The Two Degrees Of Single Motherhood: Stop Frontin’ Like It Was So Tough When You Had Yo’ Mama Watchin’ The Crumbcrushers While You Were At The Club!

There are many women out here in the world who have successfully raised families on their own without the help of a man. A tough job indeed and not a task for the faint of heart or the non-motivated.

Now while my personal feeling is that the child of that single parent household would have been so much better off if that  father was there IN that household 24/7.

Now don’t jump on me too fast because I would never suggest that he be there if he was abusing you and cheating on you. That’s an entirely different story, he doesn’t  need to be there because he would do nothing except mess up that kids mind.

What I am talking about is a real man to be there. One who shows love to his wife in their child’s presence so that he or she can grow up with a very healthy and balanced template of what love is and how love acts. One who is responsible and diligently leverages a legitimate stable income while showing that child what a father truly is to the fullest sense of the word.

It’s hard to teach someone how to ride a bike by reading a book. You got to get on it at the risk of sometimes falling. “Hands on” is the best teacher!

So while many single mothers in the world might disagree with me as the rattle off the vast accomplishments of their children who may not have had a father in their live I say to them; How much more greater could your child have been had they had the access to a that in house male role model called father?

Yes, many of you have great reason to be proud of the sacrifices that you have made down through the years working overtime or more than one or two jobs. Many of you must stand up and be counted in the elite and the cream of the crop for doing a job these days that is challenging to a household even WHEN there are two parents present there to hold things down!

You had to go up against so much in this world that is riddled with traps and potential disaster at every step of the way. Some of you have raised children, held down more than one job and STILL went out and got a college degree with flying colors! How could anyone ever take that from you?

Now to see your children graduate from high school and college with honors after all you have been through for them, seeing how their achievements have validated the sleepless nights from going to bed late after helping them with their homework and being up early to get them ready for school.

Then there’s that constant hunger that you felt in your belly that had become an ever present companion to you as you made sure that your children ate all they wanted, even if it meant that you would get none!

So while the other parents may have occasionally “dabbed” a tear or two away as their offspring accepted their honors, they really
couldn’t grasp the depth of your joy because they couldn’t have possibly known what you had to do to get to this point and why you are now crying down a river of tears which on the surface appear to be tears reserved for the most tragic of funerals, yet this is a major release for you because no matter what happens in your life from this point on, you have brought your children safely through the dangerous minefields of this obstacle course called life and successfully across the finish line!

So at this point in your life whatever you want to do, you deserve to do it! If you want to purchase a luxury car “just because” then you have the full right! You did your job and you don’t have to deprive yourself of “some” of life’s pleasures if you don’t want to anymore! This is YOUR time and NO ONE should even move their mouth to try and get up in your business because they “know not” what you have endured and EARNED!

Take a cruise far away every year if you want and know that you don’t have to tell those nosy folks on your job anything if you don’t want to!

And so WHAT if you have a “friend” who comes over and spends the night in your home? Those nosy church gossips can run their “churchified” mouths all they want about that strange brand new car parked up in your driveway for the last two weeks, what business is it of theirs and why are they driving past your home when you live on a dead end street in a Cul-de-sac that is inside of a gated community? How did they get in? The old driving behind someone who has the code trick! Dang! The things that people do to try and ruin your joy!

But where were these people when you just couldn’t find a babysitter years ago? Some of these same “church sisters” looked down on you because your were that poor struggling single mother who had all of those kids and had no time to even think of being a “socialite” like them! Think of being a socialite and society woman? Heck! In their mind you didn’t even QUALIFY!

Now life is good and you are feeling so blessed to say to yourself that your children are all independent and prosperous as they have all bolted the nest in their own personal quest to pursue their career goals and the fulfillment of their lifetime dreams.

It’s a great feeling and you deserve it!

But wouldn’t you believe that with all of the “props” that I give to single mothers, that there are some single mothers that are “wearing the crown” that our aforementioned single mother who did it all the hard way as though they deserve to be exalted in the same manner?

Get the heck out of my face!

Just BECAUSE you are a so called single mother doesn’t mean that you automatically get the respect of that woman who I’ve described previously!

