The Unheard Talent Of Mr. Quentin Motin!


Life can teach one many a lesson when you expect it the least. Driving my bus at work everyday gives testimony to this fact constantly. What appears to be may not always be what it seems externally.

More and more as I cruise the streets of Orlando Florida I find this to be the rule more so than the exception. Nothing surprises me anymore, not only because of my nightly observances in the underbelly of the City Beautiful, but also because of the prior experiences of my 38 years of life spent in New York City.

But no matter WHERE an individuals life began or WHERE one calls home. Human nature and the human condition are all the same and never seem to recognize our man made boundaries at all. That being said, I really and truly fancy bringing the many interesting people to you that I have no idea that I will run across on any particular day. It’s the beauty of spontaneous interaction and that is what I look forward to as a bus operator here in this tourist heaven called Orlando Florida.

I find that those who were born and raised here in this eccentric town have a undiscovered beauty that is often overlooked in favor of the sensationalistic glitter and glitz of this highly commercialized money generating mega monster called Disney and Universal Studios as well as those who profit financially from those aforementioned from those same cold-hearted entities much like the profits gained from shrewdly placing those high sugared treats called candy in the bright wrappers close to the check out line at your local supermarket.

For some it’s all about a dollar and this is a sad phenomenon, because so much of our beauty and talent is overlooked never to be revealed in its true majesty and fruition. That being said, in my own little way I will always bring to the world something special that will touch you in the most human of ways which is a motivation that I find so sadly missing as we push ourselves to the limit in search of that next toy, that next trinket or that next pay raise.

Please take a moment with me to experience the most genuine expression of passion that one can share…….the gift of song. Here we have a regular passenger on my bus who answers to the name Quentin Motin. Mr. Motin from what I have observed is somewhat of a loner, a little shy and was raised to be extremely respectful of all those who cross his path.

Take my word for it.

I have quietly watched him for years as well as others. And one day I was blessed to hear his God given talent and passion of song and the voice that he shared to express his passion. I knew then that somehow someway at the appropriate time, I would showcase him with his permission to the world! Before this video was shot he shared with me many personal things about his life to which he held nothing back.

While I am not at liberty to share what to told me, I will say that he has had to endure many physical challenges medically and through it all, his love for music has personally been his constant source of comfort.

That being said, as you look in his face you see no envy. No hate. No hypocritical spirit. Nothing of this world that is a manifestation of the accumulated evils you will ever see ooze from his being!

Quite refreshing to say the least!

And while so many of us are moving in the wrong direction with our self righteous, materialistic power hungry status seeking ways, a real live Angel like Mr. Quentin Motin humbly goes his way traveling most often unnoticed on the much maligned city bus just as thankful to his Creator just to have the strength and breath to sing praises to the One that made it possible for all of us to be here today.

Thank you for that lesson Mr. Quentin, in the few short moments that I really had to speak with you, you in my humble opinion are the closest in spirit to our Lord Jesus Christ than any other person that I have ever known in my years on this earth!

Enjoy the video everyone and God Bless You!

Who might it be tomorrow? Time will surely tell!

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