The Unseen Shackles Of Time

I’m going to warn you all from the beginning, I’m “OUT” there tonight and most who read this blog will simply write me off as crazy as I explore and share my outlook on time.

That’s okay.

…….because as you write me off as nuts, I’m laughing under my breath thinking that most of you are trapped. I guess it’s the flip side of madness where the so called “crazy man” thinks that the sane all have mental issues.

But today I was free flowing in my thoughts and I was trying to understand why are most individuals on the face of this earth suffering as they are and what are the factors that have brought them to this point?

Now the general on size fits all answer is to say that they are feeling the weight of some type of spiritual deficiency and I can’t say that they are incorrect because that’s really what is at the root of it. But I wanted in my thoughts to go deeper to unearth some specific causes that most overlook.

Many of you know that I love to go through things with a fine tooth comb so these thoughts that I share are not put forth to mean that I think they are the main reasons for our collective stresses on this plane but to focus on some things that are often overlooked.

Today a few things came to me about time, it seen to me that this concept was brought to us in other to control us more that the stated reasons of bringing order into the world as well as a common denominator from which we all can execute the many various transactions in a fair, equitable and timely manner.

Black Metal Wall Clock

Time – Who really says that this thing called time really exists? I mean, just because one has numerous clocks on the wall and we all agree to place some type of value to it means that time is something real? Well how about believing in that science fiction movie with all of its special effects and embracing THAT as reality? Look deeper. It’s more about the seasons than anything else. Do you see the birds watching a clock? Does the hen need to clock to nail that five a.m. “cock-a-doodle-do” on time? No! Why? Because it comes from within!


We as living breathing creatures have within us a coding to manifest certain predetermined events as we are all interconnected and MUST live out our destiny and the man made time cannot dictate what the divine has placed in us. This is our problem most of the time, we honor mans time over that internal clock that is the real truth and we lose out on living up to our fullest potential because we are trying to dance to a beat that was never meant to be paired with our divine internal rhythms.

…….did I lose you all yet? I TOLD you I was “out there” today! LOL!

As has been with most Africans throughout history, the event would commence as soon as everyone arrived, THAT was how we marked time! This is why in the present day of marking time artificially, we would as Black people have a tendency to show up late to our functions or even if we did keep up with the clocks time, we would be “off” a little in our synchronization with it. But I’ve always found it to be a funny thing that for a people to have such great timing and rhythm that we of all people would have the reputation for being late and never on time. Funny isn’t it?

To acknowledge the time of the clock only and fight against your own internal timepiece will only cause you to miss out on the sweetest days of your life. You see, I hear so many employed people speak of that grand time when they will finally have their two weeks off of the job on vacation. But when they finally get it they complain how fast it went because they were more focused on the clock more than their “state of being” which is the element that drops the soul into any moment.

So when I am at work I am not really there at all. Sure, I am there physically and am able to execute my responsibilities with pinpoint accuracy, but I am not there completely as I am so caught up in my rhythm from within to create, visualize and envision what was meant for me to come from the depths of my soul and will NEVER allow an employer to have ALL of me as there is not enough money in the world to trade in my connection to the “higher time” for the cheap non productive shackles of time that our oppressors hold us down to.

LanceScurv @ The Beach

It’s funny, we spend so much “time” worrying about being on time, stressing about getting more overtime, crying about needing more downtime that we get absolutely NOTHING completed with the LITTLE time that we do have!

Number one, this fraudulently crafted illusion of what we accept as time is NOT real and we have to know that we as divine beings have the ability to slip in and out of its framework to get more accomplished than those who worship its false power. They say time waits on no one but it’s only because we give it the power over our lives and when we finally understand that it is US who are the ones who cause the seasons to move forward only then will we remove its power from over our lives.

When you understand to not honor the false power of what most refer to as time, you will not see the world as most do who are caught up in getting from one appointment to another in a hurried fashion. We are the ones who are giving ourselves high blood pressure because of the perception of having to do so much with such little time. This perception in fact forces us to feel as though we don’t have the time to prepare the nourishing meals that can ONLY be made at home so we settle for what is called “fast food!”

Fast food does nothing for our already rundown bodies and we continue to live imbalanced because of our race against the clock so we end up in the hospital struck down with a stress related ailment to do what?

…….TO LAY BACK IN A HOSPITAL BED POSITIONED RIGHT UNDER A DAMN CLOCK and worry about how much time you are losing on a job position that will be filled with the next eager soul who will submit to the artificial requirements of their new employ right after you drop dead. Then everyone will say how bad it was for you to pass away so soon and it was truly “before your” to do so.

Time for you and most of those in your world has become a shackle around your life to prevent you from having true peace of mind!

This is why those of us who are aware of the higher planes don’t age like those who do because we just flat out refuse to live by those narrow minded rules. If you listen to many who are blinded, they will tell you what time it is to do certain things in your life. They will tell you that at sixty plus years old you are supposed to be retired and sit around the house all day doing nothing but waiting for death to appear at your front door!

When you don’t acknowledge someone else’s scale of how your life will progress, you age on your own terms. Whoever said that age is only in the mind is absolutely correct. We age ourselves to quickly long before we are supposed to. Much of what we think in this area is what will run us down before our season to ascend to the next level.

LanceScurv Chatting

“Time” can be slowed by your ability to focus even more so into the moment to extract so much more than one who cannot take as much from it. By having the power to focus over and above those in your midst, you will always be viewed as having some type of extraordinary ability that they do not possess because of their preoccupation with the clock while you are committed to making deadlines early and getting things completed in a more efficient manner.

The mind is a very powerful tool, if we expect something to happen we will draw down that very thing if we think of constantly. This is why it is very important to think only positive thoughts. To do this over the seasons of your life will bring only a good harvest of life changing events that help you to possess a greater wisdom than those who have limited their lives under the narrow constraints of an oppressive way of life.

Positive thoughts intimately coupled with the mindset of having an unlimited amount of seasons will cause you not to waste it because you are flowing so smoothly and living in the moment instead of living in fear of the passage of an artificial illusion of time. The more we actually “live in the moment” is actually the more we have forgotten about the clock and the subsequent appointments and activities that will pull us away FROM those precious moments of delicious unplanned spontaneity.

So that’s the secret everyone if there was ever any in the first place! Play the “game” of punching the clock but understand that it is merely a method of control that has leeched the world of its joy. There is more to it than this and I will share a few thoughts on the other interlocking factors that are very much present in our lives that work along with this thing called time. But do what you must do to pay your bills and keep your life in order according to the man made sense of time but understand that there is something more powerful and far more advanced than this game of musical chairs that we call the clock.

But if this thing called a clock was REALLY that powerful then we could merely turn back ITS hands and truly go back in time because of the real power of the clock. But that won’t happen because it has no relevance to the seasons of your life and never will!

Keep your mind and perceptions open to all things bigger than the accepted material world around you and you will most definitely master what others call reality and find yourself in the life that you’ve always wanted with the ultimate sense of freedom. It doesn’t happen overnight, but as your eyes open there will be NO turning back!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Out There” Brother,





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February 5, 2015 5:24 PM

This is not news to me…I live in my own “time-realm” as much as I can. Sometimes , other’s schedules run counter to mine …then I step into their world for a moment

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