The True Happiness That Will Always Remain Elusive To The Superficial Of This World

The climate of today’s world I believe is so far off of what it was meant to be on the level of connectedness to what our Creator intended and we are paying for it with a lack of happiness.

We are so disconnected from each other and it has given the world a void from which most of the goodness has been robbed from us.


Yes, some will say that because they are financially independent or are caught up on their bills that life is good.

Others will say that since they have a position in the church or on a job that everything in life is good and that they don’t need anything else.

The list of things that make people feel as though they have it “going on” in their lives is as vast as there are grains of sand on the beach but most fail to see the common thread that runs through us and how it has been clipped leaving us without the connection that has literally been the heart and soul a truly happy life.


Our collective mentalities have become one of “winning at all costs”, if this are the rules then I would have to say that most of you are “winning”. I mean, if life was merely about accruing more materialistic toys than the next man/woman at the point of death, then some of you are outright champions! LOL!

…….but is this really what your life is all about?

Sadly, many individuals find out too late in life that there is more to this plane of existence than the carnal mindset which keeps one bound to the trivial and insignificant happenings of this world.

Sure, anyone who lives in the civilized world would be a fool not to keep up with what is transpiring in the world around them as it pertains to them, but how much is too much and is it worth it to be so caught up in the world and fail to see the connection between you and your fellow man?

To see life this way would guarantee that the life that you have lived is nothing but a shell of what it could have been and a waste of precious years because of the missed experiences with all other human beings on this earth in the mindset of a universal righteous human family and community.

…….anything less than this has to be not too pleasing to the Higher Power that has afforded us the gift of life.

What could be done to change this and is it a waste of time to attempt to make others see that they are missing the mark and losing so much that life has to offer?

Before I get into answering that let me just say that this earthly existence I believe is somewhat of a testing ground to see who advances and could have really been a “prequel” to the afterlife and literally Heaven on Earth!

To illustrate my viewpoint allow me to take you back or rather ask you to go back to a time in your life when you were a child who knew just enough of the world to be aware of SOME things but not knowledgeable enough to be tainted with the things that we know as an adult.

Remember the time in your life when you weren’t aware of what a mortgage payment or rent was? It was just that your friends lived where they lived and you accepted it for what it was but you knew that everyone’s (Now there were a few exceptions to this rule now! LOL!) parents, guardians or caretakers got up everyday during their work week and went to work. As a child you just accepted that this is what they did but while you knew that they had to make money, it didn’t seem to be as important as your desire to spend the time to play with your friends after doing your chores and schoolwork obligations.

That’s all you had to concern yourself with in your world as a child at the time and looking back it was the sweetest time of life even if their were issues because at least you didn’t have the real concern of keeping your job, making money, the health concerns, the relationship issues and dealing with the disappointments that are all to frequent and unwanted visitors who have painted their presence on the canvas of our lives.

It was just a time of pure indulgence and the world was this huge wide open place that encompassed so much beyond the scope of your limited childlike mind in a very magical way.

But as many of us have gotten older we began to become infected with the awareness of a status that this world has placed us in.

As you’ve gotten older, you became aware that the beloved neighborhood where you’ve enjoyed so many great childhood memories was looked down upon and considered a ghetto or a ‘hood.

This realization really hurt and it caused some to reject their upbringing and seek to cover it up with a life of lavish possessions that really didn’t give them any satisfaction except to mask the pain of a humble beginning and to make it easier to pretend that they never really came from the lower society in the first place. What really makes this sad is that they have had to disconnect the loving bonds and memories that they experienced in their humble beginnings that had nothing to do with any possession that they or their families had or didn’t have.

They lost that level of connectedness on a human level with their peers and therefore lost the joy that God meant for them to experience on a continuous level as they forfeited it for the substitute joy of material gain and worldly status.

Those types of individuals are now held captive by their worldly achievements but secretly deep down in their souls would willingly give it all back to have that joy once again in a world where status never mattered and the love for one another was the only thing that counted.

How many of us have been seduced into this dead end way of “living?

To be honest, far too many but not to be the bearer of bad news I have to say that I don’t believe that everyone will be saved from this deadly and poisonous way of seeing life. Some will leave this plane without ever being able to return to that level where it was more about the simple joys over any artificially manufactured fraudulent status.

