The Twisted Lust Of Joe Morrissey Is Pedophilia No Matter How You Slice it!

Fifty-seven year old Virginia state Senate candidate Joe Morrissey in my eyes is the classic case of a pedophile in denial who will lie not only to himself but to the world around him about his twisted desires by any means necessary.

Why do I say this?

Well, there are so many suspect men out here who understand that they can become incarcerated quick if they ever got caught having an inappropriate relationship with an under-aged girl or boy.

In my opinion many of these closet pedophiles will “settle” for what they feel is the next best thing…….which is someone JUST OVER the legal age in their state which in their mind is the next best thing.

Well the next best thing for Joe Morrissey would be to start dealing with his pretty young underage receptionist – Myrna Pride, now 19 – just before she turns 18 then “man up” to it by pretending to embrace the concept of marriage when she turns up pregnant under the public spotlight.

While it’s none of my business what Joe Morrissey does behind closed doors my question is would he still want to marry Myrna Pride if she didn’t end up pregnant with his child?

Now that they have a son together the questions don’t stop coming in inquiring into the legitimacy of a relationship between a 57 year old man and a 19 year old female.

I can say so much more here in detail but we would be here for days on end so listen in on my rant and leave your thoughts on this topic in the comment box below.


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