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The Truth can arrive in your life in the most mysterious ways, oftentimes in a manner that one could never imagine.

I’m always overjoyed at the amount of feedback on my online activities in the form of the countless emails, text messages, phone calls and social media interactions, one particular phone call took me by surprise and resulted in an old school conversation with a rare soul whose mold was broken right after she was created.

The woman that I’m referring to I’ve named Sister Truth, from the first time I heard her utter the first syllable in our conversation, I felt and heard the God given authority in her voice and automatically realized how deficient the world is when it comes to the morally strong women of God that held our families, homes and communities together no matter what we had to endure as a people from the world around us.

Sister Truth is a throwback to a time when decadence and the facade of holiness weren’t accepted as the norm.

In that long gone era even the sinners knew that it would be better to discreetly indulge in their transgressions without trying to pass themselves off as women and men representing God’s highest standards.

Scandal and sin in the pulpit is almost expected in this day and age and I know for sure that if every congregation had strong women of faith who were the divine sentinels overseeing the movement and inner workings of the church then the out of control activity that has gotten comfortable there would be banished literally overnight!

Listen in to a conversation that I totally enjoyed that also shot a fresh dose of enthusiasm into my soul as it made me feel that all is not lost and that there is still hope for the institution of a brave bold uncompromising and on fire for God church will be restored.

Sister truth is the TRUTH!

…….can I get an amen?

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