Maybe this is why I was never attracted to those superficial types of women who have lost their sense of who they were. I am not attracted and never gravitated toward these “mannequins” because the “meal” that they were never had the flavor my soul desired. Also I have to say the same thing went with my male friends and acquaintances, if I detected a false bone in their body then I was guaranteed to become a distant memory in their world.


Life is just too short to live this way and for that I can say that I have been blessed after all I’ve been through in this world because I never “lost” myself and the sense of who I am! I KNOW who I am when I look in the mirror and am quite pleased with who I’ve become. I’m not perfect yet but I’m a heck of a lot better this year than I was the last year and one of the reasons is because I never lost that human connection to all human beings who step into my private space.

Another reason why the superficial things have never impressed me is that I never lost my connection to my first loves. I love to write, draw, ride a bicycle, exercise and meditate. When I was a child I was meditating heavily always deep in thought not knowing what I was doing or what it was called. It gave me a jump start into the mastery of observing human nature enabling me to write, draw or speak about it to others. I am truly thankful for what God has given me in this department because it has given me a special ability to connect with others that truly shows on my radio shows, art, videos and written expressions. There is no classroom that can teach the areas of expertise to which I’ve mastered and I will always use it to reach out to others on a human level as it has kept me with a joy in my heart that others have found to be quite elusive.

But to answer my earlier question about what could be done to change the disconnected superficial mentality of those in your midst I would say that all you can do is to be a shining example of one who possesses that righteous light of the divine and exude a love that is not found in abundance or rather at all in a world so deprived of the warmth of a giving human spirit.

Those who can see that their lives are not bringing them the joy that they thought their respective accomplishments and possessions would bring will slowly find themselves around you because of your example to the connectedness that God wants us all to have.

But be prepared, because there will be many who will not want to even be in your midst because they will be made to feel empty as they will know that your joy did not come from jumping through the hoops of their shallow worlds and that they are merely playing a game that could never bring the joy that your commitment to all things spiritual brings on a constant moment to moment basis.

On the job they will attempt to demean you, smear your character or get your fired by getting you caught up in lies merely because they don’t want to see the game that they have been playing for so long is as shallow as the vapor that exists on your windows early in the morning after a long foggy night.

For in their mind how dare you act happy when your car is over ten years old and possesses a few dents while theirs is a high priced luxury model fresh off just the showroom floor? How dare you keep a smile on your face when they KNOW that they make six figures a year while you pay is barely just above minimum wage?

They cannot see that in your life it is rich with loving caring and meaningful relationships that feed your spirit and keep a joy in your heart because YOU are loved for WHO you are and not in demand because of what you have.

When you’re lonely at night and wonder why you are constantly in that state of yearning even though the world may deem you to be one who has “made it”, understand that you may have forfeited a real meal of a life for the mere snack that is the meaningless superficial.

Never lose your connectedness to the true joys of this life and you will never feel the emptiness of having lived a life that is void of the connections that our God has deemed essential to our very happiness.

…….the choice in the end is yours.

Can you ultimately live with the consequences?

I know that I am overjoyed with mine.


Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “At Peace” Brother,



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March 10, 2013 4:33 AM

Preach Lance!This is truth unlimited. Contentment with self is the only way to true happiness. Just last week, I noticed I was out of sync with my self, I observed I was gradually moving away from my true authentic self. The real me was a woman who liked to sing whilst doing my house chores, I loved to get lost in my imaginative thoughts, I used intentionally naive of some things just to see the best in people. Most importantly i loved dancing, being the clown and drawing up weekly list and writing. I found I was changing into a cold hearted person, thinking negatively. When I reflected on reasons for this gradual systematic changes, I began to see I was changing due to pressure in marriage, having a baby and the new life I found myself in. In the process of adapting to the circumstances, I was learning new behaviours but losing myself.

I’m now doing something about this. I went dancing with girlfriends on Friday and it was good. I felt alive! I made everyone have a great time with my jokes. I danced with my heels off.

Im currently in the process of reconnecting with my true authentic self adding to that all I have learnt inn my present phase of life. Its all about balance.

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