Yes! Let me tell you about these types. Most of them are damn hoochie’s anyway! ‘Hood-rats! And I am talking about the mentality
here and not the location, because many a good woman HAD to move to the ‘hood because the rent there is dirt cheap! She can stretch her money further than if she moved into a more affluent neighborhood and couldn’t do more. But usually after she really got on her feet, she would step up into a better situation but a woman with a ‘hood rat mentality will be a ‘hood rat no matter WHERE she lives!

And I am so tired of hearing these ‘hood rats claim how hard they have it by being a single mother when they are partying hard in the club at least three times a week while maintaining those garish two feet tall hair styles and wearing clothes that usually turn the streets that they walk down after leaving the nightclub into apparent “hoe strolls!”

And speaking of those “clothes” that they wear, they only shop in the neighborhood “hood” malls and come out sporting these zoot suits whose durability couldn’t measure up to a roll of cheap dollar store 1-ply paper towels! That’s why they only wear them one time before they are used to dry off the neighbor’s car after only one wearing!

And where are their kids when they are out getting their drink on? Where else? At their grandmothers! How could you NOT know the answer to this? Some kids are with their grandmother so much that they begin to call HER mommy and think that their real mother is just an older sister! Lol!

Well by the way these hedonistically driven unfit mothers carry on what do you expect a kid to think?

They hardly ever think of getting up off of their stank ass to go out to get a job even though any potential employer would quickly grab some candy to hand to them if they entered his office looking for a job because he would have mistakenly thought they were “trick or treating” by the hoochified clown-like way they have adorned themselves even though it’s not Halloween!

I might have to correct myself on that, those chicks might not have been “trick or treating” but a certified hoochie is ALWAYS on the lookout for new “tricks” who can “treat” them to a free meal or to help put their lights back on! (You liked that one huh? Lol!)

But back to my original point, these immature thuggettes have absolutely no right to claim how hard they have had it when their
grandmother is getting up early to take their babies to their doctors appointments as well as taking them to school every morning! The hoochified granddaughter roams about the terrain of the neighborhood freely without a care in the world and when she does take the time to keep her baby with her she could be seen walking in the street eight car lengths in front of her cussing out loud in public for her “to hurry her little DAMN slow ass up before yo’ dumb ass left!”

Hmmmmm! And you wonder why our superwoman of a mother whom we spoke about earlier in this blog article has kids whose self esteem is sky high while the hoochie mamas kids won’t have a chance at feeling good about themselves at all until and unless an outside positive influence enters into their life to drastically change the doomed trajectory of a surefire bet of a life of failure and incarceration!

But if you let these ghetto belles tell it, they will tell you of the years of sacrifice that they made to raise their children right and that no one knows how hard their path has been to raise up their babies.

Heck! The only hard time that they had in there lives was the long ass waiting period that they had to endure in their visit upstate to their “baby-daddy” who was busted on a drug charge and has at least another decade before he can even THINK about parole! Oh how hard life can be! Yeah! It’s hard now because you don’t have that drug money anymore that made you for a time the envy of all neighborhood hoochie’s! Well not really because of who you were with but because you got pregnant for the dope boy and you knew that the price of your rent, car, food, hair and nails would be covered for life!

See, he was sleeping with them too (And you knew it!) but they couldn’t get any money out of him because they just couldn’t get
pregnant by him no matter how hard they tried! But you! You had three by him! Some girls just have ALL the luck!

So now you want to cry about how hard it is…….

Get the f**k out of my face!

But our clean living, hard working, always sacrificing three job having woman will always get more props than you because she did it in a way that God can reward her because she took her challenges like a strong woman of conviction, broke no rules and cut no corners and came out on top in the end.

And even though she literally had it hard more than anything that you could ever imagine, unlike you, you little no character having, foul mouthed, functionally illiterate, feeling entitled because you possess two “funky well rounded denim showcased gluteous maximus muscles” hoochie, SHE never EVER complained about how tough she had it……

And THAT my friend is what an example of a REAL “virtuous woman” really is!

Ladies? Now which one do you want to be remembered as?

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