junk and looking worse than ever before!

Same effort and movement, same result. It’s as simple as that! And if the truth be told when this year rolls around to an end, most of us will be even bigger, fatter, more obese with a slimy life sapping beauty robbing oily assed pork chop taking constant residence in our mouths talking that same junk that we do when the New Years celebrations approach us!

Until you see that time waits on no one you will NEVER have the mentality to be a true achiever and conqueror in this gift of a life
that God has given you! I look at people and even myself included because I am not perfect, and I say to myself do we want God to do it ALL for us? Shouldn’t there be a few things that WE should be responsible for? Dear LORD! He gave us these wonderful bodies to
navigate the face of this vast earth in, he gave us an entire planet from which we have absolutely EVERYTHING to sustain this wonderful life but WE chop it short through our foolish health practices. All of the medicine that we can ever need is there for us in abundance growing up in the form of plants, leaves and roots. He has given us a life giving sun to sustain us in ways that we are only NOW beginning to understand and comprehend. He has given us so much but we refuse to do  the little thing that He asked of us in the form of obedience to His law!

We are disobedient and have be one severely disoriented in our awareness because of it. We posture and pose as the great children of
God that we were made to be but can never show how much power we have because we are not “hooked up” to the source of that power!

This is no time to be wasting ANY time because I don’t know about you but I don’t know what time my Father is going to call my name so I make the best use of the time that I have because of it.

I have no time to waste just merely looking like the real thing when I am out here trying to BE the real thing!

Some of us claim that there is power in the word of God and quite frankly to be raw with you……there IS! But judging by what I see
around me in all of the communities that I have lived in before, most who claim an obedient life to the divine commandments are no better than that scarecrow that sits out on the fields to scare the crows away from the crops! They may look like spiritual firebrands when they are performing their weekly “in the spirit” display of a fraudulent connection to the Creator but leave the service and not have a clue as to how to balance their own damn checkbook! They leave out and tell themselves that they carry the spirit of God within them but are envious of the supposed brother and sister because they have a sexy and highly desirable spouse and they DON’T! What kind of child of God are you?

You got more rime to be up in someones personal business but you can never find the time to improve YOUR life! People always tell me that I am always too busy doing something and that I never have the time for myself.

Well this is what I tell them……

I tell them that there is no such thing as having time for myself because this time that has been given to me is a very serious thing
that is not to be piddled away on carnal foolishness. This is borrowed time. I didn’t create it nor can I destroy it. It is God’s and it was
given to me for a time to make positive use of it to validate my existence here and please Him! So this is why even in my sleep I am
planning my strategy and visualizing. Because when I awaken it is like hearing that starting shot at the beginning of a foot race! How
can I know where I am going when I have no plan? How can I be a winner when I do not know how to run the race or play the game?

If you want to come out on top in this life instead of complaining about how time moves so fast get up on the waves of time and ride it
like a surfer at the beach who rides the waves that are fast coming into shore! When you really look at that surfer he is not really putting out much effort now is he? But he has learned how to harness the power of that wave which weighs so much more than him and carries an uncontrollable amount of deadly brute force that could wipe him out immediately!

But it almost a thing of beauty to watch him or her merely maintain the proper balance with a slight tilt here and a slight lean there.

How do they say it in the streets? He was CHILLIN’! Lol!

This is what we need to learn to do in mastering this powerful thing called time. It is not our enemy, it is our friend, we just merely
have to know how to harness its powerful potential in our lives so that we will not merely be spectators in the stadium of life but the
high priced well paid performers that the masses pay for dearly to watch us shine effortlessly!

That wonderful reality starts right here right now deep within your mind and every fiber of your being. It’s a visualization that is so
powerful that you can see it, you will taste it and you will just KNOW that it is not merely a possibility but a definite FACT that it is a
reality that will soon transpire right in front of our very eyes.

In other words, the time to move forward into that wonderful life is NOW!

No my friend, it “ain’t” happening like that! Maybe for a time you can fool yourself into thinking you can get over but there comes a time when we ALL have to pay the piper! The time is now to walk the straight and narrow. The rime is now to learn how to improve your health. The time is now to stop doing that thing that you are secretly doing that is sabotaging your greatness from manifesting and the time is now to change a life trajectory aimed at a definite failure into one that with the guaranteed promise of God is one that is destined for success!

You have no more excuses anymore my friend because you now know that the time is NOW!

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April 30, 2011 10:15 AM

Usually when I am answering a blog Im real hyped up, BUT this time the message found me right where I live at. Just because you dont see it doesnt mean its not possible to achieve. We even I sometimes look at the circumstances rather then the God of the circumstance.

I have found out that for the most part I played my biggest enemy. making boulders out of rocks. Its good to say amen but its also good to just say ouch and amen too. I am saying ouch ouch.

I understand things come to hinder me but if God said it that settles it. Lord I believe but help my unbelief because its so easy to see it for others but we need to see it for ourselves as well. Thanks Lance this was well needed!

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