The United States Of America: A Sick Twisted Nation Of Hypocrites & Double Standards!

Some many Fox News subscribing “Americans” are so quick to point out how it is so insensitive to allow (Allow? Who in the flesh is actually granting the right? IT’S THE LAW!) Muslims to build the mosque in the ground zero area of lower Manhattan. The debate rages on as many will say that since the so called terrorists forced the planes into the World Trade Centers Twin Towers were Muslims, that it just wouldn’t be in good taste to build that mosque so close to the scene of that travesty.


Many of these SAME individuals who claim to be so sensitive to the feelings of those Americans who have lost a loved one in the 9-11 attacks are some of the same knuckleheads who will be the first in line when it is time to partake in the Restoring Honor Rally on August 28th 2010 at 10 a.m!

Why is this a problem if they want to rally in Washington D.C. on this day?

It’s NOT a problem in any way, shape, fashion or form as it is their RIGHT to rally just as it is the right of the Muslims to build the mosque so they can worship God in the manner in which they chose!

But here is where it gets a little confusing to me…….

Why is it that Mr. Glenn Beck chose the 27th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther Kings “I Have A Dream” speech to hold a Tea Party rally on those same very steps where King delivered it?

Where is the sensitivity now?

Where is the sensitivity that they demanded in the case of the mosque?

It’s the most blatant display of a double standard if I ever saw one!

And this is from a group of individuals who share a political view that intends to “reach out” to “others” meaning Black and Latinos?

……..the true colors are truly exposed now that the Michael Steele hustle didn’t work in selling the GOP to minorities!

If they truly wanted to reach out to us as a people they would maybe display a little sensitivity in how they view US instead of marginalizing/generalizing us the way they do! Think I’m lying? Look at some of the CODED messages in what is said about attending the event. Also check out how certain areas in Washington D.C. are described as “safe.”

So what does this mean, that the other areas not highlighted are NOT SAFE?

This does NOT come as a surprise to me as this is the norm ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES but we have become too complacent in allowing ourselves to be painted as the boogey-man when in fact the history books paint quite a different story on who the blood thirsty violators really are.

Here in Orlando Florida whenever their is an event at the Amway Arena that attract the so called “affluent” (Translation= Caucasian, earning well over six figures) the police “protection” is beefed up to ridiculous measures and anyone who happens to be Black is suspicious or is intimidated from the area by the show of presence from law enforcement who doesn’t want any of the roaches to come out from inside of the cracks in the wall while the dinner guests are over for a visit!

The irony is that the Amway Arena is LOCATED in the bowels of one of the poorest Black neighborhoods in Orange County Florida!

The funny part is what many do not know about Washington D.C. is that is overwhelmingly BLACK! But you would never know it if you depended on the images supplied by CNN, Headline News and Fox News to name a few. How many of you who have immigrated from another country came to America and were shocked to see so much more Blacks here than you could have imagined because your perception was tainted by the media who you thought were painting a “FAIR AND BALANCED” snapshot of the situation?

So the date and location is chosen to coincide with the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther Kings historic speech and you don’t think that was calculated? It’s their right to do so but look at the hidden message in the name of the rally: “RESTORING HONOR!”

These people crack me up and some of us who fail to see that you will NEVER be able to deal with a sick racist mind in a fair and balanced way as they claim to want to take their country back!

Could I come to your home, hijack it and claim that it is mine by force, rape and murder and after a time claim that it is mine?

So how can these folks who truly believe that this land is theirs after taking it by force from those who peacefully inhabited it and brought along a captured people to build it into the mightiest nation the world has ever seen? Well there is a price to pay my friend for the blood that is on the hands of those who are the beneficiaries of the sins of their fathers.

Can’t you see it by the times that we are living in?

Never before would ANYONE have believed that after having to rally and picket for the most basic of rights that we would see those of the very same bloodline of people who set their dogs on us to bite us, hung us from trees, turned the water hoses on us, raped our women and had it the culprits set free in their courts, shot and killed us “just because” have to turn around and have a rally named RESTORING HONOR!!!!


I guess they feel the good old days need to come back………

With the record breaking statistics of gun purchases going through the roof and the general feel that those of us who have been the victims of this wicked imbalanced system are the cause for their many woes, I think WE need to tread carefully because whether you know it or not YOUR BLACK ASS is in the cross-threads of a weapon whose trigger is about to be pulled any day now.

But we are too dumb to see this because the reality television shows, the intoxicant of materialism, that next piece of round hot booty or stiff hard dick has you distracted from the sorry state of affairs that this falling nation is in!

And guess who they are blaming for the fall……..?

Not their corporate greed! Not their unfair treatment of the worlds nations. Not their unGodly ways even though they claim to be a Christian nation! Hell! If Christianity was based on what I have experienced first hand in THIS COUNTRY growing up as a Black man I would have mistaken it for DEVIL WORSHIP!!!!!

Due to time constraints I must end it here but I WILL be back to add a little more of my two cents, let me hear from you and leave a comment if you have the courage to do so!

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