I remember in the late 1980s when hip-hop music began to take a drastic change for the worse. I noticed it immediately, we had groups like Public Enemy, X-Clan and so many more that spoke of the realities of being black in America and beyond in this world.

It’s as though we are not allowed as a people to have anything of our own. I remember in the beginnings of hip-hop music and culture as it developed, many who don’t look like us said that it was not real music. But how quickly things change when these big corporations who once saw the power of hip-hop culture, quickly embraced it because they saw the financial potential in it for great profits.

But there is also an element that most didn’t see that upset me because as hip-hop began to become weaponized the creators of this powerful music genre were blamed while it was the fault of the corporate entities who financed the artist who brought the decadence into the culture.

The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan was always on point when he spoke about those Jews who had control over the entertainment industry and turned our beloved art form around into something that was used against us as a people. These enemies of us understood that these musical beats reached us on a level so deep that they can use this against us and infuse the music in a mind-controlled manner to get us to act out in the worst possible way.

The glorification of violence, drugs, sex, and the moral breakdown of our community was accelerated because of this newly hijacked music hybrid that had no resemblance to what we created. So now in the present day, all is being revealed in a manner that is so great that the truth can never be hidden anymore.

It’s such a good feeling to see how everything is now being revealed undeniably. I hope the youth can see the truth now and know that the music that they have been brainwashed to love so much has been poisoned. I hope that we all take back control of our art form and create from the heart with originality that appeals to us as we rebuild our culture and read it of those who have webinars that are against us for their profit without caring about the moral fiber of our communities.

I also hope that we don’t get fooled by the millions of dollars that are put behind the weaponizing of hip-hop artists and we can support the real artists who put out organic unprocessed music that is good for our souls. I wish these unknown artists who have good music refuse the destructive Jewish influence that brings big bucks to get you off course from your original intentions and creativity.

There are many ways of supporting our artists directly without them having to sell their souls by signing on the dotted line to the slave contracts that keep them controlled and financially shackled in the long run. We cannot allow this window of opportunity to escape us and we must continue to not only have these formerly forbidden discussions but also bring them out to light so that we can never suffer culturally and financially ever again as a people so that we can benefit from the talents that we possess.


No more will we allow anyone who cannot create to control what God has given us so abundantly to share with the world for our benefit. So many people across the planet despise us yet at the same time they want what we have in great abundance naturally.

We must realize that we are the most powerful people on the planet bar none. This is something that we do not have to apologize for and gone are the days where we feel that we have to go to someone else to cultivate the talent that we have within.

I have to say that for many years I have spoken on this and many other sisters and brothers have also done the same. There have been many people who were dismissive of my words and wrote me off as though I had a mental illness because of what I saw so clearly and what they refuse to see. Many of those Fairweather friends must be hiding right now because what is going on today has validated my life’s work.

I would like to hear your opinion and perspectives in an uncensored manner in the comments section below. Thank you for taking the time to read this written expression.



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