The Tortured Life Of Chris Brown: A Fatal Accident Just Waiting To Happen?

Chris Brown has an undeniable talent to entertain.


While we didn’t watch him grow up right before our very eyes, like say a Michael Jackson for example, the general feeling is that we had him under our scope long enough to watch him develop into something more than what he was when he first hit the music scene big time some years ago.


But unfortunately like many low key entertainers who you never hear from until it’s time to promote their latest work, the current “in progress” legacy of Chris Brown is more known for his troubles outside of his performances and exceptional body of work than it is for those talents that placed him in the public eye in the first place.


His unfortunate manhandling of fellow Superstar entertainer and girlfriend Rihanna, to his bizarre image makeover from being the cute clean cut guy next door type to the confrontational in your face tattooed schizophrenic lone wolf whose every response to the paparazzi made the gossip blogs work overtime with compelling content made Chris Brown the man many love to hate!

Rihanna Bruised

But is Chris Brown really that bad or is it that he, like anyone else famous or unknown, has a life to live and mistakes to learn from that unfortunately are executed under the glaring lights of celebrity while under the anonymous scope of judgment from the imperfect jury of his detractors?


I tend to have lots of sympathy for those who are in the public spotlight like Chris because every small gesture is amplified, discussed, broken down and accessed by the masses who thrive on dehumanizing celebrities after years of building them up and exalting them into some type of godlike status.


But my question to his detractors is could YOU walk the tightrope of fame with your life the way it is now if the spotlight of celebrity shined down on you every minute of your life?


Don’t even go there and lie to me and say you could!


The very reason why you do what you do in reveling in the growing pains and sometimes bizarre reactions of a celebrity like Chris Brown is that it makes you feel good to see someone else go through something because many of you have miserable damn lives!

Chris Brown


Face it. We ALL have dysfunction in our lives, families and upbringings and while your imperfections may not be the same as mine or as severe as mine it makes no sense to throw off on Chris Brown or your celebrity of choice because YOU have enough work to do in your own life without trying to make someone else’s miserable!


So when I found out that he recently had a seizure, I already knew then at that moment that his detractors were going to come out in full force to pick from the remains of his young life like the vultures that they are.


…….and for those who didn’t hear about Chris Brown’s seizure, it happened around 1:09 a.m. on Friday, August 9, 2013 at a recording studio in Hollywood named “Planet Record.”  The Los Angeles Fire Department rushed to his location after receiving a 911 call during the emergency.

After arriving to the scene, EMTs were told by Chris Brown himself that he is refusing any treatment and that he didn’t want any follow up treatment at the hospital. It was also discovered that the 24 year old Brown suffered from seizures as a child so I guess this wasn’t too much of a shock to him for this to happen.


Chris Brown’s representative stated that the seizure was triggered by “intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress” because of the unfounded seemingly never ending unfounded legal matters that are coming his way as well as the non stop negativity that has become a constant companion in his personal life.


So there you have it, yet another young celebrity dealing with a world that will eat you up and spit you out before moving on to the next prey.

Chris Brown and Rihanna


I almost feel as though I’m watching a movie that I never saw before yet know what the unfortunate ending will be even though I’m rooting for the underdog.


Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse…….


I could fill an entire library of celebrities who succumbed to the pressures of being famous in the entertainment world. It’s a relentless machine that has no allegiance to anyone as it continues to churn out and turn out the young lives whose only desire was to simply pursue their innocent passions of song and dance.

Amy Winehouse


There is no amount of preparation to ready anyone – especially a teen star growing up – for the depth of wickedness and deception lurking deep behind the smiling faces of those who seek to profit greatly from THEIR God given talents and abilities.


We can only hope that Chris Brown renounces and rejects all who do not have his best interests in mind to stay rooted in whatever world he came from before he became a household name.

Chris Brown Tweet


The sad part is that like so many before him, if he unfortunately joins the list of young stars whose lives where cut short because of the inability to handle the hellish stresses that come from a world that most of us couldn’t begin to fathom, we would then bestow praise upon him for those abilities like the hypocrites we are to never acknowledge how we tore him down in life.

Michael Jackson Waving


We did it to Michael Jackson.


We did it to Amy Winehouse.


We did it to Whitney Houston.


We are going to keep on doing it until we wake up in hell for possessing the inconsiderate and demonic souls that we do!



How sad.


I personally hope that Chris Brown one day very soon wakes up from the illusion of fame that has draped his life and tosses it down like an unwanted soiled ragged garment to embrace a real life with people around him who care about him for HIM and not the money or fame that he now has in abundance.


How dare we throw stones when we KNOW of the dysfunctional secrets that we have in our closets and I pray that Chris Brown gets it together to thumb his nose at all who watch his life go by like a fatal accident waiting to happen.


Chris: If you in the slim chance get to read this blog I want you to snatch a page from the Dave Chappelle book of Self Preservation in the shark infested world of Hollyweird…….

Dave Chappelle


…….when you feel as though enough is enough then turn around and walk away with your money, your sanity and your salvation!


And like Dave’s great example, to do this you will salvage a real life and not the illusion that Hollywood seduces you with to reduce you to a lucrative corpse that they can feast on like that tasty Thanksgiving turkey leftover in the fridge without shedding a tear for the man that you could have become.


There IS life after Hollywood Chris.


…….but there isn’t Hollywood after life. Only God. Call out to Him now and leave that Sodom and Gomorrah of a hell-pit alone! You’ll thank me one day when you do!


Peace & Righteous Love Always,


Your Brother Who Always Sees Through The Seductive Veils Of Deception,







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